The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 28

“What exactly do you mean?Why did you move my mom somewhere else?”

Across the phone, Evelyn roared at John Davis at the entrance of the staircase.

She had been dependent on her mother since she was a child. John Davis transferred her to another hospital and did not tell her.

Evelyn’s hands trembled with anger, and she hated John Davis for always threatening her with her mother.

Such hysterical appearance, attracted a lot of people in the hallway to cast a surprised look at her.

“Your mother is fine. I’ll have her treated by the doctor.”

John Davis’s voice was like a cold machine, without temperature, “but what did you do when you ran to the hospital? You’d better stay at home these days. If someone finds out, don’t say it’s me, you won’t get any good results, think it over for yourself. “

Evelyn was too angry to speak. She put her hands on the side of her body and pinched her palms red.

She never thought it would be true, John Davis was deliberately hiding her mother.

“But if you can convince Lucas and let me buy into the new company, I can arrange you to see your mother once a month. “

John Davis looked magnanimous, as if to let Evelyn see her mother was charity general.

“Are you threatening me?”

Evelyn said hatefully, what she had done and met such a father.

“Why do you think that? You can think of it as a deal.”

“You can think about it,” John Davis said from another position. “After all, it’s not bad for you. Your mother’s illness can be better treated.”

Evelyn looked terrible, and he seized on her weakness.

She pressed her lips and hung up the phone, and she was in a terrible mood all the way.

When she entered the yard, the temperament of the whole person had changed.

And saw what she looked like, several servants hurriedly took a few steps back for fear of being angered by her.

Evelyn also ignored them and went straight back to the room angrily.

The pressure in the bottom of her heart was thoroughly rushed up, she jerked up the pillow and hit it twice, “Ah–”

The anger spilled out, and the whole person collapsed on the bed.

Looking at the ceiling, she calmed down a lot.

“How do I talk to him?”

She took a deep breath, and whatever it takes to hold on John Davis for her mother.

She cleared her throat and imagined the scene that Lucas comes back at night.

“Lucas, well, can you transfer 30 percent of your shares in the new company to my father?”

“Lucas, let me discuss something with you. The new formation of the company will always require some financial supports. My dad wants to take a 30 percent stock. “

“Lucas, my father wants to join your new company. He only wants a 30 percent stock.”


“Oh, no!”

Evelyn rubbed her hair madly, and no matter how she spoke, she felt something wrong with her tone.

Evelyn got up from the bed dejectedly, and dawdled to sit down in front of the desk.

She turned on the lamp and turned over the designs in the middle of the table.

“Forget it, I’d better finish correcting the rest of the manuscript first.”

Evelyn thought, while picking up a side of the pencil, and carefully revised it.

When all her thoughts were immersed in the design, the mood gradually became more and more gentle.

When Lucas came back for dinner in the evening, Evelyn presented the revised design to him as a treasure. “Look, do you have any advice?”

To her own works, Evelyn was still very confident.

As expected, Lucas looked at it very carefully. The more he looked, the more he smiled. “Good! There is nothing to modify. “

Putting the design aside , he smiled at Evelyn. “You’ve been working hard lately.”

“No, it’s just a few manuscripts.”

Evelyn clenched her hands on her chin and brewed several times in her heart, trying to raise the company’s requirements to Lucas.

The words came to her lips but it’s hard to say, so she had to ask, “look, you’ve been so busy lately, how’s the company going?”

“The company premises were readily available. I’m going to transfer a number of employees directly from headquarters. All I have to do is hire a few more designers.”

Lucas also did not think much, “in fact, there is not too much preparation.”

Evelyn nodded and looked as if Lucas had already prepared it.

John Davis came up to pick up a ready-made cheap, it seems impossible to make sense.

The original temptation was all of a sudden held back into the stomach.

After eating, Lucas went to work in the study, Evelyn went directly back to the bedroom.

When Lucas came back from the study, Evelyn had fallen asleep.

Afraid to disturb her, Lucas carefully slept on her side.

Who knew that in the midnight, Evelyn felt a pain in her stomach, and the cold sweat seeped out along her white forehead.

She turned over and rushed out of bed to the bathroom.

She’s got a little red stain on her underwear. Did she have her period?

After a simple treatment, Evelyn found a small mattress and spread it in the place where she slept.

“What happened to you? Do you have a stomachache? “

Lucas has always slept shallow, Evelyn just moved too hastily, unexpectedly woke him up.

When he suddenly asked, Evelyn was a little embarrassed, and she said slowly, “I, I may have my period. ”

“……” Lucas fell silence.

Evelyn lay down in silence, she was the first time to say this to a man, and she was also embarrassed.

The two of them were called over by grandpa the other day. She could feel that Lucas was in a hurry to have a baby with her.

Well, she’s menstruating.

What else?

Evelyn was a little guilty, secretly glanced at Lucas, and saw that he was not unhappy.

She wanted to take a closer look, and he said, “If you’re all right, take a rest.”

Evelyn nodded and slowly climbed into bed.

She had just been lying down for a while, and the feeling of colic struck again.

Evelyn turned over and over. Lucas was a little unhappy, raised his hands to turn on the bedside lamp.

He was going to get up and go to the guest room so as not to affect the next day’s work.

Who knew that when he got up, he found that the situation of Evelyn was something wrong.

“Nora?” Lucas came forward to pull Evelyn to himself.

Then he saw that her hands were covering her abdomen and that her face had lost its color. When he raised his hands to touch it, he felt a cold damp. And he asked worriedly, “What’s wrong with you? ”

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