The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 64

In the room, Evelyn was bathing comfortably but there was someone knocking on the door outside.

Before she could respond, she heard footsteps in the room and Lucy ‘s voice came in.

“Young lady, madam let you go to the main courtyard.”

When Evelyn heard this, she unconsciously felt that it would not be good.

she was very dissatisfied that Lucy did not wait for her response, she went directly into the room. .

She sneered at the corners of her mouth and responded perfunctorily, “I see, you go first, I’ll be there in a minute.”

She said, but there was no movement at all.

Lucy did not leave.

She looked at the door of the bathroom and answered, “Young lady, madam, let me wait for you.”

Evelyn heard what she said and understood what she meant. She couldn’t help flirting her eyebrows.

“Sorry! Maybe Aunt Lucy has to wait a long time, I haven’t washed yet.”

Aunt Lucy said indifferently, “No problem, I can wait for the young lady.”

Evelyn saw the situation, and her eyes flashed with sarcasm.

“In that case, Aunt Wang will just wait.”

She said, swinging the water to wash and rinse, gently and slowly, without any hurry.

Lucy waited outside the door for a long time. She saw the sound of water in the bathroom, which seemed to have no end, then her eyebrows frowned.

Instead of urging again, she left directly.

“Lucy, why have you been there so long?”

Mrs. Davis met Lucy in the living room that she arrived so late which made her dissatisfied and inquired.

Then she found that only Lucy came back alone. She raised her eyebrows and murmured, “What about Nora? Didn’t I let you to let her come her?”

“I’ve called young lady to come as Madam you told me, but she was washing. She told me she will came here later “

She said, but just talked briefly about what Nora said that Sophia was even more angry.

She just wanted to delay or refuse. The bitch woman just gave her no face.

Amelia also incited fire nearby, so that Sophia made up her mind. After a while, when Nora came, she had to teach her a good lesson.

Didn’t know how long it took Evelyn to walk slowly to the main courtyard.

She scanned the living room and saw that Amelia was also there, frowning slightly. She put her eyes on the gloomy Mrs. Hawk.

“Is there anything need me to do Mom?”

Mrs. Hawk looked at her and said, “Nora, it’s not easy to wait for you! You can ignore me your MOM, because of Lucas’s supports right?”

Evelyn knew that she was angry because she was procrastinating. Her eyes were not in a hurry and she said, “Mom, you misunderstood me. I was taking a bath with medicine at that time. You also know that my knee was injured before, and the doctor advised me to take good care of it.”

When Mrs. Hawk heard this, she knew it was her excuse, but she couldn’t refute it. She was choked with breath.

“Okay, I won’t bother you about this. Let’s talk about something else.”

She took a deep breath, looked back at Evelyn and murmured, “I heard that you have caused a lot of trouble to Lucas in the company today. Although you are the young hostess of Hawk, your identity is different when you go to the company. The company handles business. You can’t have any nepotism, understand?” In the future, you have got to abide by the rules. If you let me know that you go to trouble Lucas, you have to get back…

Evelyn was almost laughed at after listening to this remark.

She turned her beautiful eyes and looked at Amelia. She was speechless to the utmost.

That woman was a real villain to tell first.

Amelia seemed to be aware of her vision and glanced back at the past with pride.

Evelyn saw the situation. She kept a faint smile on her face.

“Mom, I certainly know that company is for the business, but there are still some things that some people forget to tell you.”

She said, pointing to Amelia.

Amelia’s intuition was not good when she heard the words. She listens to Nora telling her hidden part of the truth.

“Mom, you know, Lucas let me go to the company to help design the finished products, not to run errands. Besides, I didn’t go to find Lucas specifically. I just met Lucas in the elevator when I was preparing to go out. He was surprised to see me that he asked about what I was doing. Of course, I would not lie to Lucas, so I told him the truth.

Evelyn said this and paused.

Seeing a half-trusted face of Sophia, she continued, “If you don’t believe it, you can ask Lucas personally to see if I’m lying.”

Sophia didn’t realize that there were such things, then she turned her doubtful expression into a thoughtful one.

She looked sideways at Amelia, as if asking what was going on in silence.

Amelia was a little worried by her, but still forced to calm down, defending: “Sophia, I saw everyone was busy at that time, only Nora was free so I could only to arrange errands for her.”

She said, observing Mrs. Hawk’s expression carefully, for fear that her gentle and sensible image, which she had so hard to erect, would be destroyed.

Mrs. Hawk didn’t know what she was thinking. She looked at her as if she had knew herself was wrong. She was so pitiful to kook at her.

“Since Amelia did it without intention. We just let it go!”

She helped Amelia for what happened.

Just as she finished she said sharply, “But in the future, you will remember my words in the company. Don’t bully the staff, make trouble for Lucas by your identity. When you enter the company, you will be a member of the company. You have to obey the rules and listen to your leaders’ arrangements.”

Evelyn could hear the warning in her words and said, “Don’t worry. Even if I really caused any trouble, I won’t go to find Lucas.”

Sophia received her assurance, which made her feel more comfortable. She waved to let her back.

Evelyn didn’t want to stay any longer and bowed his head to leave.

Just as she was going back to her new house, she did not want to meet Lucas Hawk who had just returned.

“Where have you been?”

He asked.

Evelyn didn’t want to mention whats he had just done. She perfunctorily said, “Didn’t go anywhere. Just walk in the backyard.”

Lucas Hawk didn’t think much about it. He mentioned what happened in the company: “Today, the general manager of the branch company has been confirmed. His name is Freya Lee. If you have any problems, you should look for her, including the design.”

“I see.” Evelyn nodded.

Then they returned to the new room immediately. Lucas Hawk went directly to the study.

Evelyn also went back to the room to draw the design drawings and brought a bottle of red wine.

While helping her to drink more, she also wanted to relax.

As a result, after drank a bottle of wine she became drunk again.

In the evening, Lucas Hawk returned to the room.

No sooner had he went to bed to rest than Evelyn who was so drunk to hug him.

She crept into Lucas Hawk’s bosom and rubbed him on the chest like a kitten then uttered a satisfied whisper.

Lucas Hawk was in his prime of life. How could he stand such a flirt?

Especially around the air was exclusively the sweet smell of the little woman in his arms. With the taste of wine he couldn’t help indulging.

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