The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 23

The next day.

Under the blue sky, the weather was just right.

A slim figure dressed in a gym suit ran into the other side of the mansion, going directly into the sauna room.

Not in a while a woman in a casual bath towel came out.

She wiped her head as she walked.

“Miss Morgan.”

A servant took the towel from her.

“Breakfast is ready, Madame is waiting for you.”

“Well, I see.” Amelia raised her hand and the servant left.

Amelia stepped on the wooden floor and went into the restaurant. Sunshine threw in and reflected on the glass bottles with flowers.

“Why have you been exercising so long today?”

Sophia put down the fashion magazine. The servant beside her had already set the table for them.

“It is a nice day so I ran two more laps.” Amelia said, “Salad tastes good with fresh mint and lemon juice on it.”

Sophia studied abroad when she was young, so she liked west breakfast more.

Hearing Amelia praise her, she smiled more brightly. “How sweet you are. Neither Lucas nor his father likes west food.”

“Is not that even better, we can just eat whatever like.”

Amelia was pleasing Sophia then said. “Sophia, I recently hear that Nora wants to work for company, and Lucas seems to agree with it.”

As soon as she said it, the knife and fork in Sophia’s hands fell down heavily, which made a loud noise.

In Sophia’s eyes, it was mostly a sure thing if Amelia said so.

“Nonsense! Nora Davis! “

Sophia’s chest heaved for a while and her face became worse.

“Nora Davis is just a princess. She just know how to eat and play!”

It was okay if you let her go out to meet people. For work, you wouldn’t expect she could do a good job.

If she entered the company, she might just be a drag on Lucas.

Anger appeared on Sophia’s face. Amelia pretend to worry about her. “Sophia, I may have said something wrong.”

“No, I have to stop them. I can’t let that woman destroy his career.”

Sophia stood up at once. She took her clothes and changed her shoes then she walked outside.

“Sophia, wait.”

Sophia ran out in anger and Amelia could not sit still any longer. She hurried to follow her.

At the new mansion, Evelyn and Lucas were just having breakfast.

Two people talked and laughed. The atmosphere was very harmonious.

Sophia stepped in with an angry expression. Both of them were frightened.

“Mom, what are you doing here?”

Lucas stood up in a hurry and Evelyn pulled a chair for Sophia.

Sophia pulled Evelyn aside and looked straight at her son. “Lucas, are you really going to let this woman work in your company? “

As she spoke, she gave Evelyn a sideways glance. This woman must do some evil magic on her son. Or there was no reason Lucas would let her work in his company.

Evelyn looked innocent. That was the reason why Sophia came all of a sudden.

Lucas looked at her in surprise. “Mom, how do you know about this? “

“That is not the point.”

Sophia was furious. “Lucas, I am telling you now. This is not going to work. What can Nora Davis do? Why she? You will lose reputation of your company. She is going to be a drag on you.”

Sophia got it off her chest. The servants around her could not help taking a few steps back, all standing far away. They were frightened.

It would be a shame to be scolded by mother-in-law in front of so many people. They glanced at Evelyn once in a while.

“Lucas, I’m good for you. Listen to me. This is really not going to work . “

Seeing Lucas face become gloomy, Sophia pressed down the fire in her chest and whispered softly to him.

This was not really her son’s fault. Thinking of it, she gave Evelyn a glance.

“But it’s not settled down yet.”

Lucas said, putting things in his hand down.

It was true that he wanted Evelyn to work in his company. But Evelyn was still considering it.

And she was really talented in design.

“Is there anything need to discuss? What we want is people who are capable to do this job. Anyway, I will not allow anyone amateur to get in.”

Sophia said firmly, with another purpose in her words.

As soon as Sophia’s words fell, the servants were constantly glancing at Evelyn.

Everybody knew what kind of person Evelyn used to be. It was still hard to change her impression she left in people’s mind.

Feeling these lines of sight, Evelyn’s face was getting hot.

“Mom, it’s not what you think. Evelyn is really good at design.”

Lucas stood up. A servant behind him handed him a stack of design drafts immediately.

He had always been meticulous about work. Since Sophia disagreed, he took the evidence out directly.

Lucas unfolded the design drafts and handed it to Sophia. “See. She has stayed up late to finish them for these days. She is talented. We are going to need her.”

Sophia raised her hand to block the design drafts. She said dismissively. “Talented?”

“Amelia, what do you think?”

She said, pulling Amelia to her side. When it came to design, She really didn’t understand it.

However, Amelia graduated from a prestigious university, majored in design and had won some prizes.

Sophia had a lot of faith in her, and even wanted to show her off.

Seeing these design drafts now in Amelia’s hands, Evelyn Davis frowned slightly. She knew that Amelia was on always Sophia’s side. They didn’t like Evelyn at all.

Today’s drama might be attributed to Amelia.

Evelyn sneered in the heart. It was impossible if she wanted to hear words of praise in her mouth.

She leant her head to one side with an indifference look.

It was tempting if she could enter Lucas’ company. But she still had another choice.

The air in the room suddenly froze. Everyone looked at Amelia and wondered if Evelyn was really gifted in design.

Amelia did not rush to check, slowly turning pages. After a while, she said. “Actually, it’s good.”

What wrong? Evelyn looked surprised and even wondered if she had misheard.

It was impossible! When did this woman actually learn how to boast her?


Sophia frowned with arm hitting on her arm, shouting out her name and muttering how would she help Nora, an outsider.

Lucas looked at Amelia’s face, breathing a sigh of relief.

“But.”Amelia curled her lip and said suddenly. Then everyone looked at her again.

“But?” Seeing her with a serious face, Lucas frowned.

He had seen Evelyn ‘s design, which was almost perfect.

Did Amelia have any better ideas?

“It just seems so familiar.”Amelia looked at Evelyn disdainfully then said slowly.“It seems that… she copied it from somewhere! “

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