The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 19

The overwhelming kisses fell, forcing and rude.

As if to tear her apart.

Evelyn was shocked by him, and she reached out to push him, but she couldn’t move him a little bit. “Lucas! Are you drunk?”

Lucas just ignored her, he kissed her wildly and reached out to untie her clothes.

Her lips and teeth were slightly bit, and he reached down her body and had no intention to stop.

Evelyn wasn’t his opponent.

Evelyn struggled for several times. But she was pressed by him. One of his hand caught her slim wrists and the other hand tore her clothes with force.

“Lucas, what are you doing?” Evelyn moved her body, and she couldn’t be his opponent at all.

The smell of alcohol rushed over and it seemed that he was drunk.

She felt her lower body was cool suddenly, Evelyn couldn’t help but breathe deeply, his warm skin came closer, he got into her body almost by a very arrogant way .

Evelyn was too hurt and had to bend back, but she was suppressed by him, and can’t even move an inch.

One after another, it seemed that he wanted to see her begging for mercy.

Evelyn was forced to lean up and followed his hand and showed various forms of posture.

Time passed by, and she didn’t know how long it took, Evelyn almost fainted.

“Remember tonight, don’t have any involvement with other men in the future!”

He closed to her ear and said fiercely.

Only after listening to him growled, then he ended the war of conquest.

Without the support of a man, Evelyn suddenly collapsed.

The man who had covered her was like just woke up, and turned out of the room.

Only Evelyn was left alone in the room, and there was still the flavor of having sex.

The whole body was like being crushed, and Evelyn was so hurt and couldn’t help but tremble.

She never suffered such grievances before, she could not help but lay in bed and cried out.

On the other side, Lucas was lying on the bed in the guest room, and he was awake totally.

He had never been so rude before, and couldn’t help but regret it.

“Did he go too far?”

“Will she blame me?”

He turned over, no, this was not his fault.

It was obvious that she entangled with Austin Wilson, and he just wanted to give her a lesson.

Yes, that’s it.

Just he was still very irritating, Lucas did not sleep well overnight.

The next day, he woke up earlier than usual, and he didn’t have breakfast at home, and went out of home in a hurry.

The servant saw that he was in a bad mood and no one dared to disturb him.


Yesterday, after what happened in yesterday, when Evelyn woke up, it’s already close to the noon.

After cleaning up simply, she went downstairs with comfortable clothes.

The servant next to her was busy preparing breakfast for her, and she was alone holding her chin and sit in front of the table.

It seemed that her mood was very bad.

Everyone secretly wondered, “What happened to the young master and his wife today? It’s so weird.”

A few light taste dishes were served on the table, and a maid came over with a white porcelain.

“What is this?” Evelyn glanced at it, she hadn’t eaten it before.

The maid had a smile on her face. “Mistress, this is a nourishing soup for you. Before the young master went out, he told you to drink it. It is said to be very nourishing for women.”

Evelyn opened the lid, a faint sweet smell flew over, and it looked good.

There was still hot fog on the porcelain, which seemed to have just been done.

Seeing that the maid had been staring at her, Evelyn tasted a bite and nodded at her.

“I will drink it later.”

The maid walked away happily, and Evelyn was a bit stunned.

Was Lucas guilt to her? Wanted to compensate her?

But she really had no appetite.

But it’s his kindness.

She licked her mouth and took a spoon and barely drank it.


In the house of the Hawk family, a little maid sneaked in, and her eyes continued to look around, for fear of being discovered.

“Here.” Another person came out. “Why do you so late today, Miss has been waiting for you for a long time.”

“I was troubled by another thing.” said the little maid.

The other asked, “What is it? You have to come to her by yourself.”

The little maid just closed her mouth and was quiet.

The one who was the leader snorted again. “If you don’t want to say it, forget it, are you afraid that I will take your credit?”

When two people said this, they arrived the room of Amelia.

She was alone and bored, painting her nails.

Naked pink nail polish showed her fingers more and more delicate and white, and when she heard the movement at the door, she did not turn back, only said faintly, “Here you are”

“Miss Morgan!” The little maid named Linda, she respectfully came forward, her eyes were with the tension and some fear which were looking at Amelia.

The one next to Linda initiatively went out and closed the door.

There were only two of them left in the house. then Amelia said faintly, “I’ve told you, don’t come to me freely. Forget it, what do you want to say? What’s news in the new house?”

This little maid had been working for her for some time. Now, she told her what happened last night, Lucas went to Nora’s room, and after that, then went to the guest room to sleep for one night.

The more Amelia listened, the brighter her eyes were. “You mean, last night, Lucas and that bitch slept in different rooms?”

She put the bottle of the nail polish on the side and stood up with joy. “Is this what Nora got? I thought she was very capable. How long can she be with Lucas?”

The little maid lowered her head , this kind of thing was not she can hear.

In the end, Amelia did not become dizzy with excitement. One hand pinched the chin of the little girl, and lifted it up and confirmed again. “Are you sure you see it clearly?”

“Yes, it’s true.” The little girl replied respectfully.

“Well, you did a good job. When I become his wife, I will treat you better.”

Amelia got such a message, and suddenly she was refreshed.

As she said, she threw out three thousand dollars and threw it at the little girl. She said, “Reward you! Keep watching for me! And don’t let others discover you.”

“Thank you Miss Morgan, don’t worry!”

The little girl was very thankful, and Amelia waved her hand, then she went out of the room.

Amelia did not care how she left, she reached out and pushed the window away, only to feel that today’s weather was exceptionally refreshing.

Finally, was her chance coming?

Nora Davis , let’s wait and see!


Evelyn did not sleep well at home for the past two days. During the day, she just wanted to make up a short sleep. Who know that she slept the whole afternoon.

She slept too much during the day and turned over and over at night. She couldn’t sleep.

It’s a long night, it’s just ten PM.

Her stomach began to make sounds, and she still wanted to endure it.

But a wave of hunger hit her, and Evelyn couldn’t bear it anymore.

She reluctantly touched her hungry flat belly. “Forget it, just go to the kitchen and find something to eat.”

After turning around in the kitchen, she found nothing. Because Lucas always paid attention to health, and there was no instant food in the kitchen to eat.

There was still some noddles, Evelyn had to cook a bowl of clear soup noodles and took it on the table.

“What is this?” When she put the bowl on the table and was about to eat. She saw a stack of documents on the table.

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