The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 24

“Ah? No, that’s impossible. I’ve seen young mistress fix it in the yard these days.

“Who knows that? Now the network is so well-developed.”

“Cats hide their claws.”

“I still think the young lady is getting better.”

Many people discussed one after another. Lucas took the design drawings and looked at them one by one subconsciously.

It seemed that no trace has been found. He has seen many design manuscripts and he has never seen anything like this.

“Amelia, did you misread it?”

Lucas still didn’t believe it. He also saw Evelyn’s design level these days.

Mrs. Hawk hummed softly, “There must be no mistake. Amelia majored in in this field. How dare you let her enter the company?”

The house was quiet for a moment, and all people looked at Evelyn with complex feelings.

Evelyn aroused her eyebrows and sneered at Amelia. “Why do Miss Morgan say that? You just look at it at a glance and say I copied.”

She knew Amelia could miss such a good opportunity.

She just didn’t expect that she would trapped her for copying the design drawing.

“Nora, I don’t mean to slander, but it’s really too similar to you. You see.”

As Amelia spoke, she landed on a forum abroad with her mobile phone.

This forum was very famous in the field of fashion design. It was a very authoritative forum in Milan. Designers from all over the world gathered here.

People who could stand out here was almost the best designers.

This time she could catch Evelyn’s pigtail. Amelia was extremely excited.

Amelia were so eloquent that Lucas and Mrs. Hawk came together.

The servants were even more disappointed when they looked at Evelyn because the young lady had done very well recently.

Many people thought she had changed her ways.

Who could think of it? The leopard could not change his spots.

Mrs. Hawk was even more angry. She was grateful for revealing the true face of the woman.

Amelia’s fingers kept sliding on the screen, and finally found a post which was put two months ago before she stopped, smiling at Evelyn with pride.

“Find it!”

She reached out and clicked on the link. She entered on the forum, and soon a bold and red character came out.

“Surprise! the design genius of the times!”

In addition to attaching a design drawing, there were many comments from the big guys, and there were also some well-known company personnel involved in the discussion.

“Ah, ah, that’s a cool idea.”

“Perfect, Princess reams!”

“I want to find her!”

“What a genius.”

Most of the people in the forum used English, and many people used many ways to try to find the owner of this design drawing.

“Lucas, look! Does Nora’s design style resemble this person’s?”

As Amelia spoke, she squeezed Evelyn away and handed her mobile phone to Lucas.

Lucas only looked at it once and his face darkened.

It was this style. It was very similar to Evelyn’s.

Amelia observed his expression and said, “Lucas, this designer is called long. Many companies are in contact with her and want to sign her into their company.”

He looked at it again and again. Lucas couldn’t help looking at Evelyn, “What’s the matter?”

The style on this picture was not only similar, but even the same.

The hand holding the drawing veined.

The servants also looked at each other. The young lady had been recognized by the young master with several pictures the other day, and they were all aware of it.

How long has it been since the plagiarism broke out?

Evelyn opened her mouth, and a trace of surprise flashed through her eyes.

Soon she calmed down and tried to speak, but was interrupted by Mrs. Hawk beside her.

“What is so strange about that?”

Mrs. Hawk laughed sarcastically.’What else can happen? It’s plagiarism. It’s just for the sake of your affection. I just say what talent this woman can bring.”

Seeing Lucas did not speak, Mrs. Hawk was afraid that he would hesitate. She added, “You know that when she went to college, she studied finance. But now she design well and do so well. Isn’t it strange?”

“Well, Nora. Didn’t you learn finance when you went to college? How can you design well?” Amelia helped Mrs. Hawk with her words.

That was a tough way to push her to death!

Evelyn looked up at Mrs. Hawk and Amelia behind her.

They had to charge her with plagiarism.

Amelia, however, did not intend to let her go, but added softly, “I just happened to see this design and liked it very much and then I collected it. But I don’t realize that Nora likes it as well.”

Bah, that was just nonsense.

If you really like to collect it, how could you find it out for long time? Thinking about it in Evelyn’s heart, but she didn’t want to argue with her.

It was only after her hard work that she relaxed her relationship with Lucas, which was bound to be affected again.

At present, the air pressure around Lucas has dropped a lot.

Amelia has some pleasure in looking at Evelyn and secretly thought that how could you defend for yourself this time?

The evidence was conclusive, and it was hard to argue with rhetoric.

Lucas would certainly not believe her if she gave evidence.

This series of events made Evelyn feel like she was taking a roller coaster. She looked at these people as if she was watching a play.

“Unexpectedly, the young lady copied it.”

“Yes, I thought she was so good.”

“The poor young master is still cheated.”

Lucas has not listened to any words. The changes between him and Evelyn in recent days made it difficult for him to believe that this was a woman who talked about ideal together.

If Nora really copied, then everything before was also acting.

And his redefinition of her was about to be completely overturned.

Unable to say the mood of frustration and disappointment, and even he felt a little funny that he was played around by a woman.

His affection for her, which he managed to build up, collapsed little by little.

And everyone seemed to be watching a joke.

Lucas shook the manuscript paper in his hand and suddenly threw it on the table angrily, “Nora, you are really good.”

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