The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 86

When Evelyn returned to the banquet hall, the host was announcing the start of the dance.

“Miss Morgan, today is your birthday, so the opening dance belong to you. Now you can choose a handsome man in the party, then you two can begin your opening dancing. “

Hearing this, Amelia turned her eyes to Lucas subconsciously.

However, Lucas did not notice the sight, his eyes fell on Evelyn, who had just entered the door.

Just now he tried to find her around, but he failed. Now he finally saw her.

But when Evelyn noticed his sight and saw that Amelia was walking toward him, she

showed a sarcastic look to him and then walked towards another direction.

Seeing her leaving back, Lucas remind of her sight right now, thus he felt very uncomfortable.

He frowned tightly, then he walked directly towards Evelyn without looking at Amelia.

His action made Amelia, who was planning to invite him, froze violently, then Amelia’s face gradually turned pale.

She looked around at her guests. It was impossible for her to return. So she had to find an

acquaintance nearby as a partner.

The man who was invited by Amelia was very happy. He accepted Amelia’s invitation and then dancing with her in the dance floor.

But Amelia was absent-minded.

Her eyes focused on Lucas. When she saw Lucas stood in the front of the Evelyn, Her heart was filled with jealousy.

Evelyn did not notice her eyes. She looked frowned at Lucas, who came towards her step by step, and asked, “Why not dance with Miss Morgan?”

Hearing this, Lucas narrowed his eyes and then he bent down sharply to Evelyn.

Evelyn was shocked, thus she stepped back unconsciously, she felt a little nervous and


Lucas asked before she questioned.

“Well? Are you jealous?”

Evelyn was stunned.

Jealous? The word was a real stranger to her.

And she never thought she would be jealous.

After all, as for the relationship between Lucas and her…… She was really not qualified to

be jealous.

Think of this, Evelyn suddenly felt that she should not feel angry just now.

Especially in the eyes of others, it seemed that she’s a little jealous.

When she was wandering, she felt that there was a hand around her waist.

She turned her head unconsciously and saw Lucas said with smile, “Come and dance with me, Mrs. Hawk.”

With Lucas’s cello-like low voice, the last three words make Evelyn blushed.

She was embraced by Lucas to the dance floor before she could respond.

Hearing the sound of beautiful waltz, Evelyn woke up suddenly.

She grasped Lucas unconsciously. There were a lot of people watching them, thus her whole movement was very rigid.

Lucas noticed her nervousness, as he was dancing with her, he asked her with doubts: “Isn’t this your most familiar scene? What are you nervous about?”

Hearing this, Evelyn suddenly remind that she was Nora now, not Evelyn.

For Nora, ballroom dancing was just like a regular meal.

Thinking of this, she forced herself to be relax and followed with Lucas.

At the same time, she could not help congratulating herself secretly in her heart.

Fortunately, when she was in college, she would lead the dance every year at the school anniversary party. She had learned it for a while, otherwise she would be unlucky tonight.

Maybe it’s because Evelyn’s intentionally followed Lucas, and their dancing styles were more and more coincident.

They snuggled close together, and their eyes only have each other, and their breath intertwined.

Lucas could not help rolling his throat when he smelled the sweetness of the girl’s body.

When he thought of the sweet taste, he wished he could have further development with the girl in the front of him.

Evelyn was also a little intoxicated.

Especially the strong male hormone from Lucas made her mind short-circuited again and again, so she could only follow Lucas to spin and jump subconsciously.

It is in this way that they became the brightest couple on the dance floor.

Amelia looked at it on one side, with eyes full of jealousy.

She really wanted to go up and tear Nora’s face apart.

Thus Evelyn has no way to seduce Lucas.

But she can’t.

Besides this, in order to avoid being known by other people, she had to hide the enormous jealousy in her eyes.

At the end of the song, Lucas stopped with Evelyn gradually.

After this, Evelyn calm down gradually with regret in her eyes.

She was addicted in it just now.

Before she calmed down, there was a sudden strong applause around her, and she also found that many people staring at her curiously, as if to guess her identity.

She was not accustomed to such eye-catching etiquette. Then she put her distance between Lucas and her and said, “I’m a little tired. I want to have a rest.”

Seeing her tired look, Lucas said, “I’ll accompany you and get you something for you to eat by the way. You just eat little at night.”

Hearing this, Evelyn looked at him with surprise.

However, she was taken to the food directly by Lucas before she could refuse.

Looking at the food piled up in front of her and smelling the attractive scent of the food, she had to say that she was really hungry.

Then she was no longer entangled, and enjoyed the careness of Lucas.

It was not until later that Lucas saw the acquaintances that he left to talk with them.

Amelia looked at it all the time, and her eyes were full of malice.

Now she’s like a joke.

After the opening show, all other things she did was for making a show for Nora!”

She clutched her fist tightly when she thought of this.

It seemed that she reminded of something, then she took a deep breath and turned to call her little maid.

After she said a few words in the maid’s ear, the maid nodded and left.

The maid came back soon, and there was an tray with a bowl of hot soup in her hand.


She took the thing in the front of Amelia and called softly.

Looking at the hot soup, Amelia felt that she was bound to win.

Amelia drank it quickly and then she went upstairs. Before she left, she said, “You must tell Lucas go upstairs. Do you understand?”

“Miss, Trust me, I am sure that I will complete the task.”

The maid nodded and made promise to Amelia.

When she saw Amelia disappeared in the corridor, she immediately turned to find Lucas.

“Master, Miss Morgan is looking for you. Please be sure to go over.”

Hearing this, Lucas frowned and asked, “What did she say?”

The maid answered, “It seems to be related to the mistress. I can’t explain clearly. Master, you should ask Miss. Morgan in person.”

Hearing that it was related to Nora, Lucas went upstairs even though he still had some confusion.

When he arrived at Amelia’s room, he stood outside and knocked at the door.

Soon Amelia opened the door.

The admiration in her eyes could not be hidden when she saw handsome Lucas was

standing outside.

“Lucas, you are here, please come in.”

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