The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 44

The next morning.

Sun shines came through the curtains and sprayed in the room. Evelyn rubbed her eyes and sat up.

She felt her body was aching like it was breaking down when she sat up.

She was played by Lucas badly last night.

He made out on with her like a mad man again and again. Her legs were numb and shaking in the end.

She did try to resist but she was repressed by his absolute power.

As Evelyn was thinking, she felt tired and sleepy again. She just tilted her head and fell asleep with another direction.

Evelyn had a long sleep. It was already noon when she woke up.

“How could it be already noon again!”

Evelyn murmured and got up from the bed then went to wash herself. The maid had prepared lunch for her.

She was lazy today so she asked the maid brought the lunch to upstairs.

Her phone rang when she was having lunch.

Evelyn’s phone had received messages several times when she was washing but she did not have a look since she was busy. Now she could read them.

It was already more than ten new messages, all came from Clyde.

Evelyn clapped on her forehead,” Damn it! I forget I have an appointment with Clyde today.”

She put down the chopsticks and replied the messages instantly,” Okay, I will be going there right now. Please wait me for a moment.”

Evelyn finished her lunch in hurry then she dressed up and went down the stairs.

The driver was already waiting for her. He called her when he saw she was coming out,” Mrs. Hawk!”

“Yes.” Evelyn answered. She read the time and said,” Please drive fast later. I‘m in a hurry.”

“No problem, Mrs. Hawk.”

Evelyn was a little relaxed since the driver agreed. She leaned on the back seat and had a snap.

Even though she was not going to accept Clyde’s invitation, she did not want to be unpunctual.

This was her principle being a person.

Linda called Amelia when Evelyn’s car just went out of the gate,” Miss Morgan! This is Linda.”

“Why are you calling at this time?”

Amelia seemed to be very busy there. She was talking to others while she was on the phone,” Yes, put that frame there and move this table back a little. Don’t let it block the door.”

The new company was just set up. Many office areas were rebuilding. There were a lot of works to do indoors besides the business outside.

Amelia just joined the company and she wanted to get approved by Lucas as soon as possible. She undertook nearly all the works no matter a small one or a big one.

Linda’s hand holding the phone was a little wet since she heard Amelia was busy there,” Miss Morgan, it will be too late if you do not hurry. Mrs. Hawk has went to date with another man.”

“What? Are you sure?”

A excited light flashed in Amelia’s eyes. Her squinted her almond like eyes to long thin lines.

Linda was quite sure,” Yes, I heard that by my own ears and saw her going out by my own eyes.”

“Okay, I got that. You just carry on watching.”

Amelia hung off the phone but her face was full of smile that was unable to cover.

Cater Wood just came by with a anxious face. He greeted politly when he saw Amelia,” Hello, Miss. Morgan.”

Amelia nodded her head and asked,” Where are you going ? Why are you in such a hurry?”

“Well, it was nothing.” Cater said,” Mr. Hawk is going to have a meeting with Tenglong company this afternoon and he asked me to choose a place. I’m really anxious with that since I’m not sure where to book.”

Amelia blinked her eyes, she thought in her mind,” Such a good chance I get without paying any effort.”

” The Huangjue Cafe on Nan Street was quite nice. It’s quiet there and the atmosphere there is elegant. That’s a such good place to have a conversation. You can book the place there.”

Cater was glad,” Miss. Morgan, I own you a big favor this time. I’m going to go now. Please carry on.”

Amelia nodded. She did not take out the phone and call Sophia until Cater walked far away.

“Sophia, it’s me, Amelia. My friend just told me that…Nora is dating a man at Huangjue Cafe now.”

Amelia’s tone was pretending to be hesitating,” I’m in the work now. I don’t know how to deal with that.”

Sophia had already endured the anger with her,” This Nora Davis! Amelia, you just stay in work and leave these trouble behind. I will solve them well. I will not allow her to be such free anymore.”

Sophia hung up immediately when she finished her words. It could be told that her flame of fury was burning strongly.

Amelia stared at the screen of the phone for a while when the phone had hung up. Then a cold smile was lifted on her face.

“Nora Davis, I would like to see how you are going to pretend this time.” Amelia thought in her mind.

“How long has it been? She even hooked up with Clyde Lowell.”

In the Huangjue Cafe, Evelyn reached her hand to push the door then she saw Clyde was sitting there at the first sight.

He was in a light blue suit. He was holding a coffee cup in his hand and reading the watch on the wall. It seemed that he had been wait for a long time.

Evelyn reorganized herself for a while and walked to him,” I’m so sorry to let you wait for so long.”

Clyde turned his head and looked to Evelyn since he was interrupted by the words of Evelyn,” Not at all, I have nothing busy these days.”

As Clyde was saying, he pulled out a chair for Evelyn forwardly,” Please have a seat.”

Evelyn nodded. She was just to sit and at the moment, a person pushed the door and walked in right in opposite. That was Sophia. Evelyn was suddenly stupefied.

Sophia walked to Evelyn and Clyde with big steps and queried strongly with anger,” Nora Davs, you are such a good job. How dare you dating a man behind Lucas??”

There were not too many people in the cafe. They all turned their head to there simultaneously when they heard the words.

Evelyn was froze completely.


Clyde also frowned,” Madam, are you misunderstanding?”

“Misunderstanding? She is a wife of a husband and dating a man in secrecy. What did I misunderstand?”

Sophia asked in fast and with anger.

Suddenly, some guests sat nearly all surprised. Their sights on Evelyn and Clyde were combined with a little contempt.

Evelyn clenched her hands to fists uncontrollably and tried to explain,” Mother, it’s not like what you are thinking…”

The door of the cafe was pushed open by someone when she had not finished the words.

Lucas with Amelia and a middle-aged man in suit walked in.

This middle-aged man was the client of Lucas. They talked to each other side by side. Suddenly, their sights wiped there coincidently…

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