The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 13

When everything is done, it was almost early morning. There was a trace of white in the sky.

Lucas put his hand on the desk and held it up slightly. “Nora, you did conceal something.”

Why were you doing this?

He stood up and looked at the outside with his hands crossing in the back of him, “If you can behave yourself like this, everyone will be fine.”

The Hawk’s villas were built according to terrain and covered a large of areas. They were bounded by the central garden and there were built a lot of villas.

The people that lived here mostly was those who belonged to Hawk family.

There was a European-style villa in the east of the garden. It had elevated halls, vast doors, magnificent crystal ceiling lamps, luxurious and exquisite European furniture. All of them showed the leisure and elegance of the owner.

At the east of the second floor, in the room with the pink princess style, Amelia was lying on the milky white table with a melancholy face.

She seemed to be very lonely, and the servants who came and went were afraid to make noise.

She has been kept this gesture for a long time.

When Mrs. Hawk came in from the outside, she saw such a pitiful look that she said sadly, “Amelia, I heard the servant said you haven’t eaten much tonight. What’s the matter?”

She went out in the morning. When she came back in the evening. She was becoming like this.

Mrs. Hawk couldn’t help but care. After all, Amelia had been living in Hawk family since childhood. She was brought up by her and her husband.

For so many years, it was Amelia who accompanied with them making them feel pleasant and happy. It was not too much to say that she was their own child.

Amelia was unhappy. “Nothing.”

How could Mrs. Hawk not understand her. She smiled helplessly: “It must because of Lucas again?”

Amelia hugged her arm without vigor and said sadly, “Aunt Sophia, why does Lucas know what kind of person Nora is but he still likes to be with her?”

Mrs. Hawk was soft-hearted and clapped her hand. “Your brother have no idea, because of Grandpa’s orders.”

“No, it isn’t the whole reasons. When Lucas came back that night, he and Nora had a relationship.”

Amelia’s muffled,”Lucas, why did Lucas do this?”

She said that with tears in her eyes, as if she had been hit hard.

When Mrs. Hawk heard the words, she was stunned. And her voice rose several times. “Is that true?”

She looked at Amelia with concern and hoped that she just said a joke today.

No, she couldn’t accept Nora as the daughter-in-law who would make the family feel shameless.

“It was Lucas who admitted it to us personally.”

Amelia was afraid that Mrs. Hawk would not believe her. She added, “Your sister-in-law also knows it.”

God! When she knew that, she even wanted to killed Nora at that time. Why could a woman like Nora had such a perfect man as Lucas?

Mrs. Hawk was so angry that her hands and feet were cold. After a while, she said angrily, “Hmm! This Nora, is really a scheming woman!”

As soon as Lucas came back, he fell into the trap of that woman. When Mrs. Hawk thought of it, she was worried, “This is not going to be pregnant, is it?”

After all, no one can say for sure, but how did Nora deserve Lucas?

Mrs. Hawk was unstable in her emotion. Her eyes fixed on Amelia.

Amelia consoled her in a low voice, “It may be not. Lucas is so smart that he must be able to know Nora’s tricks.”

Her voice was getting smaller and smaller. She was also worried a little.

They had made out with each other. Wasn’t it sooner or later to have children?

Was it Nora’s first time to make love?

Amelia was a bit distracted, but Mrs. Hawk held her shoulder. “Amelia, I am looking at you growing up. In my heart, only you can match our Lucas.”

Amelia stared at Mrs. Hawk with a blush on her cheeks.

She heard Mrs. Hawk continue saying, “If you had become our daughter-in-law, I would not have been so nervous all day! When you have children, it’s better to have one boy and one girl. Then I can help you to take care of your children.”

“Every year, our whole family takes two little guys on a trip together. How nice it is to have a harmonious and warm family!”

As Mrs. Hawk spoke, she thought freely. She had more and more smile on her face.

Amelia could not help but yearn for the scene described by Mrs. Hawk .

Her cheeks were red, and soon she put on a sad look, looking very lonely.

Amelia bowed her head and did not speak. Mrs. Hawk understood her mind, “Amelia, you have to create more opportunities so that you can be with Lucas. If you stay for a long time, the love will be cultivated between you.”

With Mrs. Hawk’s acquiescence, Amelia was reassured. She put on a hesitant look. “But Brother and Nora are already together.”

Nora was protected by her Lucas. She always needed an assistant.

Mrs. Hawk hummed, “He and Nora’s marriage just because of the interests. Maybe one day they will divorce for trifle.”

Referring to Nora, Mrs. Hawk’s tone was somewhat disdainful. “You can rest assured. Lucas is the meat falling from my belly. He doesn’t like Nora who are noisy. Amelia, only you are the best for him. I will be relaxed if you are be with him!”

She looked at Amelia with kind eyes, and said not without pitifully, “I was happy to let you as my daughter-in-law at that time, and I has known that you like Lucas for many years. But you’re such a silly kid. If you had said it earlier, you might have been together already. Anyway, I support you.”

This was a disguised promise from Mrs. Hawk. Amelia was full of enthusiasm for a moment, but she still tolerated. She said cleverly “Thank you, Aunt Sophia.”

She was so sensible that she was distressed by Mrs. Hawk. “You silly girl! If you have anything want to say, just tell me. Don’t hold it in your heart. It’s easy to get sick.”

As soon as Mrs. Hawk encouraged her, Amelia smiled shyly and said firmly, “I will not give up Lucas, I will try my best.”

“Good, good!” said Mrs. Hawk,”Aunt Sophia is waiting for you becoming my good daughter-in-law.” .

“Aunt Sophia”

“Well, I’ll let the stew clams for you. You should eat food first. How can you give me a fat grandson if you don’t have a good health?”

At the order of Mrs. Hawk, the long-awaited servant outside immediately brought a small pottery cup. The white bottom was set off by a golden plate, which became more and more dazzling.

Amelia leaned her head in Mrs. Hawk’s arms, and her eyes flicked over the calculation.

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