The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 65

Lucas Hawk was not the one who will made him wronged.

Now that he was moved, he will act.

So she rolled over and pinned Evelyn down. Without any mistake, he grasped the red lips who was taking the sweet breath.

Softly touching let him to taste the pulp more. He just wanted to absorb more.

Her tongue pried open her shell teeth, and went straight into her mouth.

His fingers, as if with prairie fire,was burning her skin inch by inch.

As if the whole body was through the electric current, a numbing feeling transmitted until the nerve endings let her wake up from sleep.

“Oh my god.. “

She was unconscious to cry out. And her eyes was full of water and unceasing coquetry.

Looking at her charming color, the erotic in his eyes got more and more, which pursued him stand into instinctively.

Evelyn can’t be able to resist,and she can only accept obediently.

They did all through the night.

The next day, with soreness all over the body, Evelyn woke up. As for the memory of last night to playback, her face was crimson.

Last night, she did not know how many times Lucas Hawk had done with her. she only remembered that she was finally faint in the end.

She felt clear and refreshing her whole body. Maybe he cleared her up.

Thinking of this, she can not help but look at the side, but she did not find the figure of Lucas Hawk. At this moment, the sound of water came out from the bathroom.

Just as she was getting out of bed, the bathroom door opened from the inside.

It was Lucas Hawk that came out with a bath towel on, whose bare upper body was still filling into water. It seemed that there was water drop away, accompanying with his strong and handsome figure, which was alluring.

Evelyn glimpsed him and then she quickly took her eyes back. However her red cheeks exploded or betrayed her mood at this time.

Lucas Hawk naturally noticed her expression, whose eyes flashed and smiled.

“Why are you so shy for so long ?”

He couldn’t help teasing her.

At the same time there was a suspicion rising in his heart.

It’s said that her wife had an indiscreet private life and her behavior was bold. But now she just caught a sight of his half-naked body, which made her blushed. It did seem right.

Immediately he thought of Evelyn’ concealment, then he put the doubt, ans his eyes twinkled at her, intending to know her next reaction.

“Who said I was shy. I was just tired.”

Evelyn did not find the doubt in his eyes, so she was angry to refute.

Listening to these, Lucas Hawk found there was tiredness on her face.

He thought of last night’s endless demand, so he softly said: “OK, today you can rest at home.”

However, when she heard that, she refused without thinking.

She didn’t want to stay home and do nothing.

Lucas Hawk didn’t oppose. It’s up to her.

Then they washed, changed and went downstairs for dinner.

When Lucas Hawk was ready to leave, Evelyn hesitated to speak to him.

“Well, Lucas, today can I hitchhike to go to the comp any.”

Lucas Hawk heard this, frowning slightly: “Why?”

“All the cars in the garage are too expensive to drive to the office,” she said with smile on her face.

Lucas Hawk’s brow light picked, and the feeling of the morning again hit. It’s not unreasonable.

It is said that Nora went crazy about car. In her garage, each car was in the hundreds of millions, or was limited edition. All was bought by her in person, but now she thought they were not suitable.

Thinking of this, he looked at her and thought about what happened recently since he came back.

It seems that since he came back, she had not done anything out of the ordinary, except for a little temper and bully.

For a moment, he could not see through the woman who was in front of him.

Was she hiding too well and too deep, or was she really reformed?

All his thoughts were changed momentarily, and he returned to god.

He looked at Evelyn who was waiting for his reply, so he didn’t refuse.

Ten minutes later, when they arrived at the branch,Evelyn got off in the street.

After she entered the company, everything was calm.

Nor did Amelia Morgan bother her.

Soon, it’s time for the early meeting.

As acting director, Amelia Morgan presided over the morning meeting.

“This meeting is mainly to talk about the arrangement of our design department.”

She stood over them, showing the map through the projector, and began to make arrangements.

“Now that the company is established, all that’s left is for all of you in this room to do your part to open up the market for the company.”

“I know everyone here has a keen sense of fashion and popular elements, and the company’s positioning is high-end customization, targeted at customers who were all the upper class, so I hope you must pay attention to all aspects, and you can not make a single mistake,” she said.

“Sure, now our design department chief designers were Nora, Maggie and Chloe. However, the others please don’t lose heart, as long as you have a good performance, you will be promotion!”

After saying this, she looked at the others encouragingly.

The conference room followed suit.

Most people are unhappy with Evelyn as chief designer.

After all, a day, they can still learn a lot of things, especially Amelia Morgan intentionally or unintentionally exposed something about Evelyn.

“Is director crazy that an amateurish designer becomes the chief designer. Isn’t she afraid of run the company into ground.”

“It’s true. I have heard that Nora’ major is finance, and amateur major is design.”

“Oh my god! It means that she haven’t trained without systematic. Doesn’t it? So how could her designing be work “

These sounds were neither big nor small, but almost everyone can hear that.

Listening to these words, Evelyn was surprised and looked at Amelia Morgan.

She could feel the suspicious eyes around her, frowning slightly and looking at Amelia Morgan perplexity.

What kind of routine was that? She can’t do anything about her at work, so was she gonna give her a piece of sweet cake?

Thinking that, she can not help but smile ironically.

It’s not she that bragged, but she was confident in her own abilities during work.

So no matter how difficult Amelia Morgan made in work, it will have no effect on her.

Thinking so, she sat on the position to let the people around her look up and down.

But when Amelia Morgan found that Evelyn was still calm in these rumors, she can not help but sneer in the heart.

As far as she was concerned, Evelyn was trying to be calm and when she was isolated, how did she keep calm?

She withdrew her gaze with a cold murmur. After she spoke something, then she declared the meeting adjourned.

When hearing the meeting was over, Evelyn subconsciously got up to leave, but she did not expect that the hickey on her neck was exposed because of the clothes moving. It happened to be see by Amelia Morgan.

All of a sudden, she stared at Evelyn and wished to cut her off millions of pieces.

Jealousy was full of her heart.

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