The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 105

Lucas remained calm ,staring at the toilet.He kept guessing in his mind.

Would that woman leave him alone and went back?

He thought it ,and he thought his conjecture may be possible.

After all, Nora was the kind of person who would do such a thing.

So he returned the room coolly.

“What’s the matter?Why you look so bad just go out for a while. who annoyed you?”

Envy saw he came back with an unhappy face.She quickly felt the terrible atmosphere surrounding him.

“I am OK.”

He did not want to say anything,so he answered her briefly in a cold voice.

Envy understood and did not ask him anymore,he tried to change the topic.

However,Lucas did not want to chat with him,he was absent-minded.He could not help looking at the seat where Evelyn had been.

It was this sight that made him tremble.

In her seat,the things belongs to her still lying on the chair.

If the woman had left, her cell phone, these things couldn’t have been left behind.

Thinking like this, his heart was sank.

Since Nora did not left,and now he could not find her, what’s the matter with her?Where was she?

As he speculated, Amelia noticed his dark face.

She mistakenly thought Lucas saw the the ugly pictures,so he looked so terrible.So Amelia was complacent .

Her eyes were full of triumph

It was her plan.

When he asked her where Nora was, she pointed in the opposite direction deliberately, in order to

give Nora and that man plenty of time.When he realized she was not in that toilet, he was bound to go in the opposite direction and find her in another toilet.

At that time,the other man who was finding Nora must come in the toilet.And Nora was sad at that time,maybe the man would comfort her.She would definitely show off her true colors.What a coquettish woman.As soon as Lucas went there,he could see the the ugly pictures.

Amelia was more and more complacent .He had seen the woman betray him, and he would never let her off easily.

She was waiting for a good play.

She thought cunningly, but she did not expect that things would not turn out as she expected.

It was not that he saw her treachery, but that he mistook her for missing, that perhaps she was in danger, and that he could not help feeling apprehensive.

He thought she was missing in the restaurant, ignore Envy , took out the phone to send Cater a message.

“Come to the investigate their monitoring and find out Nora!”

The order was executed promptly.

He put away the phone, but his mind constantly thinking about her disappearance.

She noticed his absence of mind and narrowed her eyes.

But since she didn’t get an answer after asking before, she didn’t want to ask again.

But she could vaguely guess that his bad mood had something to do with Nora’s absence.

She thought, surveying her empty seat.

However,the other people did not noticed their complex emotion.

They proposed a toast for each other,and they laughed.A few rounds down,they drunk.

Lucas waited for them to finish their meal,he simply declared the party over,because he was very worried about her safety.

“Freya,you’re in charge here.”

He ordered before he left.

“Yes,Mr.Hawk.I will handle this.”

Freya nodded and answered him.

Lucas nodded and turned away, Envy saw this, carrying a handbag followed him closely.

As they left,Freya began to arrange for the group of people from the design department to go back.

At this moment,they found that Evelyn was gone.

When Freya heard this,she was surprised subconsciously .

“Someone saw Evelyn?”

She questioned the crowd, and they all shook their heads.


Freya frowned,she wondered if Nora had left with Mr.Hawk.

Others may not knew her identity, but she knew.

The idea lingered in her mind for a moment, and she dismissed it.

Nora should not leave with Mr. Hawk, after all, she had always wanted to conceal identity.

She thought about it and said, “let’s look around.”

Although others were dissatisfied, did not refuse her.

But they found her for a while and didn’t find out Nora .They couldn’t help but muttered,”Would she left with Mr.Hawk?”

She heard the words and lost in thought, maybe they are right, maybe this idea is possible.

After all, when the Mr.Hawk left, he looked calm, if Nora disappear, Mr.Hawk should worry. But he didn’t.

With this thought, she let the others leave.

At the door of the hotel,Envy walked beside Lucas.

She looked at the handsome man beside her and said with a smile, “Lucas, it’s so late. Do you want to send me back?”

Theoretically, according to the friendship of them, Lucas would not refuse, but at this time, he was absent-minded,so he refused her.

“Sorry, Envy, I have something to deal with, let the driver send you home tonight.”

Her eyes flashed disappointment, but she also entwined with him too much, smiled and said, “All right, I hope you can send me home next time.”

Just then, the driver came.

Lucas saw her got on the car, then turned back to the hotel.

Meanwhile, at the parking lot.

Amelia also did not leave.

She stood where she had agreed with the man, waiting for him to trade with her.

After all, her plan was not just let Lucas understood that bitch betrayed him.

She also wanted to made that bitch lost her reputation.

As long as she bought the video where the man sexually assaulted Nora from the man.The rest of Nora’s life would be destroyed and despised forever.

And Lucas and Evelyn did not know anything.

Lucas returned to the hotel, then went directly to find Cater.

“Have you found out her?”

He inquired.

“Mr.Hawk, we’ve got Mistress in the toilet, but… “

Cater replied, but hesitated for a while.

“But what?”

Lucas looked at him with his cold eyes .

Cater pressed his lips ,then he showed a video out, “Mr.Hawk, you can see the video ,after she came in the toilet , this video seems to have been cut off a section.”

He found out the video was strange ,he raised the question,he looked at Lucas’s eyes carefully, said in hesitation, “And here, there is a man into the toilet.”

As his words fell,the video showed a man sneaking into the toilet .

Lucas looked at the video , suddenly his face turned cold, the atmosphere became very cold.

At the end of video, it showed the man coming out of the toilet quickly, and he looked very untidy, Lucas felt very angry.

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