The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 87

Lucas looked at her and then he glanced at the room behind her. He did not move.

“What do you want to talk about Nora?”

Amelia knew that she could not make him to do that when she heard the words. So she took out her phone and found the picture and passed it to Lucas.

” This is a picture took by a maid by accident in the garden and I found that. I’m afraid of that she will talk the bosh about this, so I intercepted it to ask you what to do with this.”

In the picture, Evelyn and Austin were holding each other’s hand.

Under the moon and in front of flowers, it looked a sense of romantic.

Their posture was vaguer because of the angle of photographing. Their relationship seemed unusual.

Lucas had his face gloomy as he was looking at the photo.

Amelia was paying attention to his expression. She was glad in her mind when she found that Lucas was angry. She continued instigating,” Lucas, I did not want to show you the picture since I was afraid of hurting the relationship between you and Nora. But I can’t endure that. I don’t want you to be fooled by her.”

She suddenly changed the meaning of her words. It was seemed that she was worrying about him in all respects.

Lucas’s expression was gloomy, and he did not say anything.

He was just holding his phone. The force he used to hold the phone betrayed him of his mood.

Especially when he looked at the picture on the phone, it was upsetting him badly.

He deleted the pictures.

Amelia watched that and tried to say something subconsciously.

But Lucas warned her before she was speaking out.

” I will deal with this. I don’t you to spread out any information about this. You’d better to keep it only in your mind.”

It was not his fault to warn strictly.

He understood clearly that if this was known by his parents, there would be another fight in the family.

Amelia got a little of his idea and a light of promising was twinkling in her eyes.

“Lucas, don’t be worried. I will never talk nonsense about it.”

Lucas nodded and passed back the phone,” Pardon me if there is nothing else.”

Amelia went to grabbed and stopped him immediately.

“Is there anything else?”

Lucas glanced at the hand she grabbed him and frowned.

“Lucas, today is my birthday. Can you chat with me for a while in the room?”

Amelia pretended to be pitiful and said.

However, Lucas was not moved by that. He pulled back his hand and said with a deep voice,” There are guests waiting for me downstairs. People will say that Hawks family was ill-mannered if I’m disappeared as a host.”

He tried to leave again after he said that.

Amelia was impatient when she saw that he was still leaving.

” But…But I think I’m ill maybe. Yes, I’m ill. Can you stay with me and look after me, Lucas?”

It seemed like that she found a good excuse. She laid on the door and said with a weak voice.

Lucas heard that and stopped his steps subconsciously. He turned his head and looked at her.

There was an irregular flush on Amelia’s cheek, and it seemed she was not lying. He turned back to Amelia and worried,” Do you need a doctor?”

Amelia chuckled to herself when she saw that he was back. She pretended to be giddy and she fell to Lucas like she was unable to stand still since she was giddy.

Lucas held her subconsciously. He felt that Amelia’s body was abnormally hot, and he frowned.

” Amelia, are you having a fever?”

Amelia leaned in Lucas’s arms and she was taking in the smell of his body greedily.

She wanted to stay like this for the whole life.

But she did not forget her plan since she was maintaining her sanity.

“I don’t have a clue, either. I just feel sick and hot.”

She answered Lucas weakly, meanwhile, she did not forget to pull the cloth on her body.

She was wearing an off shoulder dress originally. The cloth covered on her chest was pulled down a lot by her pull and half of her breasts were exposed.

They were alluring under the bright white light.

But she did not stop her motion.

She not only pulled her own cloth but also pulled Lucas’s.

Lucas frowned and grabbed her hand immediately. He berated,” Stop it, Amelia!”

Amelia seemed losing her consciousness. Her breath was getting rapid as she was looking at Lucas just in front of her face.

She did not replied Lucas. She got close daringly and tried to kiss Lucas.

Lucas eluded spontaneously then he pushed her away angrily.

” Are you muddleheaded by the fever? Do you understand what you are doing now?”

“I don’t. Lucas, I feel very sick. Help me please.”

Amelia nearly fell on the floor by the push. She came to stand constrainedly and then she threw herself again with her dim eyes to Lucas immediately. And she even rubbed her breasts on Lucas ceaselessly.

Lucas saw the situation and tried to push her away again, but he was tangled by Amelia tightly. He could not push her away no matter how he tried.

He thought the woman was having a fever, but now he had a clue.

” Amelia, are you drugged?”

Although he had no actual experience in certain matter, but at least he had seen some things related to it before.

It was obvious that Amelia was trapped by someone.

“I don’t know, Lucas. I feel hot. Maybe I’m really drugged.”

She said that and struggled in his arms boldly since the drug.

When her hands were free, she started tearing Lucas’s suit and pretended comprehending,” I will not blame on you if you help me. I will not tell Sophia and Nora, either. Lucas, please help me. I feel really bad.”

After she said that, she got close and tried to give her kiss again.

Lucas looked at the approaching person and the pungent smell of combination of perfume and cosmetics was all around his nose. Somehow, he remembered Nora.

That woman used the makeup, too. But he never had smelled such a smell of the compound. There was only sweet fragrance only belonged to her, clean and fresh making people comfortable.

As he was losing in thought, the smell was getting stronger and stronger. Amelia was nearly kissing on Lucas.

A sense of disgust flashed in his eyes. He moved his head abruptly and Amelia’s kiss fell on the collar.


Amelia yelled injuredly.

She wanted to attack again but her hands were grabbed by Lucas and then Lucas pulled her away hard.

Amelia did not give up and struggled with Lucas’s hands.

Evelyn appeared in the corridor when they were pulling and pushing each other.

The maid of main house told her that Lucas was looking for her just now and asked her to go upstairs.

She did not expect that she would observe such a hot scene like this.

And the maid behind her was surprised designedly when she saw this scene,” Young master, mistress, you…”

Even though the maid did not finish her words, Lucas understood that she must misunderstanding something.

He had his face gloomy suddenly and glanced at Nora stunned there then he berated,” What are you yelling here. Don’t you know your mistress is ill? Go call the doctor immediately!”

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