The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 80

After speaking out, Amelia was afraid Evelyn doubted her, so she spoke of Sophia again: “Originally, I did not find, but your stupid maid who stole it but did not hide, therefore aunt Sophia find it.”

Evelyn heard it was found by Sophia, so she knew that it became serious.

Larceny, and then she was caught, but it was to be caught by Sophia. So it was not easy for Amelia to give up.

Her face darkened suddenly and she looked at Sophia.

“Mother, I’ll tell you what happened today.”

When she said, she headed to Arlene and scolded: “Didn’t it to forbid to go upstairs? Why did you go upstairs?”

Arlene heard this reprimand, her eyes full of grievances.

“Mistress, I didn’t think of going upstairs. There was a servant on the side of the main house who said he wanted to bring drinks to miss Morgan. But suddenly he got stomachache.”

“So you sent it up?”

Evelyn queried with cold voice.

Arlene shrank her shoulders and said, “Originally I refused, but the servant looked really uncomfortable, I… I didn’t think much about it. I just wanted to help him, so I went ahead.”

Evelyn heard this, obviously she felt there were the tricks.

The main house was so big. How it could be possibly only her in sitting room and no any other servant.

Arlene did not know what she think in the mind, seeing Evelyn wordless, so she explained again: “Mistress, what I said is totally true, I really did not steal anything, after I gave the drink to miss Morgan, I immediately came out, who knows miss Morgan said I stole things.”

As she said, she was tightly tugging Evelyn and crying: “Mistress, please trust me that I really did not steal, and I do not know how the bracelet ran to me.”

Looking at her, Evelyn suddenly had some headache.

It was really hard to say that who stole it. There was no evidence that Arlene did not steal, as for Arlene, she didn’t know well.

She didn’t know whether she stole or not.

Moreover, it did not preclude that someone intentionally framed her up.

On the contrary, she thought the latter was more likely.

After all, Amelia had not done this kind of thing, and Arlene looked so simple and native, not like that kind of people who dare to steal.

But it was her own thoughts, and she need proof that she can handle it.

She looked around, suddenly stared at the monitoring at the corner, squinted: “I find there are the monitoring at home, how about we first investigate, see the monitoring and then make a conclusion?”

Who knew words just fall, it was interrupted by Sophia: “It was investigated early, just indeed as this servant said that it was she that sent drinks upstairs but she went into the room. There is no monitoring in room. although she was really very quickly out, but at that time, there was only her who went into Amelia’s room. It was only her. So the bracelet must be stolen by her.”

After that, it was like that her patience was exhausted, so she impatiently urged: “Now the evidence is full. So are you going to give me an explanation. Otherwise, it was spread out, and it was said to be the beam not straight beam slanted.”

Evelyn heard her words which seemed to has other meanings, and there was a burst of discomfort in the heart.

She queried coldly: “How could you say that?”

Sophia sneered.

“Don’t you know? A few days ago, you stole the design draft in the company. If it weren’t for Amelia to help you solve it, do you really think I don’t know?”

She said contemptuously: “Fortunately, there is no one in the company who know your identity, or the Hawk Family will become shamed by you. However, You do not repent at home and I really do not know why the old man wanted you such a woman marry in!

Evelyn was suddenly angry.

She glared darkly at Amelia and sneered: “Miss Morgan’s ability to confound black and white is increasing day by day.”

Amelia heard the irony in her words, and her face turned pale.

After all, they both knew what was going on.

For a moment her eyes flashed with confusion.

But when she glanced at aunt Sophia beside her, she soon regained her composure, straightened her back, raised her chin and said coldly, “Now we are talking about stealing. I hope you will give me an answer.”

Evelyn looked at her dodging the matter of the office, and there was cold light in her eyes.

“I can give you an answer.”

She answered, but immediately harshly spoke: “But it can’t be concluded that Arlene stole it..”

hearing this, Amelia was conscious to retort.

But it was interrupted by Evelyn.

“ Amelia, my younger sister, please don’t hurry to refute, and listen to me to finish the speech.”

Amelia gnashed teeth, and let her continue to say.

“First of all, it was because the main house servant told Arlene send drinks which caused such a thing, and at that time Arlene also explicitly refused, but the main house servant forced drinks to her, here becomes some fun.”

Evelyn said, glancing to Sophia and Amelia. And then she continued: “ I remember a few days ago, mom said, without permission, any one cannot go upstairs. Now it is the servant of the main house who first violated of the rules, if you want to punish the people on my side, so is it necessary to punish the servant of the main house first?”

Neither Amelia nor Sophia did not expect that Evelyn was so sharp-tongued.

The two were told beyond refutation.

In particular, Sophia was furious.

“Oh god. How dare you Nora, are you accusing me of shielding the bad?”

Amelia saw Sophia angry, quickly appease her.

“Sister-in-law, have you seen that you have made Sophia so angry? this is your people’s problem, sister-in-law, how can you blame aunt Sophia?”

When Sophia heard this, she stared at Evelyn and sneered: “I think she clearly want to shield, and shirk responsibility. OK, Nora, I tell you, if you don’t give me a satisfactory answer, today this is so not over!”

Amelia heard this, looking at Evelyn with schadenfreude.

Naturally Evelyn was aware of her look, and her eyes was full of anger.

This woman never forgot to make trouble for her.

She severely stared at her eyes and said, “Mother, why are you so excited, I’m just talk about the matter. I’m sure that I will give you a satisfactory answer this matter.”

Sophia said nothing.

But Evelyn didn’t care about, she squinted: ” Amelia, my younger sister, although it was found in Arlene’s clothes , but who knows if she was framed or not?”

Amelia heard this, and her look became pale.

She knew that naturally Evelyn was reminding her of the design draft, so her got angry.

She looked back at Evelyn and said, “What does sister-in-law mean? Are you suspected aunt Sophia planted… “

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