The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 47

Evelyn wonderingly pushed the door and saw Lucas rummaging through chests and cupboards which seemed that he was finding something.

His hand was still covering his abdomen, and he seemed so anxious that he could not find the thing he needed even if he opened several drawers. The man trembled slightly.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Evelyn pushed the door open and came in without caring about something else.

As soon as she came in, she saw Lucas’s face was pale, his eyebrows were gathered together, and there was a fine sweat on his forehead, which seemed that he was too painful to say a word.

Seeing Evelyn come in, he could not help leaning on her.

“Are you suffering from a stomachache?”

Seeing his hand had been pressing on his abdomen, Evelyn asked him concernedly.

Lucas expressionlessly nodded.

“Wait for me!”

Evelyn was a little anxious, She helped him slowly get up and let him sit on the sofa. Then she hurriedly went downstairs to find some stomach medicine. She went to the kitchen and poured a cup of hot water. After that, she returned to the study room again.

Lucas was leaning weakly on the sofa.

Just for a while, his shirt had been soaked through.

Evelyn peeled the medicine off the wrapping paper,helped Lucas take it with hot water. By the way, she pulled out a small blanket from the cabinet and covered him.

After half a day, Evelyn asked, “How is it?” Are you better?”

Lucas did not speak, but held her hand more tightly.

Evelyn quietly comforted him while rubbing his stomach gently.

Her voice was very gentle and soft, which made him feel peaceful.

After a long time, Lucas got better gradually. He glanced at Evelyn who looked a little tired, and said, “I’m all right. You should go back earlier.”

His voice was hoarse, but he was in a much better condition.

Evelyn nodded and advised, “Don’t be too tired. Don’t be so busy every night and remember to take care of your health.”

She looked serious as if she would not leave if the man didn’t promise her.

Lucas nodded, “I see.”

Evelyn then returned to the room. In several minutes, Lucas also pushed the door in.

It seemed that he was much better, at least the face was normal.

Evelyn was somewhat surprised.

Lucas had been sleeping in the guest room these days. Today, he even went back to the master bedroom.

However, the master bedroom also belonged to him. Considering that more than one thing was not better than less, Evelyn was very wise to say nothing.

Lucas was also somewhat weak and weary. He took his clothes by himself and went directly to take a bath. The sound of water came into Evelyn’s ears which made her sleepless.

She just took selected one from some newly subscribed magazines and waited for Lucas Davis to rest together.

She leaned over the bed and looked, gesturing with her fingers on the clothes as if she was studying something.

Soon, Lucas came out of the bathroom.

He wore a white bath towel. His body was still wet and the water dripped from his body.

Seeing that Evelyn was still awake, Lucas rubbed his head and asked, “Have you drawn any design drawings lately?”

Evelyn nodded, “Yes! Otherwise I have nothing to do at home.”

Lucas nodded, “When you’re free, remember to show them to me.”

“OK.” Evelyn responded with great affection.

His hair had dried out and he went to bed. Seeing that, Evelyn put the magazine on the head of the bed.

Lucas reached out and turned off the bedside lamp.

Then, Evelyn felt an arm coming from behind her. The man behind her was warm. She could not help but lean back and had a good night.

It was the next morning.

When Evelyn Hawk woke up, she found that her side was empty. He raised her hand and touched the bed beside. It was cold. It seemed that Lucas had been out for a while.

Evelyn stretched herself out and sat up from the bed, put on her slippers slowly, moved to the window and drew the curtain open.

Outside the sunshine was also a bit dazzling. Evelyn leisurely wot into the bathroom.

She had finished brushing her teeth and prepared to wash her face when she heard someone knocking at the door.

“Who is it?” Evelyn went to the door and asked.

“It’s me, young lady. Madam let you go to the main house after your breakfast.” The housekeeper’s voice came in through the door.

“Is there anything in the main house?”

Evelyn hesitated for a second and asked.

Judging from her relationship with Sophia, the other party would never ask her to go to the main house for no reason at all.

In addition, the recent successive planting of booty and framing, made Evelyn really a little unwilling to meet this mother-in-law.

Not to mention, there was Amelia Morgan always at her side who often had nothing to do but trouble her all the time.

She always didn’t care such trivial things, so she was very resistant to go to the places they were staying.

“It is said that today is the day when Miss Hawk comes back from Fengcheng. Everyone eats breakfast in the main house. Your grandpa will pass by in a moment.”

The housekeeper responded outside the door.

“I see. I’ll go later.”

Evelyn responded, and a character appeared in her brain.

The so-called Miss Hawk, named Laura Hawk, was Lucas’s fourth aunt.

Grandpa had three sons and two daughters. Lucas’s father, Devin Hawk was the eldest son, then followed by two uncles, finally followed by Laura and Vivian.

Laura Hawk was only six years older than Lucas. She married a rich man in Fengcheng a few years ago.

She came back occasionally, and she had a daughter at the age of five or six years old.

However, in Evelyn’ memory, it seemed that Nora Davis had some contradictions with this aunt even if they just met with each other twice.

The reason might be that Laura Hawk’s little daughter came here to play and had damaged Nora’s thing, which made her very upset and angry at the child.

Of course, this aunt was not a woman to be trifled with.

Although Evelyn didn’t know what happened after that, she thought the aunt was another troublesome person.

It was true that the misfortune would come even if one just sit at home and do nothing.

But she must go there. She couldn’t help pressing her eyebrows helplessly.

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