The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 11

Lucas’s house.

In the hall.

The delicate flowers and the smoky porcelain vases were patchwork, but there was another branch that branched off from above, which looked extraordinarily elegant.

Even the servants next to her were so stunned that they could not believe that the idle hostess had this skill.

Taking back the delicate hands, Evelyn smiled at the vase. “Well, not too bad.”

As soon as she straightened up, she heard a noise at the door, followed by a series of very respectful greetings.

“Miss Hawk!”

“Miss Hawk!”

Several greetings fell and the room was quiet.

Evelyn turned and looked at the woman who came up, her skin was white, her good figure was wrapped in a black leather suit, and she was still stepping on a pair of high heels with simple serpentine lines under her feet, which showed that she was very capable.

Vivian Hawk? Lucas’s aunt?

Evelyn did not dare to neglect, she hurried to greet her. She was very polite. “What are you doing here, aunt?”

Vivian stared at her quietly for a while, and she swept away the flowers just been planted next to her, smiled coldly and said , “you are so elegant.”

And then , she raised the hands and swept the vase to the ground.

The porcelain bottle and the tile collided to make a crisp noise , and the fragments splashed on the ground.

Evelyn took a step back and was not splashed by the splashing fragments.

She looked at Vivian in dismay.

She knew that Nora didn’t get along with a lot of people in Hawk’s family , but she has never heard anything about Nora with the Vivian.

The silence in the room was audible, and the servants had already been scared to the side.

Evelyn took a deep breath and frowned. “What does this mean , aunt?”

“Don’t pretend, Lucas has never seen you, will be deceived by you, does not mean that I will.”

“Nora Davis, you are really good. It’s not enough for you to seduce others outside , but you still want to kill Lucas . You’re really good! “

Vivian said angrily , a series of shelling over, beautiful eyebrows raised , it seemed that it wound be difficult to calm her down without killing Evelyn.

“You’d better be reasonable in what you said.”

Evelyn frowned and felt that she was simply inexplicable.

It seemed to irritate Vivian, and she laughed. “Reason? If it wasn’t for you that night, would Lucas almost die? I tell you, Nora Davis , if you don’t want to live here, get out of the house!”

“Why did you let me get out of the house,just with what? Did Lucas say anything?”

Evelyn was also attacked by her aggressive appearance, which provoked a bit of anger.

In these few days, she had been keeping her points and being careful, and who hadn’t get a temper yet.

Because of her bad words, Vivian was so angry, and sneered: “Just with what? Oh, I tell you, just because I am Lucas ‘s aunt, your elders.”

For a long while, Evelyn said quietly. “I think you have an opinion on me, right?”

She said and glanced at Amelia , who was standing at the door, and sneered. She must have something to do with what happened today.

Vivian was angry but she laughed, and the anger in her heart rubbed up. “Well , well , you have no family education! I’m going to teach you a good lesson today.”

She spoke, raising her hands to Evelyn’s face.

Amelia was standing by the door, immediately widened her eyes and showed a gloating expression on her face.

Slap, be quickly!

Vivian’s sudden slap made Evelyn forget to avoid it for a moment. She watched the palm that was about to fall on her face, and subconsciously closed her eyes.

For a long time, the surrounding area was quiet.

Even the expected pain did not come.

Evelyn slowly opened her eyes, and she saw Lucas came back . His wrist was holding the wrist of Vivian’s .

“What are you doing?” Lucas looked very terrible.

Vivian pulled out her hands and said indignantly. “You are just coming back . Get divorced from this woman!”

As she spoke, she turned her head away. It seemed that it would be a handout to look at Evelyn.

Evelyn pressed her lips , and she thought that Lucas would help Vivian, too. She was a little depressed.

Lucas frowned and asked. “Why did you say that, aunt?”

Vivian heard it , and looked at him with a serious look. “Lucas, you’re stupid. Do you know how much ridiculous she had done in a year! Who knows she is pure or not? And she’s trying to kill you before!”.

Lucas’s eyebrows frowned deeper, and he had heard about Nora’s gossip before.

Amelia was excited to see him thinking.

Did Lucas hate the b!tch?

All the attention of the people fell on the face of Lucas , and even the Evelyn also looking at him, wanted to see his options.

“Don’t make it again, aunt. She is the one who grandpa is referring to. Even if we get a divorce, we must get Grandpa’s permission.”

“As for what happened the night before yesterday, it was an accident. She didn’t mean it , and now it’s over. You are an elder, don’t do such a shameful thing. “

There was a sudden pause. The line of his sight glanced at Evelyn , the timbre was a little briskly. “As for Nora Davis was pure or not, I can tell you that her first night was with me. She is not what you said!”

Evelyn did not expect it. It was embarrassing to say couple’s sexual life in front of so many people.

Amelia was even more incredible and wide-eyed, how was it possible?

How could Nora be innocent?

Lucas, how could he touch the woman?

He belonged to her!

Amelia’s heart was like weeds, twisted madly together. She couldn’t wait to rush forward now, and teared up her shy face.

The atmosphere in the room was a little awkward.

Vivian did not think that she was kind enough to feel him in his place, but he taught her for Nora.

They grew up together, and Lucas had always respected her.

He didn’t even say anything bad to her.

“You, you, you… you… Forget it. I don’t care about you.”

Vivian stamped her feet with anger and turned and ran out angrily.

At this point, Amelia looked very terrible..

Seeing that the bitch was going to lose face , who knew that Lucas unexpectedly returned.

He supported Nora. When she thought about it , Amelia hated Nora very much.

“Little aunt!” She yelled at Vivian and hurriedly followed.

As he went out, he paused again and glanced gloomily at Evelyn.

Evelyn was frightened by her, and she raised her hands and touched her face unconsciously.

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