The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 7

In the afternoon, Evelyn never saw Lucas again.

After dinner, she went to bed early.

In the middle of the night, her throat was like having a fire in throat,so she woke up because of thirsty.

She fumbled up and went downstairs, wanting to get a cup of hot water into the kitchen.

When she passed the study, she saw the lights were still on.

Evelyn stopped, and she was awake more.

She pushed open the door gently and saw Lucas lying on the table.

There were piles of papers in front of him. There was a Kelanti Gossica pen. Obviously, he had been working here just now and he was very tired before he fell asleep.

God’s favored one was not good!

Evelyn approached more, and saw his perfect side face. He was pure as a child. But when he was asleep, he still frowned frequently, which made people unbearable.

She took a breath, and did not dare to wake him up. She went lightly to fetch the sheet, put it on Lucas, and then went out lightly.

Before leaving, she looked back at him and turned off the light in his study. She murmured, “Good night, good dream!”

The light in the room suddenly darkened. Lucas rubbed his eyes uncomfortably and opened his eyes slowly.

It was dark…

As soon as his pupils shrink, he felt as if a huge black net appeared in front of him and wanted to swallow him up.

He breathed slowly, and suddenly got up. He was in a panic. His hands and feet were cold and his back was soaked by cold sweat.

He wanted to make a sound, but he couldn’t. The whole man fell to the ground and could only grab the table with his hands as much as possible, like grabbing the last straw to save his life.


With a clear and crisp sound, Evelyn, who had just stepped out of the study, was shocked.

The voice came from Lucas’s study. She rushed back and turned on the light in the study.

The room suddenly lit up and Evelyn saw Lucas fall to the ground at once.

“Lucas, what’s wrong with you?”

She rushed over and picked up Lucas’s upper body.

Before she could do anything, she were hugged tightly by him.

Lucas twitched slightly, which seemed to be frightened.

Evelyn, helpless, could only let him hold. She comforted him soft voice, “It’s all right, it’s all right. I’m there,. Lucas I am there!”

“I will always be with you… Don’t be afraid, it’s all right…”

Evelyn could not understand how Lucas could become like this in this moment.

She tried to comfort him and help him with his breath.

But Lucas in her bosom was breathing more and more slowly, and his face became paler and paler, like drowning.

Evelyn was frightened, and she was thinking about the little common sense of first aid.

“Yes, yes, artificial respiration.”

Evelyn had an epiphany. She couldn’t take care of many things at present. She rushes down to kiss his lips and breathes into air.

As time passed by, Evelyn felt that Lucas seemed to have calmed down a lot. Even his breath had stabilized.

She also relaxed a lot and approached him, ” Lucas, how do you feel?”

Hearing her voice, Lucas opened his eyes, turned his head to look at her, and soon fainted again.

“Lucas? Lucas?”

Evelyn shouted several times and saw that he was silent. She was more and more worried. She rushed out in a hurry. “Housekeeper, housekeeper!”

In the corridor, her voice was sharp and loud. The light in the corridor was very bright. The old housekeeper who lived on the first floor came out of the room very soon.

There were several servants on duty at night, who also came.

“Mrs. Hawk?” The old housekeeper looked at Evelyn and said, “What happened?”

In the middle of the night, everyone was sleeping soundly.

Thinking of Noah Field had done before, few people in the family liked her, and the old housekeeper was just asking as a routine.

Evelyn couldn’t take care of so much. “Lucas fainted in his study!”

“What?” When the old housekeeper heard the words, he was shocked. “How could this be?”

“I don’t know.”

When Evelyn responded, the housekeeper had run past her and quickly went to the study to check on the situation of Lucas.

A moment later, the housekeeper came out again, as if he had changed another man. He, with a serious face, issued a series of orders to the servant, “Call Dr. Wang to come over.”

About fifteen minutes later, Evelyn saw a doctor in a white coat coming in, followed by several assistants carrying boxes.

“Doctor Wang!” The old housekeeper was busy to welcome him up. He explained the situation of Lucas roughly.

Dr. Wang obviously had experience and immediately entered the study. He isolated everyone from the study.

Ten minutes later, Dr. Wang finally came out and said, “It’s all right. I’ll give him an injection firstly. It’s just that he hasn’t had any seizures for a long time. Do you really carry out my orders accurately?

The housekeeper couldn’t answer for a moment. He looked at Evelyn and said, “This… I’m not sure. Madame was the first one to find it.

Evelyn was uneasy and hurried to say, “I… I don’t know what’s going on. I just saw Lucas was sleeping. I want to cover him with a quilt. When I came out, I turned off the light, but I didn’t expect that…”

Before she finished, she saw the housekeeper and Dr. Wang’s face changed.

Before they could speak, they heard an urgent voice coming from the door.

“Lucas, how is Lucas?”

With hearing, they saw a middle-aged couple coming in from the door.

Although the man was over forty years old, he looked like only thirty years old because he was well-maintained.

As for the woman, she wore a cheongsam. She was noble and charming, but at this time, her face was full of eagerness.

It were Lucas’s parents.

Evelyn didn’t expect Lucas would faint at all. And everyone came here. She felt a little uneasy.

The housekeeper came to them and said, “Madam, Master Hawk just got an injection. He’s much better now.”

Mrs. Hawk was relieved and asked, “Lucas just came back? How did he get sick?

The housekeeper glanced at Evelyn and seemed be hesitant.

Evelyn’s eyebrows flicked, and she had a bad feeling in heart.

The housekeeper approached Mrs. Hawk’s ear and whispered a few words. After that, Mrs. Hawk’s face turned cold. Without saying a word, she slapped Evelyn and scolded, “I said that it’s no good for us to marry this woman. Just after Lucas came back, you made a big trouble. Do you want to kill him?”

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