The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 54

“Sorry, young master! Please forgive us. We dare not do that again. please!”

The face of two women was ghostly pale with fright suddenly.

Lucas’s forefinger moved slightly.

There was a servant putting the mat directly under the two women.

They writhed to run away.

But they were pressed hard by the other servants.

Two shrill screams almost lifted the roof off.

Watching the big cold sweat falling on the forehead,

Lucas slightly shook the hand crossed in the front: “OK, now could you tell me who ordered it?”

The two housemaids were frightened, and didn’t dare to hide…

One of them said, “It’s the young lady… She made us do it!”

The other hastened to agree.

Lucas narrowed his eyes dangerously and said sharply, “What evidence is there for this? You know what happens if you lie?”

“Well……” The two maids shivered and hesitated.

“Say it!”

The two women almost fell to the ground in horror at the sharp shout.

“No… No, it’s… “

One of them was about to change her words when he heard a familiar voice come in from “Lucas!”

Amelia came in with great anxiety.

She had just been afraid that the maids would blow the whistle on her.

And she was anxious to find out.

Who knew that she just ran into this scene.

“What are you doing here?”

Lucas was obviously in a bad mood and his tone was not very good.

The heart of Amelia shivered, and she answered calmly: “I… Come and have a look, who is so bold, how dare she treat Nora… “

As she spoke, her eyes glared over the two maids on the floor.

For a moment, a sharp threat flitted through the eye.

The two maids trembled again and said: “… Is it really… It was the young lady who ordered us!”

Lucas was angry now.

“Lucas, don’t be angry. Dismissed the two servants who are ignorant and don’t be serious to them.”

Amelia advised on the side, like a good girl who was educated and reasonable.

He turned to his head and looked at her coldly. “I’m interrogating them. What’s wrong with you?”

His tone was distinctly angry and unfriendly.

Amelia stagnated, and apologized: “Sorry, I shouldn’t do that.”

And then she took out two cans of ointments, talked with slight grievance: “I have heard that Nora was hurt very badly… so, I got this ointment in an old Chinese medicine doctor. It works well for trauma. If you don’t mind, you can give it a try.”

Lucas was expressionless, “OK, you can put it down and leave.”

Amelia was choked, glancing at the two servants, said tentatively, “How about them? “

“ I’ll deal with!”

He had a slight impatience in his voice that he did not want to say much to her.

The hand of Amelia which put on the side can not help but clench, her heart was sharply pain, but she had to pretend to be gentle and said: “OK,… I’m going to leave now.”

After that, she turned and walked away.

Before she left, she gave the maids a sharp warning.

Her eyes were full of warning, which made the two maids trembled with fear.

After Amelia walked out, Lucas raised his head and rubbed his forehead, “Housekeeper!”

“Yes, young master!” The butler hurried up from the door.

“Send them away and never back again.”

The butler replied: “Yes!”

They were taken away very quickly. So he began to go to the direction of stair.

As he walked, his eyes occasionally glanced at the two bottles of salves which Amelia had sent, but he just glanced away and ignored.

There was no intention of using.

In the capacious bedchamber, the silk quilt of cream-colored, and the tail flag of numerous grain of sky blue made the whole big bed noble and comfortable.

When he opened the door, he found Evelyn sitting on the bed.

At the moment, her brow was furrowed, and she was applying ointment to her knee.

The trousers were pulled up. The white and delicate leg was naked and there was purple on her knee.

Lucas’s brows twisted, and he slowly walked past, and took the ointment from her hands.

Evelyn was startled, “What happened?”

He sat down beside her and said, “Don’t move!”

Evelyn slightly shocked, “Well, No, I can do it by myself!”

She stretched out her hand to grab back plaster, but she was blocked back by Lucas.

“Let me do it.”

His tone was serious but incontrovertible.

Therefore Evelyn had to withdraw her hand, quietly watching him squeeze a little out of the ointment, and carefully daubed in her knee.

His movements were very gentle, and his eyelashes twinkled, which seems to touch her heart.

The feeling that skin touching made her double cheek unconsciously burning.

After a while, the ointment was finished covering her knee.

Lucas put away the bottle of medicine, and told to her softly: “You shouldn’t get out of bed ot touch water there days.”

His voice was low and husky, and there was an indescribable warmth in it.

Evelyn nodded: “Thank you.” Then, the ringtone rang.

He took the mobile phone from the pocket and found it’s the company’s call. So he took the phone to go out.

Evelyn just took a breath, but…… Her phone rang as well.

Seeing the words John Davis flashing on her phone, she could not help frowning. There was vaguely disgust in her heart so she didn’t pick it up immediately.

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