The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 84

The next two days were quiet, and then Amelia’s birthday banquet came.

The site was indeed great as promised by Lucas. The layout was quite beautiful. Looking at this, Amelia was firmly for the idea in her mind.

This day finally came.

Although she was Miss Morgan, who was only the guest in the home of the Hawk Family. But the entire Jingdu’s nobles were very enthusiastic to participate in.

The scene can be said to be very solemn, and guests gathered together.

The various luxury cars had been parked in long queues.

Evelyn wore lilac close-fitting long skirt, and her makeup looked suitable. She entered the main house following with Lucas.

However, today Lucas was still in unchanged black suit which was as before. But the black suit, which was wearing on his body, was not dull.

He was tall and straight, with the innate king temperament made others daunting.

So, attracted by his mighty, gradually Evelyn was ignored by the people. There was only Lucas in the eyes of others.

Amelia naturally also found them, but subconsciously she ignored Evelyn, and her eyes were focus on Lucas, even she didn’t pay attention to what her parents beside said.

Looking at this,her mother knew the mind of her daughter.

She began to talk with Sophia with smile.

“These years it was really troublesome for you to take care of my Amelia.”

Sophia replied with a smile: “No,no, Amelia is very clever all the time, so I really hope you don’t blame us to take away Amelia.”

“No, we really hope there is someone who loves Amelia as much as I do.”

They were talking and laughing, Amelia’s father and Devin Hawk were also on the side and had a business conversation.

When Evelyn followed with Lucas to come over, she saw the harmonious picture, and her eyes was complex.

Seeing this kind manner of Sophia, maybe someone would think Amelia was their daughter in-laws.

She thought with self-deprecation and turned her eyes to Amelia.

So Evelyn found Amelia’s eye was filled with the love that cannot hide, obsessively looking at Lucas. Evelyn immediately was really speechless.

She’s not afraid of being seen in public.

During her thinking, she heard the greeting voice of Lucas.

“Hi, Dad, mom.”

After greeting to his parents, then Lucas turned to look at Morgan Family.

“How are you Mr. Morgan, Mrs. Morgan, Amelia.”

It didn’t know if it was because today was Amelia’s birthday, he especially said to Amelia: “Happy birthday.”

“Thank you, my dear Lucas.”

Amelia received the blessing of Lucas, and then it was hard for her to hide the joy.

Amelia’s shy expression made the two families smile and glad.

Evelyn also followed to greet.

Amelia’s parents unconsciously looked at her.

Although they were the first time to come, but they had known her name before.

After all, Amelia did mention with them many times about her, who cut off their marriage with Hawk Family.

Therefore, their smile on the face converged. They were indifferent to nod at Evelyn: “Mrs Hawk.”

Evelyn also did not care about their cold attitude, turned to Amelia, blessing with a smile: “Dear Amelia, happy birthday.”

“Thank you.”

Amelia reluctantly responded.

The scene froze suddenly.

Of course, Sophia did know the reason, so she looked at Evelyn, squinted: “Nora, today many guests are coming, can you help me greet guest?”

Evelyn could not refuse and could only nod and leave.

Lucas was to keep up with, but she was stopped by Sophia.

“Lucas, you stay here and chat with us. Your aunt and uncle haven’t seen you for a long time.”

hearing this, Evelyn subconsciously turned to look.

Lucas was dragged by his mother and stood with Amelia.

Although it did not know what Sophia said, Amelia lowered her head shyly.

And she was wearing a white shoulder tight dress, at this time standing beside Lucas, who was in a black suit, the two people as if were wearing overs pack. They were really Perfect Match.

Looking at this, Evelyn could not help but smile ironically, and then she turned into the crowd and began to greet guests.

After greeting for a while, she saw grandpa Hawk.

Then, thinking of she came over without telling grandpa Hawk. So she went over and greeted.

“Hello, grandpa.”

Grandpa Hawk was joyful to see Evelyn, so he gave a auspicious response: “ Nora, you are coming. Why are you alone?”

He looked at Evelyn, frowning slightly asked.

“Lucas is with mother, so I walked around.”

Evelyn did not mention that she was sent away.

But even so, grandpa Hawk saw through it.

After all, he knew she and Sofia did not get along with each other, but he did not say it, told Evelyn stay with him, by the way, introduced her to some people.

Evelyn naturally didn’t refuse; she knew many respected people with grandpa Hawk.

During this time, grandpa Hawk praised her in front of his friends, which made her very embarrassed.

Even she wanted to run away.

Fortunately, the opening of the party saved her.

She followed grandpa Hawk, stood under the stage, looking at Hawk couple and Morgan couple, as well as Amelia, together with Lucas were on stage to have a speech.

That harmonious picture, was just like a family, which made many people misunderstood under the stage.

“Lucas and Miss Morgan is really a perfect match, now two parents meet, coupled with he was so close to Miss Morgan, I’m afraid the marriage is not far away.”

“I think it’s the combination of Hawk Family and Morgan Family. It’s really a powerful combination. I’m afraid no one in Jingdu can surpass Hawk Family in the future.”

“I was envious of the few, Lucas is really life winners. he has both fame and beauty.”

The voices were heard in all directions, and the face of grandpa Hawk sank suddenly, with a faint sign of anger.

Evelyn hurriedly pacified: “Grandpa don’t get angry, they don’t know the truth, so it’s common to say that. Later they know the truth, and they will not be so.”

The marriage between Nora and Lucas, was advocated and authorized by grandpa Hawk. And it didn’t open to the foreign, so few people knew.

Meanwhile, in addition to grandpa Hawk, others in the Hawk Family didn’t like Nora,so the truth was hidden of course.

Obviously, grandpa Hawk also thought of this, guiltily looking at her and sighed: “Nora, it wronged you.”

Evelyn did not care about, changed the topic to make grandpa Hawk happy, which made him smile again.

But the smile did not last for a moment. It was restrained by himself.

It didn’t know when the speech was finished. So Lucas and Amelia walked towards them.

“Hello, grandfather.”

“Hi, Grandpa, Nora.”

The two said in unison.

The cold eyes of grandpa Hawk scanned the two people, regardless of Amelia, he was staring at Lucas.

“You still remember Nora, I thought you have forgotten that you have a wife.”

Lucas was confused by his word, so he looked at grandpa Hawk with doubt.

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