The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 58

Evelyn frowned, and she heard the harsh and shrill screams before she could respond.


She saw that Amelia scratched her forehead with the blood dropping down.

Suddenly, all the people around were screaming in shock.

Seeing that, Evelyn looked solemn but casual as before.

She did not expect that she was so powerful that Amelia not only fell down, but also was hurt.

Before she could take some actions, the maid of Amelia outside the door who had heard the screams, rushed in hurriedly.

When she saw Amelia who was injured and was sitting on the ground, she pointed at Evelyn angrily and said, “Young hostess, how can you beat Miss Morgan?”

Evelyn frowned and was about to explain, but before she could say a word, she was interrupted by Amelia.

“Clara, stop. She didn’t mean it.”

Hearing her words, Clara took a breath and said, “Miss Morgan, you are bleeding.”

Evelyn listened to their conversation, pursing her lips.

She naturally knew that it was not sincere for Amelia to help her at this time. She might have other plans.

But it was an indisputable fact that she was injured because of her. Anyway, she had to deal with this matter well.

“Is it useful to say that now? Since you know that Miss Morgan is injured and bleeding, why don’t you take the medical bag here and bind up her wound hurriedly?”

She glanced at Clara and said coldly.

Clara subconsciously obeyed the orders, but was secretly held by Amelia.

“No, I’ll go back and bind up it by myself.”

As she said, she did not forget to make eye contacts with Clara.

Clara understood her meaning, and immediately sneered, “It is true that you beat Miss Morgan first and then you pretend to be worried about her wound and let me bind up the wound quickly. But Miss dare not accept your kindness. Miss Morgan, let’s go.”

She helped Amelia to leave away.

As they left, the servants in the courtyard whispered.

“It seems that this young hostess has a bed temper. We should be careful in the future.”

“You are right. Well, originally, I think I have found a good master.”

“It is really true that earning money in such a rich family is not so easy. I hope that the future will be better, or I have to find a new job.”

Hearing their words, Evelyn looked upset.

A moment ago, she had thought that the reason for Amelia to pretend to be weak was that she had other plans. Now when she heard these words, she realized what was her other plans

She wanted to destroy her image in front of the new servants.

Thinking that, she glanced at the careful servants in front of her.

Perceiving her eyes, the servants, one by one, were too frightened to breathe and they all looked submissive.

“Okay, you can go to your own posts according to the arrangement just now. Now you can leave here and do your own business.”

As a result, the servants left the yard like birds and beasts. Seeing that, Evelyn was uncomfortable but she said nothing and turned around to return her room.

At this time, Amelia had come back to her room and Clara was binding up her wound.

Stimulated by alcohol, she was too painful to take a deep breath.

“Miss Morgan, why didn’t you let me blame her just now but suffered the pain?”

Looking at her grinning her teeth to tolerate the pain, Clara was distressed, but also full of puzzlement.

“You don’t understand that. Clean up the wound.”

Amelia looked at Clara with her angry eyes.

She couldn’t let Evelyn, the bitch, go. It was just because she had learned a lesson from the experience before.

Just now, if she had made a scene, Evelyn, that bitch would just be scolded but not suffer any pain.

She had planned that since Lucas stuck up for the bitch at any time, she would slowly ruin Lucas’ protection for the bitch.

If only once didn’t work, She would try one more time. As time went by, Lucas, finally, couldn’t stand it and have doubts about her.

Thinking that, she warned again, “Don’t wipe the bloodstains too clean.”

She said, with her shrewd eyes twinkling, and then told Clara something else.

“Miss Morgan, you are so wise.”

Knowing Amelia’s plan, Clara adjusted herself to her requests while flattering.

At noon, Amelia went to the main house to accompany Sophia for lunch.

As soon as she entered the dinning hall, Sophia noticed the bruise on her forehead and exclaimed, “Amelia, how did you get hurt? Why didn’t anyone tell me about it?”

“It was only a minor injury. There is no need to tell you.”

Amelia casually said as if she didn’t care about the wound at all.

Hearing that, Clara muttered behind her.

“Miss Morgan, it is not the minor injury. You forgot how much blood you bled in the afternoon. Why do you still shield young hostess.”

Originally, Sophia was concerned about Amelia, and when she heard that Evelyn was related to Amelia’s injury, she immediately raised a question with a stern voice.

“What the hell is going on, you say?”

Hearing her words, she hastened to tell the whole process of the matter exaggeratedly.

“Evelyn really believes that with Lucas’ protection, she can not be afraid of nothing and can be absolutely lawless?”

Knowing the whole process, Sophia was extremely angry, “Today I have to teach her a lesson!”

Finished speaking, she was going to find Evelyn.

Seeing that, Amelia quickly pulled her.

“Please don’t do that, Sophia. If you make a scene, the situation for Lucas will be embarrassing.”

Hearing that, Sophia stared at her angrily.

“You have been like this. You needn’t be worried about Lucas.”

Amelia pretended to be charming and shy and then said, “I am not worried about Lucas. I am just afraid that if you become irritated with Lucas because of Evelyn, it will destroy your relationship with Lucas.”

Hearing her words, Sophia was moved and felt warm. .

But she would not let Evelyn go.

“Otherwise, I’ll let Lucas come back to make clear the fact and look at yur wound in case that he always thinks that it was we who bully Evelyn. And, in this way, I can reclaim the justice for you. Anyway, you can’t get hurt in vain.”

She said, waving to the housekeeper to hand over the cell phone.

In a minute, the phone was dialed.

“Lucas, come back right now!”

Hearing that, Lucas frowned slightly and said, “What happened? I have a meeting in a minute.”

Hearing what he said, she immediately complained.

“Evelyn beat Amelia who was injured seriously. I want you to come back right now, otherwise you don’t blame me for settling with her by myself.”

Lucas frowned and wondered why the two women had fought against with each other again.

“I see.”

He promised, hung up immediately, picked up the car key on the table and left.

Before leaving, he did not forget to tell the assistant beside him, “I have something to deal with so I will leave here for a while. Inform others that the meeting will be delayed.”

Finishing speaking, he had disappeared from the elevator room.

Within half an hour, he returned to his home.

“Young Master.”

The servants saw him and greeted him respectfully.

Lucas inquired where Evelyn was, and went straight to find her.

At this time, Evelyn was eating in the dinning hall. Hearing the sound which came out behind her, she turned around in surprise.

“Why do you come back?”

She looked at the cold man behind her with her eyes full of puzzlement.

At this time, shouldn’t he be in the company?

Seeing that she was surprised, his eyes flickering, He said coldly, “Mother tell me come back and she said that you beat Amelia. What’s the matter?”

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