The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 60

Evelyn heard this, subconsciously turned her head, and recognized the servant at beside just was the one who answered Lucas Davis’s question.

She looked at the servant in front of her, and read what she was thinking, raised her eyebrows and said “what’s your name?”

“Mrs. Davis, I’m Cindy.”

Cindy replied her smartly.

Evelyn nodded, waved her going out. Soon, she sat on the sofa alone as if she was thinking.

Although Lucas left, but Evelyn know this thing can’t be over.

And it is.

At the side of the main yard, Amelia’s jealous in her heart crazily grew because of Lucas’s defense of Evelyn.

Certainly ,It’s that mean woman used some flattering ways, puzzled Lucas brother. Otherwise how Lucas brother would like to care about her, even he violated Sophia’s words!

She thought about it, and she anxiously wanted to tear Nora’s enchanting face, seeing what can she afford to seduce a man.

But the impulse was deeply repressed by her.

Now Sophia was still around, she can’t break the image she has been shaping.

Therefore, her clenched her hands, she hated Evelyn so much, but she didn’t forget to comfort Sophia.

“Sophia, don’t be angry with brother Lucas.”

Sophia heard this, was satisfied with her intelligence, guiltily said: “I am not angry, just you, you are wronged.”

“There was no grievance , just for Lucas brother, I am willing to do anything, afraid Lucas brother don’t understand our pains.”

Amelia pretended to be sensible, then pointed the thing that Lucas safeguard Evelyn.

After Sophia heard this, her face suddenly changed.

“I’ll think about it.”

Amelia heard this, her eyes full of light.

These calculations, Evelyn didn’t know.

She sat down in the living room for a moment and went back home and continued drawing.

Anyway, Lucas helped her about today’s matter.

There was not anything she could give back at this moment. These design drawing were just what he needed. She drew a little more, it was all right.

So she spent the whole afternoon painting in her room, and the result was very remarkable.

She looked at the design in her hand with satisfaction in her eyes.

Waiting until the evening, Lucas came back from working for dinner, she gave these blueprints to him.

“Lucas, these are my design drawings. I draw them at this afternoon. Can you use it?”

Lucas heard this, took over the design up.

As he turned it, his eyes glistened with wonder.

He had to say, Evelyn was really talented in terms of fashion design.

On the drawings, each piece of design seems to be a few strokes, but in details, it is particularly eye-catching, especially the notes beside it, indicating what kind of cloth covers and decoration, it is not difficult to remind the finished product.

And the design style was also very innovative. It would be fair to call this as a master class.

Even so, his face was still pale.

He hadn’t forgotten how Evelyn got this job.

In case she wanted more, he pretended to calmly put down the design and justly said, “well done. Keep up the good work.”

Evelyn didn’t know his mind, seeing he didn’t point out the any problem, thinking these paintings can be used, so she suddenly relieved.

“Well, I’ll keep trying.”

She smiled in response.

Lucas looked at the smile on her face,his eyes flashed, immediately said: “well, I have transferred the shares, the new company also set up, you go to the company to report tomorrow.

Evelyn’s feeling heard these, felt startling, then nodded and said: “I know it.”

She said, then remembered about the thing at noon and added,” well, about noon, thanks for helping me.”

Lucas heard this, the action on his hand paused.

“I’m not helping you. I’m just helping the truth.”

He said, lightly glimpsed Evelyn continuing said:” and, after all my mother is your elders, temper yourself next time.

Evelyn was shocked, then her reaction came over, her eyes flashed complicatedly, but there was no refutation.

“I know.”

After she said, her red lips closed and her eyes self-deprecating.

It was obvious that she was self-sentimental.

She thought Lucas helped her at noon, it’s completely out of the maintenance to her. Now she just helped reason not for her.

But this was good, at least if there have something, someone can say something about justice, she wouldn’t be isolated.

She thought the thing that John confessed to her , hesitating for a time .

Clearly this was not a good time to talk.

Lucas was disaffected to her, if she put forward again, didn’t know how this man think her.

She was afraid he will even more tired of her.

Thinking of this, she held back her words and ate quietly.

After the meal, Lucas also didn’t say anything, went to the study processing official business directly.

Evelyn watched his figure disappear in the corridor, just got up and returned to the room.

Back in the room, she took out her cell phone and contacted John.

John received her call, thought she has successfully done what he confessed , can not wait to pick up.

“Is it done?

The words were full of excitement.

Evelyn listened, her eyes full of ridicule.

This was her good father, who never thought of her situation, but only of the profit.

She lowered her eyes and said coldly, “I haven’t said anything yet. I’m just calling to tell you that this isn’t a good time to bring it up until I get into the company.”

John heard this, the smile on his face immediately astringed, became into dissatisfaction.

“What is the good time? I think it’s an excuse for your own disadvantage. You must do it for me as soon as possible.”

He stopped talking, he also didn’t give Evelyn the opportunity to open her mouth again, hung up the phone directly.

Evelyn looked at the hanging up of the phone, tightly clenched her lips, and then put the phone aside, didn’t intend to ignore his words, lying on the bed and ready to rest.

The next day, Evelyn got up early to prepare because she would report to the company.

The injury of the leg was better at home these days.

But Nore Davis didn’t have capable business attire, so she only can choose a concise dress, draw some simple make-up, just went to downstairs.

At downstairs, Lucas saw Evelyn didn’t have capable business attire, his eyes flashed the light.

He found the woman in front of him always gave him a new feeling.

Evelyn didn’t discover the difference in his eyes, saw him staring at himself all the time, she nodded, and then sat at the table eating.

Neither of them spoke during the meal.

Until the end of the meal, Evelyn was ready to leave and went to the company, Lucas stopped her.

“Today I will drive you there to show you the way. From now on, I will let the chauffeur pick you up, or you can drive yourself.”

Evelyn nodded, said she know it.

Lucas saw her, and then thought of something, continued: “and, later into the company, you and I pretend not to know each other.”

He said, had been staring at Evelyn, worried that she would not be happy.

Who knows ,Evelyn didn’t object to his words and thought his words were very right.

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