The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 116

Evelyn returned to the room wearily. She just wanted to lie in bed and had a good rest after washing.

She didn’t know how long she slept. It was until the housekeeper knocked on the door for dinner that she woke up from her dream.

She changed her clothes and went to the restaurant without any appetite.

She simply ate some and let the housekeeper clean up.

She went to the garden, intending to relax.

Otherwise, when Lucas came back in the evening, he would surely be aware of it. She was fearing that it will arouse his suspicion.

She thought of John Davis telling her in the afternoon that someone was investigating her.

She didn’t know who this person was. Why did he came to investigate her?

Her eyes were deep in thought, and she thought over all the possible people. She could not guess who they were, but felt that everyone was possible.

After all, people in the family like Sophia all didn’t like her. They must be anxious to find her fault and drive her away.

As for Lucas, she made several mistakes in front of him. According to the man’s wisdom, she would not be deceived by her.

She was so absorbed that she did not notice the footsteps that were slowly approaching behind her.

The man went directly behind Evelyn and hugged her directly without even noticing it.

“Nora, my heart aches.”

Austin embraced Evelyn and spoke with a mournful face.

Evelyn was shocked by his sudden appearance and action.

She struggled hurriedly and took a step backward, only to find that the man standing behind her was Austin. She was frightened and angry.

“Mr Wilson why are you here?”

She frowned and questioned, knowing that this was the back garden of Hawk family, not the park outside.

The silent appearance of this man several times was really suspicious.

Austin looked at her resistant expression, his face flashed through the pain, but still forced to respond: “I heard you were hospitalized. I’m worry about you so come to see you, I brought you a lot of tonic,. Please remember to eat.”

Evelyn looked at the tonic in his hand, and her eyes flashed with complexity.

Seeing those tonic were purchased for her physical symptoms, she could knew that the man made it by heart.

It’s also because of this that she felt powerless.

She did not know what relationship he had with Nora exactly but the man’s concern really made her unable to bear it.

“Thank you Mr Wilson. I’m much better now. If Mr Wilson don’t…”

She wanted to open her mouth and let Austin leave quickly. Otherwise, Lucas would come back to see him later, then she didn’t know what to explain.

Unfortunately, before she had finished she was interrupted by the excitement of Austin.

“Nora , do you still want to help Lucas hide it?”

Evelyn was confused by his words.

“What did I hide?”

She asked subconsciously.

Austin hear it and looked at her sadly: “Since you married him, you have never lived a peaceful life. I don’t know how many times you had went to the hospital. He can’t take care of you at all.”

Evelyn frowned.

Indeed, her admission to the hospital was related to Lucas, but…

“Mr Wilson, it’s our husband and wife’s business. Don’t you think you have too much control over it?”

She retorted coldly and felt the man was mad.

Even though he loved Nora but she had told him her attitude more than once and told him that they were impossible.

But this fellow, liked he couldn’t understand the human language. He came to entanglement again and again.

Austin knew that her impatience had reached its climax, and it was very painful to hear her indifferent and stinging words.

He knew that if he went on talking, he might hear more desperate words.

So instead of continuing, he handed over the supplement again.

“Well, I don’t care about your husband and wife, but you still take this tonic, and make it up by yourself. Look at you, your face is not as good as before.”

Evelyn listened to his retreat but did not change.

Because she knew that once she received these things, it’s going to be endless, and it’s going to make this guy misunderstand.

“Take these things back to your mother. I don’t lack them at Hawk family.”

She said, and proposed to leave again: “Mr Wilson, it’s late. You should go back. I just I have something to do so do not send you.”

Austin could not help being annoyed when listened to her to let him go again and again.

“Nora , do you really hate me so much?”

Evelyn frowned slightly.

Before she could respond, she listened to Austin continued to ask, “Is Hawk really that good?”

Meanwhile, Lucas had returned from the company.

When he returned to his room, he found that Evelyn was not there. Subconsciously, he came to the housekeeper for inquiry. When he knew that she was in the garden, he went over.

However when he just walked to the intersection that he heard such a sentence. His face suddenly sank.

He looked coldly at the two men in the garden, frost gathering under his eyes.

The two in the garden didn’t know.

Austin also pestered Evelyn to ask her to give him an answer.

“Yes, he’s fine.”

Evelyn looked steadfastly at Austin, intending to put more emphasis on this time.

Otherwise, the man came to her every few days and she thought she would be crazy!

Austin did not know what she thought in her heart. When he heard Evelyn’s answer, his eyes were full of pain. He seemed to be unable to bear it and staggered back a step.

Evelyn looked and did not come forward to help. She pretended not to see the continued way: ” Mr Wilson, I have said we can get together. I hope Mr Wilson could self-esteemed and do not entangle again, otherwise our friendship will end here.”

After that, she looked at Austin and turned to leave immediately.

However when she just walked to the garden entrance, she saw a complex face of Lucas. She was frightened immediately .

” Lucas… When did you come here?”

She asked uneasily, wondering whether the man had seen what had just happened.

However, Lucas did not answer her.

However, from Lucas’ terrible face, it was obvious that he had just seen something happened.

She thought of it, panicked, and hurried forward to explain.

“Lucas, don’t misunderstand. Mr Wilson and I…”

Before she had finished speaking, Lucas interrupted her.

“Have you taken the medicine?”

Evelyn was stunned by what he said that she didn’t understand what the man really thought.

But she answered honestly, “Not yet.”

“In the future, remember to take medicine on time and don’t get sick again.”

Lucas turned around and left after said that, leaving Evelyn standing alone.

Was that over?

She thought the man would laugh at her again.

She would never knew that Lucas really wanted to do so in the beginning.

However, since Evelyn said so much, his anger turned into complexity and contradiction, that’s why he didn’t get angry at last but asked the inexplicable question and left.

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