The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 41

Sophia fiercely talked like she had gun and sticks. Although there was no clear target, Grandpa Hawk could hear it out.

What’s more, he knew that Sophia didn’t like Nora at the beginning.

But as an elder, it wasn’t good to have partiality in front of juniors.

Grandpa Hawk raised his eyebrows and kindly turned his face to Evelyn, “Nora, what do you like to eat? Order it if you like!”

Only one sentence made a few pairs of eyes fall on the face of Evelyn.

When Sophia just finished oblique accusations, he gave his support to Nora.

Evelyn felt warm and smiled, “Everything is OK, grandpa, it’s all right.”

The more thoughtful she was, the more Grandpa Hawk cared about her.

He didn’t continue to say anything. He comforted Evelyn by patting her hand.

“Yeah, just order it if you like.”

Amelia repeated the words, pretending that she was so generous.

“No need.” Evelyn lightly answered.

Amelia did nothing but pretending. She didn’t even want Evelyn’s attendance.

She had no idea that Lucas actually brought her here.

She was glad to hear that Evelyn had no order and immediately talked about some recent interesting things.

She was particularly good at talking. Sophia complimented her and responsively laughed now and then.

The room was full of Amelia’s voice which was so lively.

The dishes were served while talking, and Amelia actively arrange the soup and dishes for all. She seemed so busy.

“Grandpa, here is your favorite fish.”

“The Blood Nest they served is so good for maintaining beauty. Sophia, you should drink more.”

“Uncle, this is especially ordered for you.”

“Lucas, you have been abroad for many years. Haven’t you eaten their goose liver for a long time? This time it tastes better, have a try…”

Amelia was very considerate. It seemed that she knew clearly about everyone’s flavors.

And after all those behaviors, the atmosphere in the room was very good because of her.

It seemed like she was the hostess here.

Evelyn sat beside silently and ignored Amelia.

In the half time of the meal, Sophia asked, seeming to be in a casual way, “Lucas, recently you have been building a company, how is it?”

While she asked, almost everyone looked at Lucas.

Lucas lightly answered, “It’s close to an end. It will be over if we hire the rest important personnel!”

He seemed unwilling to talk about it at the dinner table. He said nothing more than just a word.

Sophia turned her mind and said, “Would you like Amelia to join the company to help you? She also studied business management in college and knows how to design. She can temporarily join as your assistant, or the designer. Besides, you grow up together and know well about each other.

With such words, Sophia also wanted to stop Nora going to the company.

In her opinion, it would be better if Amelia joined the company than offering Nora the chance.

She watched Amelia grow up and trusted her.

While speaking, Sophia glanced at Evelyn.

Evelyn froze a moment and her hand stopped for a moment.

It was the reason that she and Lucas had been arguing these days.

Even the servants at home knew it.

Why did Sophia talk about it in a sudden?

Apparently, Lucas did not expect that Sophia would talk about it now. He also froze a moment and subconsciously took a look at Evelyn.

Her hand still held the chopsticks, but there was no responsive look on the face. It seemed that this had nothing with her.

Seeing her like this, Lucas couldn’t help raising his eyebrows and carefully thinking about it.

Amelia was full of expectation, fixing her eyes on Lucas.

Seeing this, Sophia hit her husband by the arm. And he assisted, “Amelia always is a good and thoughtful girl. If she joins the company, you will be less burdened for her help.

Sophia added, “Thar’s right. Your father and I watch her grow up. You also know that she has been excellent since she was a child. She will definitely help you a lot when she is there.”

Both the couple spoke for Amelia. She was glad inside that Sophia had the same idea with her.

However, Lucas did not speak, which made her anxious, she was also anxious, clenching her hands on the table.

As long as she can successfully join Lucas’s company, they will meet more in the future.

Maybe they will fall in love. What will Evelyn be then?

For a long while, Lucas nodded. “OK. But whether you can stay depends on the follow-up performance.”

“Lucas, please feel relieved. I will definitely help you and never do anything to damage the company.”

Seeing him agreed, Amelia was very happy and deliberately glanced at Evelyn with pride.

The room was full of joy, and Evelyn felt that she was an outsider.

Grandpa Hawk grabbed her hand and suddenly said, “Lucas, since your company is short of employees, also let Nora go there. I have heard from the butler that Nora is very talented in design, which is just right for your company. It is better to let her in than being idle at home.”

As soon as he finished words, Sophia changed her face and fiercely glanced at Evelyn, “Dad, you are kidding. With little ability, how can she help the company? She will make some troubles.”

“Dad, if both them go to the company, probably in the future, some people will say that we only appoint relatives.”

Grandpa Hawk seriously raised his eyebrows. He recently heard a lot that Nora was good at design but he didn’t pay attention.

Nora had been in the house for a year. It was enough for them to know well about her.

“Who dares!”

Grandpa Hawk said with some anger, “Nobody is allowed to make irresponsible remarks about our family’s business.”

The atmosphere was tensed suddenly. Sophia wanted to talk but stopped. She had no courage to confront her father. Instead, she glared at Evelyn.

Amelia, who sit across from them, said nothing and nervously stared at Lucas when hearing that grandpa Hawk wanted Nora to join the company.

She knew that Lucas refused Nora.

But she couldn’t guarantee it if grandpa gave the pressure.

She scolded beneath the heart, “Old man, he prefers Nora no matter what.”

The atmosphere in the room froze suddenly. Lucas was interrupted by the bell when he was going to say something.

It was from Nora’s phone.

Her phone was put on the table. With one glance, Lucas saw Clyde’s name.

His face sank suddenly.

“Sorry, I need to go out to answer this call.” After words, Evelyn took the phone and went out.

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