The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 59

Evelyn heard this, she has guessed his intention to come back.

She just was afraid when Amelia left, ran to complain with Sophia, and Sophia because of the previous thing,so let him come back to deal with it.

Glancing at the man in front of her, she said quietly, “what did mom tell you?”

“She says you hit Amelia .”

Lucas responded to her.

Evelyn listened, chuckled at him.

“Do you believe it?”

Lucas saw her, frowning slightly.

“I need the truth.”

He said, coldly looking at Evelyn, but he made Evelyn felt startling.

She had thought that the man was listening to their complaints and went to blame her.

For a moment, she felt something strange, but she ignored it.

“The truth is that Amelia tried to hit me, but I blocked her with my hand, so she fells down and hits her forehead.”

She spoke calmly about what had happened.

After Lucas listening, he frowned, and his expressionless made others feel unpredictable.

Whether he believed or not?

Evelyn didn’t understand, thought he didn’t believe, pointing to the servants waiting beside him and said: “if you don’t believe, you can ask them, they were all present.”

Lucas looked at the direction of her finger, seeing a few servants awkwardly stood beside.

“Tell me, what happened?”

He optionally pointed to a servant and asked.

That servant saw the situation, strongly endured the nervousness in his heart, explained: “In fact madam gives us assignment of work, who know that young lady come over and directly replace madam to instigate us, later they produce quarrel again, and she wants to hit madam, fortunately madam blocks off.”

After he heard this without a word, his eyes looked at the servants.

The servant had pins and needles in his scalp, his legs and belly was trembling unceasingly.

“Master, I told the truth, and I was not alone at that moment.”

When he saw that, he glanced over the others.

The men repeated what others said.

“All right, you can go down.”

After listening to their narration, he waved them off.

With the servant leaving, the restaurant just only left him and Evelyn.

Evelyn sat in chair, waiting for his next arrangement.

Who knows, he went on eating after he said and turned away.

Evelyn looked at the direction of he left,guessed he should be go to the main house.

She thought about it, but instead of following, she waited in the dining room.

After Lucas left, he went directly to find Sophia.

“Lucas .”

Amelia was the first one to discover the arrival of Lucas.

At this time, the wound on her forehead has been bandaged, with her acting skills, it seemed to be pathetic. Let a person want to embrace her into his arms and mercilessly cherish her.

Unfortunately Lucas was not an ordinary person.

He only glanced coldly, then withdrew his gaze.


“He greeted to Sophia.

Sophia got the news that he came back, seeing only him alone come over at this time, suddenly discontentedly frown.

“How did you come over alone, where is Nora? Or is she afraid to come?”

Lucas heard this and frowned.

“I’ve learned what happened. Nora didn’t hit anyone. She didn’t do it on purpose.”

After Sophia heard this , she was startling, immediately dissatisfied reproached: “how can you believe one side of her words? That woman is always full of lies, and how could she be wronged by Amelia?”

Lucas heard this, his face changed.

He glanced at Amelia beside him and chuckled, “who said I was biased? I asked all the servants there.”

Sophia listened to this and felt more unsatisfactorily.

“Those servants are your people, naturally to help her, I don’t care this matter, you must give me an explanation. Girls always pay attention to their appearance, if her face scar, you have to give responsibility!”

Amelia heard this, her eyes flash over the joy, excited to see Lucas.

This was a pleasant surprise.

She had meant to let Sophia kill the love of Lucas for Nora that bitch . She didn’t know Sophia did it so well.

Lucas knew what the meaning of responsibility of mother said, and he said unbearably: “the servants are on my right side, but they are not the first day here, if you must say Nora hit Amelia, then I just only can say it’s she asked for it.”

He said, with a cold glance at Amelia .

“Those servants are I find to let Nora order, I didn’t think it’s not she order, but Amelia. This should have been Amelia’s wrong, then they had a quarrel, it also Amelia firstly caused, she injured just was an accident, who let her want to beat others!”

After listening to this, Amelia’s complexion slightly changed.

“Lucas , I didn’t do it!”

Her double eye were full of tears seeing to Lucas, her head shook just like a heel rattle-drum.

Lucas paid no attention to her, and directly looked at Sophia.

Of course, Sophia didn’t believe what he said.

After all, Nora had a criminal record, compared to Amelia who is always well-behaved in front of her, she naturally believed Amelia.

“Lucas, what enchanted medicine that woman exactly gave you , let you so maintain her. Even my words, you dare to disobedient!”

She snapped in disbelief.

Amelia heard this , also hurriedly explained.

“Lucas, I don’t mean to take the place of her, I just help her because she doesn’t know anything. Who knows Nora would unsatisfied.I didn’t expect you to be upset.”

Lucas got restless by their words, but also didn’t want to dispute with his mother.

“I don’t care whether you intentional or not, this matter was exposed, later without my permission, you needn’t go over there, I don’t have so much time to deal with your these matters.”

“He said, looked toward Sophia:” later I will talk to Nora try not to conflict with you. Today’s matter, I take her to apologize.

After he said this, also didn’t give the opportunity of they retorted. He throw down a words that he has a meeting, then straight turned to leave.

Sophia looked at his back as he left, felt very angry.

Amelia’s face was also depressed, she didn’t understand why Lucas guarded Nora that bitch so much!

They are angry, but didn’t know Lucas not fully believed Evelyn’s words.

When he left, he also ordered his housekeeper to keep an eye on Evelyn and told him everything she did.

Of course these things, Evelyn also didn’t know.

She was sitting in the living room, ready for steal with the trouble.

Who knows, she waited for a long time, she didn’t see Lucas come back.

She stretched out her neck and looked out the door.

Just then a servant came in from the outside, and seeing her actions, ventured forward with a twinkle in his eye.

“Madam, you needn’t wait for the young master, he has left the main house and seems to be having a bad time with the other side.”

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