The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 25

The atmosphere in the room suddenly froze. All the people were silent for fear of getting into trouble.

Evelyn, who had been silent for a long time, chuckled and said to Amelia. “Miss Morgan, thank you for liking me. “

What was wrong with her?

Everyone’s sight was back on Evelyn again.

Was she stimulated by Amelia?

Amelia said, curling her lip. “When did I say I like you? I just like that design. “

Evelyn was unperturbed, arranged the design drafts which were on the floor.Then she said. “Because I designed the one and posted it on the Milan forum. I used to design things for my hobby when I was in college.”

“For your hobby?” Amelia suddenly chuckled. “How can you do it so well just for your hobby? Nora Davis, who will believe this? “

She had dealt with Nora so many times. No one in the world knew this woman better than she did.

It was just a big joke that she said she had designed it.

Evelyn ignored her and arranged the design drafts in a neat order. “I have been doing nothing for a while so I designed it and posted it on the forum. It did not occur to me that I would won so many prizes for it.”

How shameless! Amelia secretly gnashed her teeth.

Looking at Amelia’s increasingly gloomy face, Evelyn added. “A number of companies both at home and abroad came to negotiate with me. But I have not agreed yet. So I still have the copyright.”

All the drafts in her hand had been neatly arranged. Her hands patted lightly on them, revealing a great deal of confidence.

Evelyn was telling the truth. But her mother’s condition worsened. She was not in the mood to do design again.

The design drafts were delayed, and she almost forgot it if Amelia had not mention.

After all, there were several international famous companies had sent her an invitation.

But she didn’t have time at all. So she had not authorized it yet. Otherwise it would not have been discussed on the forum.

So far, there were dozens of messages asking for cooperation in her personal letters.

Also for this reason, these companies wanted the excellent design. But they could do nothing with it.

Suddenly things changed thoroughly. These servants almost froze.

Changes came too fast.

She just posted a design casually and even won prizes.

“No, it is impossible.”

Hearing all of this, Amelia was totally shocked, shaking her head desperately to deny it.

What kind of person Nora was, Amelia knew her so well.

She still thought that it was impossible.

What Amelia hated the most was that Nora beat her with something she was good at.

It was almost like stepping on her face.

After all, she had just taken a big compliment on that design to highlight the effect of blame Nora for her plagiarizing.

Right now, Nora said it was her work. How could she handle it?

“Nora Davis, you are so good at lying.”

Sophia said with disdain and looked at Amelia with worry. She was all right, but too serious.

Sophia said she knew Nora so well. Plagiarizing seemed like something Nora could do.

To deal with person like Nora, there was no need to talk to her so much.

“You do not believe it?” Evelyn did not get angry, asking with a small laugh.

Hearing this, Sophia snorted disdainfully. Then Amelia looked at her subconsciously.

“So what are you going to do to prove it?

Lucas frowned. Servants’ eyes widened as if waiting to see Evelyn’s evidences .

Amelia seemed found a lifesaver. “Yes, Nora Davis, what are you going to do to prove it? “

As she spoke, she encouraged herself. A genius like ‘Long’ would never be Nora Davis.

But that Nora liked drama, it should have been known by everyone.

After some twists and turns, in fact, it was easy to prove it.

Evelyn shrugged and answered naturally. “This is easy. I can log in to the forum’s email account.”

As she spoke, someone handed over her notebook.

There was on one more legendary than her now.

The servants who were watching this drama became so excited.

Evelyn placed her computer on the table, turned it on in front of everyone and logged into the Milan Forum mailbox.

The mouse arrow slid through her background, and the system showed that the design was actually sent from Evelyn’s account.

So, was that really Nora’s design?

Everyone held their breath and even changed the way they thought about her.

“How about now? Any more questions? “

Evelyn smiled and looked at Amelia.

Amelia stepped back, with one hand on the table to support herself. Her face was white and even burning so much.

It seemed that She slapped herself on face.

Always as proud as her, she could not bear it any more and rushed out suddenly.

Watching her running away, Sophia did not know what to say for this moment.

The room was suddenly quiet and harmonious as usual.

People who had been watching this big drama went to work now.

“I didn’t know that Mrs.Davis had such a skill.”

“Miss Morgan looked so pitiful.”

“What is pitiful about her? She is the one who wronged Mrs.Davis.”

“I already told you that Mrs.Davis is not like before now. You even do not believe what I said!”

Another girl interrupted and said. Linda dared not to say anything, standing beside them.

She was really shocked.

That idiot, Nora Davis, even drove Miss Morgan away.

“Why are you staring at me?”

Evelyn put things in order. As she raised her head, she saw Lucas staring at herself.

There was a twinkle in his eyes, and there was even a kind of feeling that he seemed to get something precious.

Evelyn was a little embarrassed by his stare.

Sophia coughed. Finally Lucas withdrew his gaze and turned to Sophia. “Mom, don’t worry about it. I can handle this.”

Sophia was embarrassed. It was uneasy for her to not worry.

Lucas, who knew she was just a little embarrassed, added. “Just let me handle this. Everything is under my control.”

Sophia sighed.”All right. I know. I have to check on Amelia.”

She hurried to run out. As if she did not want to stay even just for a minute.

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