The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 93

Evelyn watched Amelia got on the car and left away. Thinking of what she said she was a little uneasy.

Her eyebrows frowned. Before she could figure out what was going on, there came the satire of Sofia.

“Nora, are you satisfied now?”

Evelyn was speechless when she heard that.

She just wanted to say something but Sofia did not give her a chance. Angrily said: “Do not think that you tell Lucas drive away Amelia, I will look at you differently? In my heart, you will never be as good as Amelia!”

After she had finished, she stared at her with anger and went into the main house without turning back.

When the maid saw the situation, she also gave a cold hum to Evelyn and followed Sofia back.

Evelyn looked at their backs and got mad to laugh.

They all blamed her for driving Amelia out of there.

But she had done nothing with it. It was decided by Lucas. She only heard the news this morning.

They didn’t dare to complain in front of Lucas so that they vented their anger with her just because she was weak.

When she thought about it, she was very angry to go to the company.

However, Amelia did not come to the company today that she got the chance to spend a quiet day.

In the evening, after work, Evelyn returned to her new house. Before she finished washing, there was a noise outside the door.

“Get out of there!”

Vivian shouted harshly at the housekeeper who was in front of her.

“Miss Hawk, it’s not suitable. The young lady is taking bath, and that’s the young master’s bedroom.”

The housekeeper stood where he was, respectfully.

“Oh, she’s so shameless to enjoy after she dove away Amelia!”

Vivian didn’t catch the point in the housekeeper’s words at all. At that time she just wanted to help her good friend.

” Get away, I don’t want to say it again or you don’t blame me for being rude.”

She scolded at the housekeeper and said, “Don’t forget, you are only a servant of the family. What right do you have to stop me? Believe it or not, I will let Lucas dismiss you tonight!”

When the housekeeper heard this, his old eyes glanced at Vivian quietly. Could not see his emotion. He said coldly, “Then it will be troublesome for Miss Hawk.”

What he meant was he didn’t care what Vivian will said.

Vivian understood what it meant. She choked with anger and her face turned red.

Just as she was ready to speak again, Evelyn came out of the room.

“So noisy, what’s the matter?”

She didn’t seem to have heard the argument just now and was impatiently reprimanded.

Then, as if she had just saw Vivian. She was surprised and said, “Hey, my little aunt is here. Why did you come here?”

Vivian looked at her pretentious expression and said, “Why did I come here, don’t you know?” I tell you. You go to pick Amelia back or I’ll never let you feel good!”

Evelyn frowned and guessed that what she did was related to Amelia.

“I’m afraid I can’t help. It’s Lucas’ idea. If I bring her back, I will be against Lucas’ idea.”

After heard what she said Vivian got more angry.

“Nonsense, who didn’t know that Lucas expelled Amelia because you abetted behind. Nora, you are jealous. You are jealous that Sofia like Amelia more, You are afraid that she will replace you. I tell you, even if you are jealous, it is useless, because you are only nobody but Amelia is a part of our family!”

She pointed at Evelyn and scolded at her. After heard what she said Evelyn could not help but be annoyed.

“Yes, my little aunt is right. For you, I am a stranger, but Lucas is willing to protect me. What can you do?”

She looked at Vivian in a cold voice. She wasn’t angry but laughed. “Besides, if I drove Amelia away, do you think I would allow her to come back? Don’t tell jokes, aunt!”


Vivian was so stunned that she could not refute for a moment and stared at her for a long time without speaking.


Evelyn raised her eyebrows and looked back with relief.

Vivian looked at her very angrily.

“Wait for me, I’ll never give up on this!”

She said and turned away.

As she left, Evelyn also restrained the smile on her lips and calmed down.

Her intuition told her that it would not be settled so easily.

In fact, she was right.

After Vivian left, she went to the main house directly to find Sophia.


She saw Sofia sitting in the living room and rushing into.

“What’s wrong, Vivian? Who made you angry?

Sofia looked at her angry face and asked immediately.

” The woman Nora!”

Vivian responded with grinding teeth.

When Sofia heard this, her face got terrible. “What’s wrong with her?”

“That woman was shameless!”

Vivian angrily spoke out their conversation then Sophia was also full of anger.

“That’s really what the woman said?”

“Yes! She relied on the support of Lucas. She becomes more and more unruly!”

Vivian gnashed her teeth. Her eyes were full of anger.

Immediately she seemed to think of something. She turned her topic and said, ” Sister-in-law, I’m afraid we’ll regret sending Amelia back this time.”

Sofia was angry at Nora’ attitude, and suddenly heard the words. She couldn’t understand, “What do you mean?”

When Vivian saw the situation, she said what she had heard.

“Two days ago, I went out to a party and listened to my friends who were in the rich circle said that Amelia’s father was going to be promoted”

After heard that Sofia’s eyebrows frowned.

“Is the information reliable?”

“Should not be wrong, otherwise the shadow-less thing will not come out in that circle. We send Amelia back, and don’t know whether Morgan family will be annoyed. Hope we will not lose the good chance.”

Sofia pressed lips and said nothing, seemingly suspicious of the news.

But soon, her suspicions were dispelled.

Because when Devin Hawk came back at night he couldn’t hide his smile.

“Madame had foresight.”

He took Sofia’s hand and said with relief.

When Sofia heard this, she looked at Devin Hawk in an incomprehensible way.

“Devin, what do you mean?”

Devin Hawk looked at her and thought that she didn’t know Mr Morgan’s promotion so he told her again.

“If it hadn’t been for you liked Amelia and took her to our house making a good relationship with their family. Now we can get a lot of benefit from Morgan’s promotion.”

He said, unable to help sighing: “There is a word: A person’s success could make great benefit to his poultry. We have to make good relationship with Morgan family in the future.”

Sofia listened and got too shocked.

There was no other reason, just because Mr. Morgan’s promotion was a real high-ranking power!

But after she got calm her face was dark and worried.

Because she thought that they had drove Amelia away!

Besides what Vivian said to her during the day, it also echoed in her mind, making her face look more terrible.

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