The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 56

Seeing her silent, Lucas took her to the bathroom.

She was enveloped in the clear and cool breath of his body. Evelyn’s hands clasped his neck tightly, she who lowered her head was too shy to look at him.

Near the her ear was the sound of his steady heart beat, it like hitting her heart one by one, Her heart beat very fast.

Lucas put her down gently and let her sit on the edge of the bathtub, then he reached out to unbutton her shirt.

Evelyn was so frightened that she stopped him, “I’ll do it.”

Seeing that she looked on guard against him,Lucas could not help laughing,”Where on your body have I never seen?”

Hearing that, Evelyn’s little face turned red in an instant and she answered shyly and angrily: “It is different.”

“Where is it different?” he asked solemnly.

“It’s……”Evelyn raised her head to answer, but when she looked at his eyes with smile, she swallowed her words back and changed her mind: “You go out, I’ll do it myself.”

Lucas raised his dashing eyebrows,”Well?Burn the bridge after crossing it?”

“Where do I have burning the bridge after crossing it?”

Evelyn stared at him with dissatisfaction.

This was his initiative to help, she didn’t ask for it.What is burning the bridge after crossing it?

Lucas looked at her quietly for a while, then turned around, “I am outside, calling me when something happens.”

After that, he strode out and closed the door intimately.

Evelyn stretched her neck, watched the door close and sighed with a long breath.

Fortunately, he did not insist, otherwise she really did not know what to do.

Thinking of he was outside, she had no intention of taking a good bath. With the pain of the wound, so she took a bath casually, then she changed into a nightdress and slowly moved out with holding the wall.

Lucas sat on the edge of the bed and saw the bathroom door open, he immediately got up and went to help her.

“Thank you.”

Evelyn turned her head to smile at him.

Lucas’s between the eyebrows moved and said lightly: “We are couple. Don’t be so polite to me.”

He took her to the bed to sit down and saw her swollen knee that glowed blue at a glance,his dashing eyebrows couldn’t help frowning.

The injury looked very painful.

But she was still like nothing,she was too tough after all.

A little pity grew in his heart, he picked up the ointment on the bedside table and squatted down.

Seeing this, she was shocked and stopped him in a hurry, “No, I can do by myself.”

You do it yourself again?!

Lucas looked up with some annoyance.

Evelyn’s nightdress neckline was a little low, she leaned forward to stop him.

As he looked up, he saw the snow-white on her chest and his eyes couldn’t help darkening.

“It is okay that I wipe the medicine myself.”

Evelyn didn’t notice something was wrong with him and grabbed the ointment in his hand.

She thought he would be unwilling, but she grabbed the ointment with ease.

With thin eyebrows frowned slightly, Evelyn looked at him, she only noticed his sight at this moment.

She looked down and followed his sight to see, she suddenly found that her breast had long been seen.She was so shocked that quickly tightened her neckline and her face became blushed.

Lucas regained his mind and saw her action, he squinted. He immediately took the ointment back calmly. He began to wipe the medicine for her directly without waiting for her to respond.

Evelyn bit her lower lip shyly and angrily. Why was he so domineering?

He looked up after wiping the medicine, just looked up at her clean and beautiful eyes, his heart could not help but quiver. The picture he had just seen flashed through his mind,he suddenly got up and pushed her over the bed.


As soon as Evelyn opened her mouth, she was blocked by his hot lips and tongue.

The rampant plunder left Evelyn have no power to fight and soon indulged in his offensive.

If it was not that she suddenly made a sound from her painful wound

pulled his reason back in time,they would did the last step.

“Go to bed early.”

Throwing down this sentence, Lucas hurriedly left, leaving her alone in bed,she had not regained her mind for a long time.

That night, Lucas slept in the study.

Evelyn had wanted to use sleeping time to mention what John Davis told her, but now she had to find another chance.

Early the next morning, Lucas went to the company.

After having breakfast, Evelyn stayed in the room and drew the design drawings.

At noon, she put down her pen and frowned her thin eyebrows slightly. She was hungry.

She turned her head to look at the electronic clock on the bedside table,

which was over twelve o’clock.

But she did not see the servants bring the food up for a long time.

She had a meal on time every day in the past few days, how could it be late today?

Had they forgotten her injured?

In despair, she could only slowly move her legs to go downstairs.

“Why hasn’t meal been served so late today?” She grabbed a servant to ask.

“Miss Vivian came over in the morning. She disliked the dishes cooked by the chef, quit the chef and said she would find another one.”

Evelyn could not help laughing after listening to the servant’s words.

There was nothing about the dishes cooked by the chef were terrible,

it was clearly aimed at her intentionally. Vivian Hawk didn’t want to make her live better.

No chef so that she couldn’t eat hot dishes and meals,so she had to find milk and bread from the refrigerator.

It’s the only way to spend noon.

But she didn’t expect that at night, the chef that Vivian Hawk had wanted to change was not in place.

“What actually happened?Does Miss Vivian have anything to say?”

Evelyn asked a servant with frowning.

The servant’s face was full of embarrassment,”Mrs.Davis, I also don’t know. If you’re hungry, why don’t you order a takeout?”

“Don’t need.”

Evelyn refused the good intentions of the servant, “I cook by myself.”

She didn’t believe Vivian Hawk could starve her to death.

When Lucas returned home, he was going to go straightly upstairs to see Evelyn, but he didn’t expect that the person who should rest upstairs would appear in the kitchen.

And she was cooking by herself.

He suddenly became angry, strode over and grabbed her hand, “What are you doing?”

Evelyn was shocked by him and turned her head to see his wrathy look, she could not help feeling angry. She pulled back her hand and hummed angrily, “Stir-fry! Didn’t you see that yourself?”

Lucas squinted,”I asked you why you were cooking? Where is the chef?”

“The chef was quit.”Evelyn pouted her lips.

Was quit?

Lucas frowned and knew what was going on after asking, he suddenly became furious and scolded all the servants in the villa severely.

“I spend money hiring you in order to invite you to play as decorations?Can’t you cook? Must Mrs. Davis cook by herself?”

The servants bowed their heads, shivering and daring not make a sound.

In a rage, Lucas fired all the servants.

This matter was quickly passed to Vivian Hawk and Sophia.

Sophia’s face suddenly turned bad after listening to the servants’ reports.That Nora really had a way!

Vivian Hawk was shocked that her nephew could do that to this extent for that woman. Although she was very angry, she couldn’t do anything more.

Lucas contacted Cater Wood and asked the other party to quickly find a chef.

Evelyn felt that she was not so finicky, it was just cooking a meal and stir-fry, she could still do them.

But when she watched him teach the servants a lesson and look for the chef, she suddenly realized that he was not as indifferent as she had imagined.

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