The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 27

John took it very seriously, so his intention is not simple.

Evelyn frowned and asked, “How many shares do you want?”

After hearing that, John putted down his chopsticks, “30 percent.”

“Thirty percent?

Evelyn incredibly ask again. Because of many shares, Lucas wouldn’t agree with it.

Lucas earned this asset through her hard work.

So she wouldn’t allow a stranger to ask for such a large piece of cake.

John, he was so greed.

Instead of answering, John asked, “I heard you can design? Lucas wants you to join the company as a designer?”

Her eyes had a trace of displeasure. It seemed that because Evelyn did not tell her this thing.

“So what?”

Evelyn indifferently said, she didn’t feel that there were some relationships about John?

It was only the thing about yesterday that became public.

However John also unexpectedly knew such a illicit affair.

Maybe, he arranged eyeliner in Hawk family?

He didn’t seem to be very sure of himself.

Thinking of here, Evelyn can not help frowning.

This feeling of being watched was not very pleasant, especially when you didn’t know where the person was.

John ignored her differences and unceasingly said, “since you know how to design, you can use your talent to fight for it. I’m sure Lucas will agree with it. All you want is some shares.”

He said it easily, Evelyn looked at her, seeing she was calm.

But his deep eyes were unable to cover the craze.

Lucas was the genius of the Hawk family, the famous business tycoon of Jing Du.

If he wanted to set up a company, it’s sure to make money.

What’s more, the design industry was famous for the low cost and high income.

And his background was the whole Hawk family, so no matter how to think, it was a very good deal.

Evelyn sneered. Even that man was old but he still had a whimsicality.

He thought he can get something for nothing?

Seeing John has no other words to say, she also didn’t want to stay here with him, so she picked her bag up to leave.

When she putted her hand on the door handle, she was stopped by John, Evelyn turned to look at him, “what else did you have?”

“No. Since you’ve come, at least eating this meal with me before you go.”

“When Nora was here, she often accompanied me to the dinner.”

John was lightly looking at Evelyn , the pair of long and narrow eyes contained no feelings.

Evelyn sneered, “I am not Nora, there is no need at here. We needn’t play the role of father and daughter. Besides, there are no strangers here, and you needn’t worry about anyone will see something.”

Eating with John, she was afraid he would poison herself.

Evelyn opened the door and went straight out of the room. And she felt suffocated to stay at here.

John, John used her, helping Nora to stabilize her position of Hawk family, and he still wanted her to help him asking for the share of Lucas’s company.

How could she begin to tell it, and what will other people think of her?

It’s hopeless to expect such a cold-blooded father.

But now for the sake of her mother, she had to endure him behavior that he always do whatever he wants.

Her chest had a burst of suffocation, and her heart generally seemed to grow the grass . This kind of feeling made Evelyn restless in her mind.

My mother’s gaunt face kept flashing through her mind.

All the time it reminded her to be patient, to be patient.

There were many cars keeping driving at the street, Evelyn raised a hand to knead forehead, said to the driver, “send me to the hospital.”

The driver said OK, just felt strange in his heart. Why did she want to go to the hospital?

Evelyn hadn’t seen her mother for a long time.

The hospital which was John arrangement for her mother is a high-level hospital in the central of city, and it’s very easy to find out.

Getting off the car, Evelyn went in directly.

Although it was likely to be seen, but Evelyn always felt uneasily.

Evelyn familiar went into the ward by the familiar road, but when she opened the door, she would go inside.

“Who did you look for?” The relative of the patient walked out from the inside, looking at Evelyn with surprising.

Evelyn went back a few steps, looking at the ward’s brand, her brow couldn’t help tightening.

Mother clearly lived in this room, seeing this man has been waiting for her to explain.

Evelyn made a apology and said, “sorry, I may go wrong. I’m looking for a former patient of this ward. She’s my relative.”

“We don’t know the former patients.”

“The man said,” but I’ve heard that the VIP wards on the first floor are filled with Dr. lee’s patients. You can ask him.”

“Thank you.” After Evelyn got out of the room, she went looking for that Dr.Lee.

She knew this person. John said that he found Dr.Lee as her mother’s doctor.

Evelyn was anxious and hurried to inquire about Dr.Lee’s office from the nurse.

“At this point, Dr. Lee hasn’t come out of the operating room yet.”

The small nurse stopped Evelyn, “If you want to see him, you can schedule for tomorrow.”

“I really need to see Dr. Lee.”

Evelyn pushed the nurse away, because her mother was gone, so she can’t wait, “I am John’s daughter, he must know me.”

The voice of quarrel in the corridor was very big, and Evelyn was anxious.

“Let her in.” A polite voice came out of the clinic.

“But Dr. Lee, you just came off the operating table.”

It was hard to hear what they was talking about. As soon as she got rid of the little girl, she rushed in.

Dr. Lee was very busy. Evelyn saw that he was returning from his rounds.

“Who are you?” Dr. Lee frowned, he was clearly not pleased by this unannounced visit.

“I am Evelyn, the daughter of your patient. Her name is Katherine Browne. I come to see my mother, but she don’t stay at room.” Evelyn said very anxiously .

Dr. Lee frowned. A nurse next to him said, “oh, it’s you, but your mother already transferred?”

“How is it possible? My mother was transferred. How could I not know?”

Evelyn was surprised and angry again, “How can you do this, you transfer hospital for patient without notify her family members.”

The little nurse was unhappy by her words, angrily said “every day there are so many patients in our hospital, we can’t just notice your mother. Besides, your father did this thing, and we have no right to stop the patient’s family’s require.”

“No, it’s impossible. Why did he do it?”

The fire in his chest was surging upward.

Her mother had always been her weakness.

Dr. Lee surprised and looked at her ,seriously said, “It is really your father who did this, you can call him to ask, maybe he just had no time to tell you.”

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