The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 37

Amelia thought in her mind,” How could they being together?”

She never heard about Clyde and Nora had any intersection. Amelia was confused.

Her friends beside her were still talking and gossiping ceaselessly.

Two persons talked over there turned their sides together and looked they were intimate.

Amelia’s eyes were lit up and she took the picture instantly.

As soon as the photo was taken, several heads came together,” That is really her. “

” This shameless woman only knows to seduce people around. What’s so good to be a little pretty.”

“Amelia, you have to give this to Lucas. Don’t let him to be fooled by the woman.”

Amelia was a little embarrassed and she nodded her head.

She would hand it to Lucas for sure. She would like to see, when Lucas saw the picture,

What else could Nora explain?

She dared to date other man without letting Lucas to know. Such a dog could not stop eating the shit.

A excited expression could not be hid on Amelia’s face when she thought about disclosing Nora.

Evelyn did not leave when she finished with Clyde.

Mr. Hawk liked to have cakes but he liked the famous cakes.

Evelyn bought the cakes from the nearest Xilianzhai cake store then went back to the teahouse.

Two old men were still keeping the posts as she were left and playing the go-chess liked they were fighting and could not be separated with each other when she got in the room.

Evelyn put the plum blossom shaped cakes in a celadon-glazed dish thoughtfully. She was a designer.

The cakes were put in a elegant way by her even she did not put too much effort on it.

Mr. Wilson nodded when he saw the cakes put on the dish. The cakes could be seen as one of fitments of tea ceremonies.

Evelyn took the dark-red enameled pottery that put aside, washing tea, brewing tea, filtering tea, her motions were smooth like a running stream with a taste of elegance.

And also she was pretty. Her temperament was mild and clear that made people amused.

Mr. Wilson could not endure anymore. He surprised,” Does Nora know about tea ceremony?”

He studied and knew about tea ceremony very well. His eyes watching Evelyn were nearly lit up.

Evelyn was embarrassed when she heard the words. She smiled sheepishly,” How could I study about it before. I just saw what the waiter did and copied it. I wonder if the tea tastes good since I did it that way.”

She poured a cup tea for both of the old men as she was talking.

Mr. Wilson took the cup and had a taste,” Not bad. You reached the primary stage with only a glance. You are such gifted in tea ceremony.”

” How could she get the compliment of a expert.”

Mr. Hawk took back a piece of go-chess and shook his head. But he could not hide the smile on his face.

However, Mr. Wilson interrupted him,” I think Nora girl can do it. Girl, you can come to learn if you have time, grandpa Wilson will teach you. I will make sure you can beat up those masters of tea ceremony easily.”

Even though the old man was joking, his sight on Evelyn was combined with some hopes.

Anyway, being successful in tea ceremony was not only depended on hard working but the gift given by the God.

However, there were few people could do that. Evelyn was like a precious jade to Mr. Wilson who loved the tea ceremony.

Evelyn smiled when she heard the words,” That’s great. Only if you’d like to accept me as an apprentice.”

” Good, good!” Mr. Wilson was so happy. He found Evelyn was more and more amusing.

Mr. Hawk supported when he saw the situation,” Nora girl is very smart. Mr. Wilson, you surely received a good apprentice.”

Mr. Wilson smiled and said,” That’s all thank to you old guy.”

The words made Mr. Hawk laughed that he could not help closing his mouth.

It was nearly evening when the old men finished their go-chess. Mr. Wilson enjoined Evelyn to learn the tea ceremony with him.

Then the grandpa and the granddaughter said goodbye to him.

The car was driven fast on the road. The two sides of the street were already put on the bright lights. The flashed neon lights brought a sense of prosperous.

Mr. Hawk pressed his forehead,” I’m really old that I feel very tired after the whole afternoon go-chess.”

“Grandpa!” Evelyn called him and brought a cup of warm water to him.

Mr. Hawk had the water and felt better.

“Nora, Lucas should be back now. You must be tired since you stayed with all the afternoon. Go to have dinner with Lucas when we get home. You should talk with each other more. I will not bother you two.”

Evelyn just nodded and did not say anything since she noticed the old man was tired.

When they got home, the house was totally quiet. It did not seem that Lucas was back at all.

“Has Lucas back yet?”

Evelyn put down her bag and asked a maid.

“Mr. Hawk was called to Mrs. Hawk.” The maid was humble,” Are you going to have dinner now, Mrs. Hawk?”

Evelyn nodded,” Yes.”

It was not sure that when Lucas would came back since he left.

She got used to it anyway.

The main house was not as quiet as the new house. It was busy in the main house. Maids were busy around with happiness on their faces.

Sophia, Devin, Amelia and Lucas were all sitting around the table. They were gathered there rarely.

The delicate dishes all over the table were elaborated.

Amelia took a chopsticks of dish to the plate in front of Lucas,” Please have a try on this, Lucas. This drunk shrimp dish is the signature dish of our new chef.”

“And this vegetable dish. It’s delicious even without any meat.”

Amelia talked by herself and the plate of Lucas was filled up by her shortly.

The Hawks observed that but did not say anything. It seemed make sense to them at all.

However, Lucas did not have those dishes in his plate. He put down the chopsticks after a while and asked,” Mother, is there something I have to know that you call me here?”

The atmosphere was froze and Mrs. Hawk put down her chopsticks, too. A anger was lifted on her face.

She took the phone beside her and threw it to Lucas,” Have a look yourself. Your good wife!”

Lucas took over the phone and had a look. It was the picture of Evelyn standing in front of the outdoor cafe and she was intimate with a man. The man seemed trying to hold her in arms.

Lucas frowned immediately. His face was a little dark and he said with a low voice,” Where you get this?”

Mrs. Hawk did not even get out of the gate these days. Lucas’s sight on her was combined by a little conscious.

“Don’t be angry, Lucas. Actually, it was me who took this coincidently when I went shopping this afternoon. These two persons were looked too… vague. I did not think too much and took the picture down.”

Amelia was seemed like she was trying to speak but she stopped,” I did not expected them like this. Don’t be angry, please.”

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