The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 16

Standing by them, Evelyn watched Amelia playing with the whole family. She could not help but sigh that this woman really knew how to attract others’ attention.

Her acting was comparable to that of the Oscar actress.

Amelia had been shouting that she had a headache, and Sophia was very anxious.

Lucas frowned and looked at Amelia for a few minutes. Seeing her painful face which seemed not to be pretended, he had her hospitalized.

When everything was arranged, he said to Amelia, “Well have a rest then.”

Hearing that Lucas was concerned about her, Amelia couldn’t help but enjoy it.

However, out of her expect, Lucas immediately turned to Evelyn and said, “Let’s go. I’ll send you back first. Let the servant come over later.”

Evelyn nodded her head and looked at Lucas’s parents who were surrounding Amelia. Anyway, they did not welcome her. There was no need for all the family to spend their time here.

Then they two came out together.

Although Amelia had been shouting that she had a headache, but she still kept watching Evelyn and Lucas. As soon as she saw they were going to leave, she looked unhappy and grim.

Why? Why did Lucas not stay with me?

Wasn’t he very worried about her?

He had bound up her wounds just now.

Amelia was so angry that she was trembling, but the two people had already disappeared from the ward. She couldn’t tell Sophia her anger but only controlled her rage secretly.

Evelyn and Lucas were both tired after being busy for so long time.

After getting into the house and taking off her coat, Evelyn felt better.

Lucas ordered her, as hanging her clothes on the clothes hanger, “Have a good rest.”

Evelyn now was too tired to open her eyes, and had no strength to speak. She just nodded to him.

Although the master bedroom was cleaned up, Evelyn did not want to live in. She just went back to the guest room.

Soon after she fell asleep, she felt her bed sinking.

Then, an arm stretched out from behind , and took her in the arms. The warm air made her feel extremely comfortable.

Evelyn curled her up in his arms and went to sleep.

The two had been doing this for a long time, and since that night they had been at peace.

The next morning, as soon as Evelyn and Lucas got up, Lucas’ father sent for them to have breakfast.

They dare not make the old man wait for a long time.

Evelyn and Lucas hurriedly washed and rinsed, then went to the place where the old man lived.

The old man lived in an antique place, with the dark red of rosewood and light yellow of pear wood as the main keynote. The furniture was also in traditional Chinese style. There were also paintings like plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum and some calligraphy works hanging on the wall. There were marks of splash-ink on a nearby bookcase, which looked very elegant.

When Evelyn and Lucas arrived, the old man had been in the dinning hall with a newspaper in his hands.

He saw the two people coming in together.

The old man was very happy and waved to Evelyn, “Nora, come here, come here! Come and sit next to Grandpa.”

It was like coaxing a child.

The old man’s eyes were kind and his voice was very gentle.

It was the first time that there was someone who was so kind to her since she lived in the house, and she was rather flattered.

She looked up at Lucas who didn’t say anything, so she sat neatly beside the old man.

The servants beside had begun to set the meal.

The old man held her hand and said, “I have heard about the incident happened last night. It’s not your fault. You are a good child.”

He also clapped her hand and looked at her with pity.

Evelyn did not expect that the old man asked them to come over for breakfast just in order to comfort her, so she smiled, “Grandpa, don’t worry. I will not care about it.”

Listening to what she said and looking at the expression on her face, the old man did not think that she was pretending.

The old man was even happier and was also very satisfied with Evelyn, “Let’s eat. Eat as much as you like.”

Evelyn looked down and found that all the food was her favorite dishes, and her heart was more grateful for the consideration of the old man.

“Grandpa, you also eat.”

Being grateful, Evelyn extended her hand and also clipped a chopstick of dish for the old man, “This is hypolipidemic, and soft and crisp. You also taste it.”

Seeing that Evelyn was sensible and obedient, the old man laughed much happily and looked at Evelyn with spoiled eyes.

Lucas looked at this scene quietly and enjoyed himself at the table.

Always being indifferent, at this time, he also showed a imperceptible smile on his face.

“Grandpa, there are some things in the company, so I need to leave first.”

Lucas, almost being full, stood up and said. Just a while, the assistant had sent him several messages.

The servant next to him had consciously brought him his coat.

When he was about to reach for his coat, Lucas was stopped by his grandpa, “Stop! Company? The company will not fail in a day without you. It is not easy for you to come back home. Why do you accompany Nora to stroll around? There’s no husband like you.”

The old man’s face was solemn and his hand was still holding Evelyn’s, which was a cry of condemnation for his granddaughter-in-law.

Lucas still wanted to explain, but he was interrupted by the old man, “Okay, well, your task today is to accompany Nora to stroll around and not to go to the company.”

As the old man said, he blinked secretly at Evelyn.

Evelyn was moved. But, thinking that Lucas might really have something to deal with, she said thoughtfully and genuinely, “I’m all right. You can go and busy yourself.”

Although Grandpa was good for her, she didn’t want to delay Lucas business because of herself.

“Then go shopping!” Lucas Davis said as he put on his clothes.

“Ouch?” Evelyn was somewhat surprised, but encouraged by his grandfather’s eyes, she followed Lucas out of the house.

When coming out, she was embarrassed.

From childhood to adulthood, Evelyn had never been shopping with men.

As for Lucas, from his cold look, it can be imagined that he was not an experienced shopper.

They two stared and did not know where to go.

It was Lucas who said first, “Get on first!”

As expected, after a short drive, Lucas asked her, “What shall we do later? You decide!” This was to throw the problem to her.

“I don’t know.” Evelyn was little helpless.

Lucas looked at her in surprise, “Before I returned from abroad, wasn’t your nightlife very colorful and wonderful?”

Evelyn was choked by his words and did not know what to say. That was Nora, OK?

After a while she choked out a sentence, “Then why don’t we go to a shopping mall? What do you think?”

Shopping in the mall had never really existed in Lucas’s mind.

Usually, whatever he wanted, the assistants had prepared for him in advance. He looked at Evelyn inquiring eyes .

Lucas leaned his head and said arrogantly, “Well.”

It seemed to show that it was up to you. .

Evelyn, “…”

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