The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 55

However, John Davis didn’t give up and kept calling her.

Evelyn answered the phone with impatience, “If I remember correctly, it’s not time to meet, and…”

She paused, “Thanks to your daughter, I’m injured right now!”

John Davis asked nothing about her injury. He said in a very bad tone, “I call you not for meeting.”

“Then what’s wrong with?”

He would never contacted her if there was something good happening. So Evelyn had been prepared for that.

“Recently, I’m going to set up a dyeing factory. You can mention that to Lucas that if his company need cloths when designing clothes in the future, they can import the cloths from our factory.”

Hearing that, Evelyn only felt extremely ironic.

Obviously, she mentioned her injury voluntarily, but without a word of concern, he just directly put forward such a ludicrous request.

He was really greedy and rapacious.

Evelyn raised the corner of her mouth and sneered, then she directly refused, “No way! Last time when you want to get the shares, I have left a bad impression on Lucas. This time, don’t imagine to get any benefit from him.”

“It’s just cooperation, and I will not get any benefit from him!”

Hearing John Davis’ angry voice, Evelyn smiled more coldly.

If that was not the benefit, what would be it?

“Anyway, it’s impossible, it’s impossible.”

She kept a firm attitude.


Even though they were just talking on the phone, she still could feel John Davis was angry but she didn’t change her mind at all.

Suddenly, John Davis laughed, perhaps because he was extremely angry.

Evelyn could not help frowning, and she felt a little frightened.

“Don’t forget that you must submit to me now!”

It was obvious she was threatened by these words.

Suddenly, being angry, she clenched her fists tightly, then loosened, took a deep breath, and she said, “I know”. Then she hung up.

She threw her cell phone aside, leaned back against the bed and raised her head, with beautiful little face filled with distress.

This time, how should she mention that to Lucas?

And how would he react to that?


Or bored?

Once thinking that he would be bored of her, Evelyn was inexplicably irritated. She couldn’t help scolding John Davis.

Lucas went out to answer the phone and never came back until the dinner.

Seeing that Lucas came into the room with a tray, Evelyn was quite surprised.

Lucas laid down the plate calmly.

Evelyn regained her consciousness and asked, “Why it is you who bring it here?”

Lucas didn’t explain much, but said simply, “Eat your meal while it’s still hot.”

Since he did not say the reason, Evelyn did not ask any more questions. She picked the meal up, lowered her head and ate it.

Lucas looked at her quietly, with a pair of eyes as deep as a pool, in which there was no any emotional change.

This time, what happened to her was caused because of his mother’s fault. Anyway, it was his mother who owed her.

So what he could do was to compensate her on the behalf of his mother.

His eyes really could not be ignored.

Evelyn bit the chopsticks and looked hesitated.

Suddenly, she raised her head, and unexpectedly looked at his deep eyes, which seemingly made her heartbeat pause.

Move her eyes away in panic, she felt uncomfortable and asked, “Did you eat dinner? If you don’t eat, go downstairs and eat.”

If he continued to stare at her, she would not eat a meal at free and ease.

Her eyes flickered, but she did not dare to look at him. Lucas slightly smiled and asked softly, “What’s wrong with your legs?”

His voice was gentle, like the gentle wind in spring passing through her which made her heart chaotic.

She restrained herself, raised her lips, smiled and said, “Fin. It’s not very painful.”

Looking at her innocent appearance, Lucas thought that her mother was extremely wrong.

He showed a smile and said, “You have a good rest these days. You don’t have to worry about anything. I’m here.”

Evelyn was somewhat moved when she heard the words “I am here”.

She had taken all the responsibilities and faced all difficulties by herself for so many years. Now someone said these words to her, how could she not be moved?

Unfortunately, he was Nora’ husband.

Evelyn ignored the disappointment in her inner heart, and smiled, “well, I know. I will take good care of myself these days, just like a pig.”

Lucas couldn’t help laughing, even his eyebrows were tinged with a sense of happiness.

When she finished eating, Lucas went downstairs for dinner.

The room was large, but she didn’t feel it was empty before. Now when Lucas left, she felt lonely.

Inexplicably, she felt a little sad.

Evelyn couldn’t help laughing and whispered, “Does a human become sentimental when she or he was hurt?”

Soon, Lucas went back.

“Why so fast?” Evelyn was surprised.

He finished his meal in less than ten minutes?

“I am not hungry.”

Lucas approached her and said, “I’m in my study room. You can call my name if you need me”

Evelyn nodded, “Oh.”

Although she promised, how could she be ashamed to trouble him?

Later, Evelyn planed to take a bath.

Although the doctor had ordered that the wound could not touch water for the time being, but she had always been enjoying neat and tidy so that she really couldn’t stand not bathing for a day.

As soon as she bent her knees, she would feel painful on the wound. So she stretched her legs, slowly got up, held the cabinet beside and tried to stand up.

As soon as she stepped on the floor, there was a pain on the knees.

She was so painful that she fell down to the ground. Fortunately, the floor was covered with a soft carpet, or she would have been disabled.

But as she fell down, there was some noise coming out.

Evelyn tried to get up from the ground, but once she moved, she felt painful on her knees.

She couldn’t help being frustrated, lowered her head and didn’t know what she should do.

Suddenly, with a bang, the door was smashed into by someone from outside.

Evelyn quickly turned her head and saw the long figure of Lucas at the first glance.

She didn’t know why the grievance in her heart burst out like a flood and she burst into tears, as soon as she saw him.

She quickly bit her lips, controlled herself not to cry, and watched him approaching in shock.

Lucas stopped in front of her. A pair of beautiful eyebrows wrinkled fiercely, “What are you doing?”

He heard a “bang” in his study room and immediately put his work aside and came here.

Seeing her helplessly sitting on the ground, he felt very painful.

Hadn’t he told her that she could call his name if she had something wrong with her?

He was inexplicably angry and he looked grim.

Facing his questioning, Evelyn was even more aggrieved.

“I… I just want to take a shower. I don’t expect that I will fall down.”

There was a weeping accent in her voice.

Seeing that she lowered her head and was aggrieved, Lucas sighed helplessly.

Then he squatted down and held her up.

Evelyn was shocked and said hurriedly, “I can do that by myself.”

“You can do it by yourself?” Lucas glanced at her coldly, “If you could, you would not sit on the ground.”

Evelyn was silent.

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