The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 112

Cater did not understand why his president had to find out, but he took orders to leave.

As he left, Lucas sat down on the sofa in the ward, keeping his eyes closed.

He didn’t know how long it took for Evelyn to wake up in the hospital bed.

She looked at the unfamiliar room for a moment.

As she was about to get up, Lucas, beside her, noticed the movement and opened his eyes.

“Wake up?” he said, flashing a faint light in his eyes.

Evelyn heard this, only to find his existence. It seemed that she did not react in time and she was stunned.

Lucas pretended not to see the strange expression on her face and asked with concern, “How’s feeling? Is the stomach still painful?”

He didn’t mention that Evelyn fainted after drink.

Evelyn get back to herself and asked with a slight frown, “Where am I?”

“What? Have you forgotten what happened before so quickly?”

Lucas did not want to say that.

But somehow, he said something sarcastically, so that Evelyn was frozen.

Her thin lips were pressed tightly, and she seemed to have no intention of answering.

But with his words, she thought of what happened before she fainted, and her eyes flashed with complex emotion.

Apparently, it was Lucas who saved her after she fainted.

Despite she wanted to show the disregard for the man, her upbringing did not allow her to do so.

So she reluctantly said, “Thank you.”

After two words, she did not intend to ignore Lucas, but to lay down and regard him as air.

Lucas stood at the end of the bed, squinting at her movements.

Knowing that the woman was still angry, he stood still and did not leave.

While, Evelyn, lying in bed, listened to the room for a long time without any sounds, she was doubtful.

Did the man leave?

When she thought about it, she could not help turning over in a fit of anger, and she saw someone standing at the end of the bed.

“Why haven’t you left yet?”

She was surprised and delighted, but she didn’t find it herself. Instead, she said awkwardly, “I’m fine know. You can go back and rest.”

Lucas looked at she disguising her true feeling constantly. He curved his lips slightly.

Originally he couldn’t pocket his pride. At this time somehow, he suddenly felt that there was nothing difficult.

“Don’t be angry. You’re still sick, and I’ve made it clear that it is not your fault. You’re also deceived. I shouldn’t be so impulsive to scold you.”

Evelyn was stunned when she heard his apology.

She never thought that Lucas would apologize voluntarily.

After all, he was such a proud man. Every day he was flattered by others. He needn’t apologize at all.

For a while, she was in turmoil.

There were throbs, joys and grievances.

Anyway, she was his wife, but he didn’t believe her in the first place.

Thinking of this, her complex feelings instantly vanished, becoming depressed.

However, she dared not reveal these thoughts in front of Lucas.

She snorted coldly and did not look at Lucas, pretending to have a rest.

Lucas did not care about what he saw.

After all, he knew how mean he was last night.

It was impossible to let someone calm down for a while, so he didn’t say anything and stayed quietly with her.

In this way, they spent two awkward days in the hospital.

Evelyn’s gastritis was much better.

On the day of discharge, the doctor reminded her, “When you go back home, you must pay attention to your diet, eating insipid food, instead of spicy food and alcohol.”

Evelyn nodded to show that she understood.

It was Lucas who remembered something when he heard this.

He has been taking care of Evelyn in the hospital for two days, and hasn’t settled the scores with his youngest aunt yet.

With that in mind, he had an idea in mind.

Then they returned to their new house.

“You have a good rest at home. I’ll go out.”

He has taken of Evelyn and said.

Evelyn said “oh”without emotion, and then ignored him.

Although Lucas accompanied her these two days, she was upset and felt like her heart was stuffed with cotton when she thought that the man didn’t believe her.

Lucas knew naturally that she hadn’t cooled down so that he didn’t get angry. He told the housekeeper to take good care of her. He turned to the main house and went straight to Vivian.

Vivian was the old Mr. Hawk’s favorite little daughter that her courtyard was naturally the best of the whole family.

There were good pavilions and beautiful house and even the gardens were delicate. There were many rare and exotic flowers and plants, but Lucas did not have the mood to see.

“Where is your young lady?”

He grabbed a servant and asked her coldly.

“Miss Hawk is in the living room.”

The servant answered timidly. Lucas let go of her and strode toward the living room.

“Miss, Master Lucas is coming.”

In the living room, the housekeeper saw Lucas and reported to Vivian.

Vivian never thought that Lucas had come to settle scores with her, so she saw him and said to him warmly.

“Lucas, how did you come to my place today? Come and sit here.”

Lucas approached to her. He did not sat down, but stood calmly in front of her.

Vivian found something wrong when she saw his reaction. She was disturbed by the gloomy eyes of Lucas.

“Lucas, what’s wrong? Who’s irritating you?”

She asked with an awkward laugh, but Lucas just sneered.

“Who makes me unhappy? Shouldn’t my little aunt know it?”

Vivian froze and said, “What do you mean, Lucas?”

Lucas did not intend to circle with her when he heard what she said and told her directly about that night.

“I know you don’t like Nora, so I never asked you to get along well as long as you can pretend to be nice on the surface. But as an elder, do you look like an elder when you help outsiders calculate your nephew’s wife and alienate us? Couldn’t you know it’s wrong?”

At the end of the conversation, his voice became harsh.

Vivian shivered, and she were frightened by him.

But soon she reacted. Lucas criticized her so much that he was settling scores for Nora. She could not help but be annoyed.

“Lucas, are you blaming me for that woman?”

She complained and said, “And what did I do wrong? That woman cheats you from beginning to end. I’m helping you see her real face! You didn’t know chalk from cheese.”

Lucas frowned when he heard this.

He knew what his little aunt meant, but he chose to be partial to Nora.

After all, he knew better than anyone how much differences there were in this period of time, comparing Nora herself with the information of Nora.

“What’s the true face and what’s the false face? What are you talking about? Aren’t you aware that Nora is not what you said these days?”

Vivian couldn’t believe what she heard.

“Lucas, I think you’re obsessed. These are all the superficial phenomena that the woman deceived you. You even believe it.”

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