The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 40

“Young Master! Breakfast is ready!”

Lucas dressed well and went downstairs. The maid was busy waiting on one side and said respectfully.

Who knew that Lucas did not stop and went straight out.

The maid couldn’t help being stunned and stayed where she was.

Evelyn came out of the restaurant and what he saw in his eyes was this.

He simply did not mention the matter of buying a share, and went straight back to the room.

Without a job, she didn’t want to enjoy herself as much as Nora did before.

She simply found out some manuscripts and prepared to draw some design drawings to kill time.

After a moment’s reflection, she turned the sketch pen with her fingers and began to leave a well-proportioned line on the paper very fast.

Soon she was in her own state, her white fingers were dancing like butterflies.

The young master was not at home, and the young madam locked herself in the room.

Linda sneaked out with an excuse and went to the main house where Amelia lives.


“You mean Lucas and that bitch are now in a quarrel because of buying the share?”

Amelia asked excitedly.

Linda nodded and said, “I really heard that. Today, the young man was so angry that he didn’t eat breakfast at home.”

Amelia sneered and rejoice in the calamity of others and said, “Lucas hated this kind of vanity-loving woman most, Nora has hit the muzzle of the gun this time!”

Linda bowed her head respectfully, as if she had not felt anything wrong with what Amelia said.

“You’ve done a good job lately!” Amelia took out a stack of banknotes and threw them to Linda and said, “Keep watching on.”


When the girl disappeared, Amelia came out of the room and knocked on the door of Sophia’s room.

“Come in!” The soft female voice came from inside.

Sophia opened the door and saw the people was Amelia, she reached out and touched her and said, “You clever girl, just come in, no need knocking at the door”

Amelia gave a playful smile, and then she immediately wrapped herself around Sophia’s arm and said, “Sophia, I’m going to tell you something.”

“What’s wrong? Why do you girl treat me so politely?”

“Oh Sophia. After Lucas came back, none of us had a good meal. I thought I might as well call Lucas, Mr. Hawk and Grandpa this weekend and the whole family went to dinner together. I made a reservation at Qian Xi Building.”

As she spoke, she grabbed Sophia’s hand like a little daughter.

Sophia liked the way most she was acting like a spoiled child and said, “Well, well, you’re still a very careful girl and that’s exactly what it should be.”

What Amelia said was so reasonable that Sophia thought she was intimate.


Office of president of Fengshi Group.

“president, this is the renewal document from Hong Da!”

Cater came in from outside and handed Lucas a document in both hands.

Lucas took it and quickly browsed the document.

His oblique eyebrows twisted slightly. He was cold and proud, he stood alone and looked at everything proudly. There was a sharp color in his slender black eyes. His thin lips moved lightly and he said lightly, “Return it! Do it again!”

Cater silently put the document away and said to himself frantically in his heart. He knew that the broken document would not pass.

I didn’t know where Hong Da’s confidence came from. They thought it was bound to pass.

He had finished speaking in his heart, when he wanted to report on the afternoon schedule,

Lucas’s phone rang.

He answered the phone and said, “Mom?”

Sophia said in a few choice phrases, “The whole family is having dinner at night and you should come here on time!”


Lucas did not refuse.

It was perfectly normal for the whole family to have a meal together.

Although he liked to work, he would not sacrifice everything for his work.

Busy time always passed very fast. In the evening, Evelyn received a call from Lucas.

“Let’s go downstairs! I’ll take you to dinner!”

“well?” Evelyn was stunned. Would Lucas contact me on his own initiative?

Since that incident, he had been getting up early and returning late.

Two people couldn’t even speak a few words with each other. It was rare for him to come to me on his own initiative.

Evelyn did not dawdle, she immediately picked a set of camel coat, windbreaker inside with a beige long neck sweater and also hung a sweater chain, and she was wearing black pencil pants and a pair of shoes of the same colour in her lower body.

This dress looked relaxed, simple and generous.

When Evelyn went downstairs, Lucas could not help looking at her more, and found that she was really good at dressing up and dressing on different occasions.

“Have you been waiting for a while? Why did you suddenly think of going to dinner with me?

Evelyn sorted out the bag on her arm and asked.

Lucas said lightly, “Family dinner, Grandpa will be there too!”

Evelyn nodded and that accounted for it.

Sure enough, by the time they arrived, the whole family had already arrived, even Grandpa had already arrived.

“Hello Grandpa.”

As soon as Evelyn entered the room, she saw the loving old man and hurried to his side.

Grandpa Hawk was very happy to see her and said, “Come, Evelyn, sitting next to me.”

Evelyn bent forward and leaned forward and shouted to the couple of Sophia, “Dad, Mom.”

But both of their faces were pale.

Evelyn no longer asked for a snub.

For a time, it was quiet in the box, but Amelia said with a clever smile, “Since everyone is here, let the waiter serve the dishes. It’s a pity that I didn’t have a good meal last time!”

As she spoke, she asked the waiter to come in and order.

“This time is I finally find a friend to give up the room so we have a seat, we must be good to eat a big meal.”

She had a playful voice and that made Mr. Hawk and Mrs. Hawk has a little smile on their face.

“Papaya Stewed Snow Swallow, Steamed East Star Spot, White Jade Golden Silk Cup…… A pot of dragon well tea and a bucket of fresh juice.”

Amelia quickly reported seven or eight dishes, all of which were favorites of the Grandpa Hawk, Mr. Hawk and Mrs. Hawk, and Lucas.

After that, she smiled and said to Mr. Hawk, “Mr. Hawk, your blood pressure has been a little high recently, so I didn’t give you any bears, or you’d better have some juice with Mrs. Hawk.”

Mr. Hawk nodded, he was always serious, his slightly stretched lip lines showed that he was in a good mood.

Amelia then handed the menu to the guys and asked, “Let’s see, what else do you want to add?”

She arranged the whole thing by herself and paid attention to all sides of a matter.

Grandpa Hawk could not help praising, “This girl is as careful as ever.”

“Certainly, the child has always been sensible, which makes people worry a little.”

When Sophia heard the old Grandpa Hawk’s praise of Amelia, she was busy saying, “Unlike some people……All day long it will cause trouble at home.”

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