The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 76

The next day, Evelyn got up from bed and did not see Lucas, nor did she care.

He was like this these days. He got up early and came back late. She was used to it.

She got out of bed and washed herself and went downstairs for breakfast.

After breakfast, just as she was going to take a bus to the company, when she was leave, she saw the servant leading the doctor out of the main house. She could not help but stop and ask, “Housekeeper, who’s sick over there in the main house?”

If it was an elder in the family, she ought to go over and see it, so as to save time for being caught and reprimanded for unfilial.

“Young hostess, I heard that Miss Morgan was ill and called the doctor in the early morning. In the morning, when the young master went out, he also saw her. I heard it was very serious and Miss Morgan could not even get up.”

The housekeeper responded with all his heart and soul.

Evelyn frowned.

Amelia is sick? Somehow she didn’t believe it.

Last night she was still full of beans. How could she fall sick one night?

Especially when she heard Lucas went to see her. She felt it was more suspicious.

After all, the woman used up all the means for Lucas. Who knows if she pretended to be sick or not, she just wanted to win pity.

She thought so, ignored it and went straight to the company.

Because Amelia was absent in company, it was her most relaxed day.

Only this relaxation will be maintained before after work and returned home.

Because Sofia knew she was coming back, she was immediately called to Amelia’s room.

It can be said that Amelia’s room decoration was entirely in accordance with the owner’s specifications.

Delicate and luxurious, everywhere permeated with the smell of girls.

Evelyn just looked around and took her eyes back.

“Mom, are you looking for me?”

She looked at Sofia. She could not understand why Sofia called her here.

Sofia did not see the doubts in her eyes, saw her, and the smile on her face instantly converged.

“Nora, you are the eldest sister-in-law in our family. Can’t you be generous-hearted. The younger sister in our family is ill and you don’t even come and see her. Is this the way to be a eldest sister-in-law?”

She reprimanded in a cold voice, and Vivian sat beside her and echoed her. She sneered and said, “Come on, will she be so kind? It’s good if she won’t pray the unexpected fortune for Amelia.”

In bed Amelia listened to the two women’s difficult words and looked at Evelyn with pleasure.

Evelyn noticed her sight and listened to their echo words, silent.

She had guessed what they meant by calling her over.

It’s because she didn’t visit Amelia this morning.

She glanced at both of them and said calmly, “It turned out that Sister Amelia was ill. I never heard of it. If I knew it, I would surely bring a tonic to Sister Amelia.”

She emphasized the word “sister” and looked back at Amelia with a faint smile.

Its’ implication was that, no matter how ambitious she is, she is only a sister in Hawk family.

Amelia naturally understood, and she was so angry that nearly vomit blood.

Who’s going to be a sister? She’s going to be the young hostess!

“ Being sister” was only her temporary stalling tactic.

She thought bitterly in her heart that Sofia and Vivian were no better.

Evelyn said she didn’t know it, so that the words they prepared to scold her were useless .

Then, if they tangle this on tight, they seem to be making unreasonable trouble.

For a time, they were blocked to the point where they could not speak a word.

The chest fluctuated.

Sofia calmed her anger and said: “Good glib tongue, since you don’t know, I don’t haggle over this matter with you, but in a few days it will be the birthday of Amelia. Anyway, Amelia is half a daughter of the family. This time, the family plans to run for her, and many celebrities will be invited to attend. You are in charge of it.”

Evelyn was stunned to hear that.

She didn’t understand what Sofia meant.

Is it intended to show that Hawk family attached great importance to Amelia?

She looked hesitantly at Amelia.

Amelia was also surprised and instantly proud.

This was undoubtedly Sofia’s affirmation and affection for her.

She was very excited, but still forced to calm down on her face. She said shyly, “Sofia, how embarrassing it is.”

Sofia looked at the embarrassment in her eyes and the expression on her face became more loving.

“What’s so embarrassing about that? I looked at you grew up when you were young. In front of me, you’re just like my own daughter. Besides, your parents agreed to that. You don’t have to be courtesy with me.”

She winked at Amelia after she said.

Amelia instantly understood Sofia’s intentions, and the smile on her lips became more and more brilliant.

“Now that Aunt Sofia has said that, if I refuse again, it will show that I’m insensitive, so I’ll trouble sister-in-law.”

She looked at Evelyn, her eyes full of provocations, and used this to answer Evelyn’s previous irony that she was only a sister.

Lucas’s protection? So what? As long as Aunt Sofia didn’t admit her. It was impossible for her to sit steady in the position of young hostess.

Evelyn also saw what she was thinking and calmed down.

Before she could respond, Amelia said again, “Sister-in-law is not willing to do this? If sister-in-law doesn’t want to, then I won’t hold the birthday banquet.”

As she said this, Sofia and Vivian both looked at Evelyn.

“What? Are you dissatisfied with my arrangement?

Seeing Evelyn’s reluctant expression, Sofia scolded Evelyn. “As Lucas’s wife, you can’t even do that. What are you capable of?”

“Yes, it’s your duty to do it.”

Vivian added.

Evelyn listened to them and sneered in her heart.

They could even say that.

While they treated her as an outsider, they also wanted her as a free labor force.

In particular, if she didn’t try her best to arrange the banquet and something goes wrong, they would surely have something to say.

And when it’s done, they will feel it’s just her duty.

It can be said that it’s a thankless task.

But at present, she is not allowed to refuse at all. She can do nothing but grind her teeth and promise.

“Well, I’ll do it well.”

Sofia was satisfied and waved when she heard this.

“Okay, you go back and make a good plan.”

Evelyn bowed her head to leave.

Just when her come back to the new house, thinking about the banquet, she was somewhat at a loss.

She had no idea how to hold the banquet in the upper class.

If it was Nora, she would surely know.

After all, she grew up in the upper class.

But she never knew, especially at the moment, that she could not ask for help, otherwise she would be found strange.

No way, she thought over again and again, only reluctantly contact John.

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