The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 38

Lucas felt the people on the photo more harsh after Amelia Morgan’s reminded.

The handsome eyes, which had been cold, became more and more gloomy and inky. The eyes were as sharp as a knife, and his hand on one side tightened slightly.

There was a chill smell all over him.

It was like a hair-trigger.

Amelia Morgan was joy secretly in the heart, but deliberately carefully comforted, “Lucas, please don’t mind, maybe it is a misunderstanding. Although Evelyn used to go crazy about fooling around, but after you come back, she seems to be a lot of convergence.

Lucas said nothing.

Sophia said coldly: “Evelyn herself is not tact. She can toe the line when you come back these days. It already is pretty good. You can watch for yourself. Mom won’t say anything. You saw the truth, and don’t take it out on others.”

“Mom, I didn’t vent my anger!” Lucas was unhappy.

Because of Evelyn, a good meal did so.

Sophia was very unhappy.

Everyone was not in a good mood after such a scene.

“Mama! Please eat. I have something to go back.”

Lucas suddenly stood up and pushed the chair and directly left from the table.

“What are you doing? You haven’t even had a bite.”

Sophia disapproved with the eyebrow rising. She wanted to shout to Lucas, but she had to considered the parents on the table so she didn’t move.

“Lucas, you can leave after your meal.” Amelia Morgan hurried to call out.

Lucas did not respond so that she simply followed up directly.

Lucas ignored her, and he changed the shoes, opened the door and went out.

Did it in one fell swoop.

Seeing him really leaving, Amelia Morgan returned to the table without energy.

“ Please eat!” Sophia made a speech, and everyone continued eating.

But all had no mind to to eat after Lucas left.

On new house, the food on the table did not place for a while. The dishes were not much, but there were three dishes and a soup, which were smell.

Under the slant dim light, Evelyn was sitting at the table. She was more than alone in front of so many dishes.

A few maids were busy not far from her, waiting for a call.

Suddenly a cool wind poured in from the outside, and a cool feeling suddenly hit over.

Evelyn felt a tremble, as if there was someone sitting beside her.

When she rose her head, she found it was Lucas who sat in front of her, staring at her silently.

Evelyn was surprised that he did go to the main house?

Why was he back so soon?

She put chopsticks down and inquired, “Have you eaten yet? Shall I get you some?”

Lucas didn’t speak. So Evelyn turned back and said to a maid, “Please give master a bowl of rice.”

Lucas suddenly interrupted her words. His voice was like ice ballast, “What did you do at noon?”

Evelyn was baffling for his words.

Why did he ask that where she went and what she did?

It was like that he was eating gunpowder.

Evelyn was discontented in her heart but she answered seriously: “I was accompanying grandpa to the tea house.”

There’s nothing to hide about it.

“And anything else?”

Did Lucas check her track?

Evelyn frowned and said casually, “I went out to go shopping by myself, and then I came back… Why are you looking at me like that?”

“What’s this? You can watch for yourself?”

“Don’t say you don’t know,” he said, taking out his phone and pointing to a man and a woman in the album.

Evelyn took a look at the phone, and she couldn’t help exclaim, “Where does this come from?”

Of course she recognized the scene in the photo.

This was the end of her conversation with Clyde Lowell , and he insisted on sending her back.

Who’s so bored to take those photos?

And, sent this photograph to Lucas.

Evelyn’s look slightly changed.

The Angle in the photo was a little clever and looked too ambiguous.

Seeing her in such a state, Lucas sniffed coldly, feeling her guilty conscience.

“Why did not you go on denying it? Have you forgotten my warning so quickly?”

Lucas stared at her, with his long and narrow eyes, which were full of dangerous.

She crossed his line.

“Do you misunderstand ,Lucas?”

Evelyn quickly stood up and stopped he leaving and said, “It was not like what you think. It’s my first time to meet this man.”

Her face was earnest, and her eyes were serious.

Lucas stopped and turned to look at her. “The first time? So close for the first time?”

The look in his eyes was incredulous.

Evelyn said hurriedly: “He is Mr.Lowell. He seems to know from Amelia Morgan that I can design. So he want to cooperate with me to open a design company. He also said that i can have shares with my technology.”

There was silent in the air.

Evelyn added, “I swear what I said is not false.”

She tensed to look at Lucas.

The housemaids went out quickly, and it was obvious that this kind of thing was not fit for them to hear.

But they still pricked up ears for fear of missing some big news.

Lucas slightly slow, “Did Clyde Lowell want to pull you to become a shareholder? How much did he give?”

“Forty-nine per cent.”

Evelyn pressed her lips and looked eagerly at Lucas.

“Have you promised?”

The lip line of Lucas was tight and it’s hard to see if he was angry or not.

Evelyn shook her head, “No, I haven’t promised.”

“Why not? Forty-nine percent of the shares, as long as the technology you can become a shareholder. You even do not any prepare.”

Lucas stepped forward, his fingers buckled Evelyn’s chin. They were face to face now, and they can almost feel the breath each other.

The voice with a light laugh, Evelyn did not know what to say.

She’s still considering it, after all, John has been calling her lately.

Perhaps she could wait, but mother could not.

Her face changed, and her eyes with a trace of begging looked at Lucas.

Lucas sniffed coldly and let go of her. His voice was cold with the breath of despising the world, “Don’t be delusions! I will not agree. Not only will I not agree, but also you are not allowed to cooperate with the Lowell family. Please keep away from the man outside.”

After warning, he bypassed Evelyn and went straight upstairs, as if he were in control.

Looking at his back, Evelyn was angry that Lucas was too domineering.

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