The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 102

When Lucas heard that, he glanced at her and nodded lightly but he didn’t seem to say anything.

He looked back at the studio.

Amelia was full of jealousy.

She clutched her fist and nails into her flesh without knowing. She looked at Envy as if her eyes had poison.

Evelyn did not notice the two people. Her eyes focused on Envy.

Especially when she saw her put on her works and showed her integration of the ancient style vividly the happiness in her eyes were unable to hide.

Lucas glanced at her accidentally and saw the joy and excitement in her eyes and the corner of her lips also seemed to raise up.

That night, after the shooting, after Lucas decided the group of people went to a nearby upscale restaurant for dinner.

A large round table was surrounded by them.

The theme of course was Lucas. On his left was Freya, the company manager, followed by Amelia, the company designer Chloe Field and others.

On the right was Envy and his assistant.

As for Evelyn, it was coincidental that her position was just opposite to Lucas.

When two people look up, they can look each other.

However, they were very nature. Unless they knew it, they will never guess that they were husband and wife.

Therefore, Envy saw something. Saw they only looking at each other with a glimmer in their eyes.

She turned around and talked to Lucas.

“How was my performance? Didn’t I bury your clothes?”

“Perfect. It’s their privilege to wear on you.”

Didn’t know if it’s because of their good friendship. Lucas seldom appreciated others.

Envy lifted her chin proudly: “Of course. It doesn’t any clothes that I would love to wear!”

Lucas smiled lightly, matched with his perfect handsome face, so that all the women sitting in the room were attracted.

The jealousy in Amelia was beyond description.

She glared at Evelyn angrily. Her eyes were complicated and… Hate her had done nothing in this situation!

The bitch had against her in the past, she was afraid that she would take Lucas away.

Now Envy blatantly seduced Lucas, the bitch had done nothing at all.

She’s really useless!

As for Evelyn, when she noticed her eyes, she just felt puzzled.

She didn’t seem to offend the lady. Did she want to make trouble again?

Just as she guessed what Amelia was going to do, Amelia suddenly took back her sight and raised the wine cup on the table to Envy.

“I’ve heard of Miss Miller’s name for a long time, but I’ve never seen you. Thank you very much for coming to advertise for our company’s clothes. Let’s drink for Miss Miller.”

“It’s just my job.”

Envy squinted at Amelia and responded with a smile.

The attitude was indifferent which made Amelia feel not good.

But she refused to admit defeat, and gritted her teeth and complimented, “Envy has always been the model our fashion circle, and the designers of our company all like you.”

After she finished, she looked at Chloe Field.

Chloe Field got her idea and immediately held her glass and said, “Yes, Miss Miller, we have always admired you.”

With her as the leader, other designers who intend to talk with Envy all hold up their glasses to compliment them.

When Amelia saw this, she hummed softly.

She intentionally did this to let her has no chance to whisper to her Lucas.

Because of her behavior, the atmosphere of the room became more and more warm.

Freya as the manager of the company, also needed to express her attitude at this time. She held her glass and praised, “Miss Miller’s title of fashion queen is well-known. This time, you advertised for our company was reported by many medias.”

Envy listened to their compliments, spoiled and humiliated, smiled: “In fact, your design is excellent.Good works, of course can bring attention.”

Then she turned her eyes slightly and looked at Lucas. She pursed her lips and laughed, ” Besides, Lucas and I are friends. This is his company. Of course, I have to help.”

Freya seemed to understand what she said, but didn’t answer her. Then she laughed at the previous topic. “By the way, let’s have our three-dimensional lead designer to have a cup with Miss Miller. If Miss Miller has any comments on our main costume, you can tell them, so that they can be better!”

“I have no suggestion. They are perfect works.”

Envy did not intend to comment she said perfunctorily.

It was Chloe Field who came out and smiled, “Since Miss Miller said that it was perfect, she must be satisfied with our clothes. This is Miss Miller’s best appraisal. I have to show my thanks again.”

As she stood up to speak Envy couldn’t keep in science anymore. She stood up to toast in a good manner.

Finally, when it was Evelyn’s turn, everyone looked at her.

Before, when they toasted, they found that Evelyn didn’t went to with them. At this time, they wanted to see what Evelyn would do.

Evelyn felt mind-numbing as they were looking at her.

First of all, she was not very good at drinking, but on such occasions, she could not escape, so she let go of her worries and stood up with her glass.

But when she saw Envy, she did not know what she should say.

“Uh… Miss Miller, I am very lucky to have you to represent my works. And through the cooperation of Miss Miller, I got a lot of inspiration. I believe that I will design better works in the future, and I will work hard.

Envy looked at her.

“Miss Davis’ design is really excellent, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. I’m sure you can design better works in the future, but…”

When she said this, she turned her topic and laughed. “I’m coming back, just like I said before, just because of Lucas.”

What she said was normal for others, but she said that she had a better relationship with Lucas.

Evelyn did not care about it. But she didn’t know why when she looked at Envy she felt she was demonstrating.

She seemed to be telling her that her relationship with Lucas was unusual.

Not to mention her, even Amelia sensed the deep meaning and gnashed her teeth.

Evelyn did not pay attention to her. She fixed her eyes on the Envy and seemed to want to see something on her face.

However, she didn’t know if Envy disguised too well. She didn’t see anything. She nodded and laughed, “Good, you are free.”

After she finished, she looked up and drank all the wine in her glass.

Suddenly, the spicy spread throughout her, making her want to cough, but she resisted.

She did not forget at that time she was Nora who was good at drinking.

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