The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 115

After Sofia heard that her face was dark.

Devin looking at her, he knew that she was not satisfied, but he could not help nagging.

“Anyway, it’s all about Lucas and Nora. You shouldn’t interfere.”

Sofia listened to him. The more she listened, the worse she felt. it

” Well, in your opinion,It’s my fault to get in charge of these things?”

Responding to him, then she did not give Devin a chance to talk but continued, “Besides, I was angry at that time. Would you not be angry, or would you prefer that woman to be your daughter-in-law?”

Devin frowned”Even if I don’t like her, you want to change Lucas’ wife, but Lucas’ attitude has not been seen clearly for so long? According to his character, do you think he will agree with it?”

When Sofia heard this, she was suddenly quite .

How didn’t she know or understand?

It was because she knew that she had nothing to say.

Thinking of this, she could not help recalling the idea Mrs. Morgan had told her before.

Let Nora make mistakes… Making unforgivable mistakes is the only way.

She was meditating and her eyes were deep.

Evelyn didn’t know that she was making a conspiracy for her.

On this day, it was time for her to make an appointment with John.

Evelyn didn’t want to go at all.

But reporting regularly was what they had agreed on before and she had to do.

So she left Hawk family carefully and went to the agreed cafe.

John was already seated in the box.

He was dissatisfied when he saw Evelyn who was late.

“You’re late.”

Evelyn listened with an irrepressible sneer in his heart.

Sure enough, in her good father’s eyes, she is not his daughter, but his tool, a subordinate.

“You should know that it’s not easy to get out from Hawk family as you think.”

Her indifferent reply made John unable to find fault.

“Tell me about your recent situation!”

John snorted as if he didn’t want to talk with her but go straight with her.

Evelyn also hoped to end the meeting earlier and did not delay the report.

“Nothing serious has happened recently… Now I’ve stabilized in the company.

She gave a brief introduction of what had happened, but John only listened to what he wanted to hear.

Because he only cared about whether she had exposed.

At present, it was full of flaws.

“Didn’t I let keep silence in the company? Who made you brilliant in the company? Besides, when Amelia and Vivian targeted you. Why don’t you fight against them? How many times have I told you about Nora’s temper?

He frowned and said that he was unsatisfied with Evelyn’ performance.

Evelyn listened and couldn’t help defending for herself.

“Before the things started if you had not wanted to seal up the shares of the Hawk family, would I have been trapped in it? Now it is easier to suspect that if I leave from it. What’s more Amelia and those people in the family are Nora’ future mother-in-law’s family. If I follow her temper then do not have to wait for her to come back, the people they will drive me out.”

What Evelyn said was all reasonable.

John could not refute even if he was not satisfied.

“I don’t want you to be 100 percent as Nora,” he warned, frowning. “But you must try to be similar or you will be suspected. “

“How could they suspect? They hasn’t doubted it for so long?

Evelyn did not care what he said. After all, it’s such a long, if some people really doubted that they had already investigated her.

Of course, John also told out her idea.

He responded with a sneer: “How could it be impossible? Just a few days ago, I found that someone was investigating Nora.”

Evelyn was stunned when She heard this.

“Who is investigating?”

She was shocked and asked, and her mind flashed through Lucas’ face.

“Is it Lucas?”

She spoke again, after all, she had exposed several times in front of the man.

John shook his head: “Should not be him.”

He thought about it and responded, “Maybe someone else in the Hawk family. Of course, Lucas is not excluded. After all, this person can not be underestimated. He is calm and sophisticated. Even if he has doubts, he is still quiet. So you just need to guard against it, but others in the family, you should pay attention to it!”

Evelyn listened to it and felt it was reasonable. She nodded and said, “I know.”

John warned again then the two fell into silence.

Evelyn looked at it and offered to leave. “Since there’s nothing to say, I’ll go back first.”

When she finished, she was about to leave, but John stopped her.

“Wait a minute.”

“Is there anything else?”

Evelyn frowned and turned around. She was impatient and you could know it obviously from her eyes.

She really didn’t want to stay with John because she felt very depressed with him.

“I’ve heard that you’ve been hospitalized with injuries recently. What’s the matter?”

John did not seem to see the expression on her face and asked directly.

Evelyn was shocked to hear his seemingly concerned words.

What did this man mean?

Was it conscience that found out and cared for her?

She thought and knew it was impossible.

After all, if he really cared about her, how could he never go to see her once when she was in hospital?

She thought, and the ripples that rose in her heart faded away.

“Nothing, maybe it’s because I was too busy and my body was out of work. That’s why I always got sick.”

She responded with indifference.

John frowned. “I don’t care what you are for. In a word, you should remember that everything you have now is Nora’. Don’t rely on Lucas to regard you as Nora and get close to him now. These are not what you should get. You’d better put away your bad idea!”

When Evelyn heard this, her eyes were full of mockery.

She knew that the man would not care for her.

“You can rest assured, I remember clearly. I don’t need your repeated reminders!”

She gritted her teeth in response. Regardless of whether or not John had anything to say, she turned around with her bag and left.

John watched her leaving back, his eyes flashing with dissatisfaction and uneasiness.

Firstly, it was for the sake of Evelyn’s growing disobedience to discipline, and secondly was for the sake of Hawk family.

Hearing what Evelyn said Lucas and this woman are in harmony. He didn’t know if Lucas will find anything when Nora came back.

After all, they were couple. No matter what changed he must find it firstly.

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he felt.

He had to make some other arrangements.

He made up his mind and left the cafe.

Evelyn did not know that after she left, John thought a lot of things alone.

She returned to her family angrily all the way but her mood had calmed down a lot.

Thinking in this way, she felt better, but she was still tired when she saw the big Hawk family.

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