The Gorgeous Substitute Wife of Mr. President Chapter 96

Amelia understood what her mom meant, she nodded and tried to adjust her emotions.

Indeed, she still had a chance, shouldn’t be confused by the temporary loss.

Nora, our war wasn’t over!


As for Evelyn, she didn’t know that Amelia intended to fight to the end.

After the two returned to the new house, Lucas suddenly asked: “Well, how do the clothes develop in the design department, and the company is going to propagandize them a few days later.”

Evelyn frowned and responded: “It’s gonna be OK. I have only one left here, but I can finish it if I work overtime tonight.”

Lucas: “You must be tired.”

Evelyn shook her head and said that she was going to wash up first, then she went into the bathroom.

After washing, she ignored Lucas and directly sat down by the workbench and started working.

Lucas glanced at her and said nothing. He took the nightgown to the bathroom to have a bath, after that, he still didn’t bother her, and just took the financial magazine. Besides, he opened a bottle of red wine, and at last sat on the sofa to enjoy reading in the room.

However, he failed to enjoy his reading,because he always couldn’t help watching her unintentionally.

Under the gentle light, the figure of Evelyn looked very thin, so that he couldn’t repress the thought that to hold her in his arms.

He took a sip of red wine, staring at Evelyn.

Recalling the life with her in this period, he suddenly felt it was actually quite good.

Evelyn naturally noticed the gaze behind her. She got stiff for a moment, but quickly adjusted herself so that she could not care and concentrate on her work.

She didn’t knew how long it took, and the last garment finally was finished tonight.


She couldn’t resist stretching out and then enjoyed the masterpiece in front of her.

Lucas heard the sound and looked at it sideways.


He had to admit once again that Evelyn was talented in designing.

The color of that garment was vivid and it was full of three-dimension effect,really eye-catching.

Evelyn heard his compliments and was about to be modest , but her stomach growled at this time.

The sound was not small, she promised Lucas must have heard it.

Suddenly her face flashed embarrassment.

“Are you hungry?”

Lucas did not laugh at her, but asked softly.

Evelyn nodded awkwardly.

“A little bit.”

She had eaten little in the Morgan family. After working hard just now, she naturally got hungry quickly.

Lucas said nothing, just let her go downstairs and told the maid to make something to eat.

Evelyn didn’t refuse, nodded and went away.

When she reached the kitchen, the maid had already gone home.

She didn’t intend to trouble others, so she planned to cook by herself.

However, when she opened the refrigerator, she was a little dumbfounded.

There were much raw food inside, so she didn’t know how to start.

She didn’t believe that there weren’t fast food in this big kitchen. She started a rummage and finally found some noodles.

“it’s so great to see you, or I’ll stand the hunger all the night.”

She was ready to make some noodles for herself, and suddenly she thought of Lucas who was still upstairs. It had been so long since dinner, he should also be hungry now!

Moreover, she found he also had eaten little in the Morgan family.

Thinking about this, she went upstairs to ask.

“Lucas, do you want to have something too?”

Lucas was a bit surprised when he heard this.

He subconsciously looked at the time on his mobile phone and said: “The maid should get off work now!”

“Yeah, I plan to cook by myself, just thinking that you ate little at night, so I come to ask you.”

Without thinking too much, Evelyn said. However, her answer amazed Lucas, so that he squinted at her doubtfully.

Because he had never heard that Miss Davis could cook.

It was rumored that this lady’s life was really luxurious, not only in the Hawk family where she married into , but also in her own family.

Evelyn didn’t know that he was once again doubting her. Seeing him was in silent, she asked again.

“Would you like some noodles?”

Lucas collected himself, looked at her seriously and responded: “Yes, please!”

Evelyn nodded, then she turned and went downstairs to prepare. She did not notice the strangeness of Lucas, nor felt that there was anything wrong to cook by herself.

She must be starve to death !

Instead, looking at her back, Lucas seemed to thought of something, put down the magazine and went down stairs.

When he came to the kitchen, he saw that Evelyn had already dressed apron and skillfully preparing the ingredients on the cabinet.

Wash and cut the vegetables and the meat, cook oil, put noodles, every step was clear, so she must often cook.

Soon, two bowls of fragrant noodles were put on the table.

They were good in color, flavor and taste, which stunned Lucas and suspicion was full of his mind.


Evelyn still didn’t find the strangeness in his eyes, she just gave the chopsticks to him and asked him to eat.

Lucas came to himself, darted a look at her and sat down to eat.

His movements were very elegant, just like an ornamental art, which amazed Evelyn very much.

He did indeed come form an illustrious family and was well educated in good etiquette. Even he ate noodles more elegant than she did.

“How do you like it?”

Seeing Lucas put down the chopsticks, she asked subconsciously.

Lucas looked at her intricately: “Not bad.”

“Thank you.”

Maybe because she was praised by him, Evelyn bowed to her noodles satisfactorily.

Since she was hungry, she eat very fast.

Lucas always observed her, and suddenly pretended to inadvertently ask: “Do you often cook at home?”

“Well, I used to do it, I…”

Evelyn consciously answered, but before she finished, she found she had exposed herself.


Lucas seemed not to find her change, and continued to ask.

Hearing the words, her eyes flashed confusedly and looked at him.

“I… I didn’t used to eat out when I was in college, so sometimes I would cook food myself.”

Lucas glanced down at her uneasy look and continued: “Can you only cook noodles?”

Evelyn heard this and didn’t know whether he believed her or not. She had to persisted: “Yes, I can only cook this because it is the easiest.”

Hearing this, Lucas suddenly smiled.

“It’s already great to cook noodles, and now few girls can cook.”

After hearing his words, Evelyn couldn’t resist relaxing herself.

He seemed to believe in her words.

She answered casually while was thinking, after that, she bowed to concentrated on eating noodles.

Lucas watched her eating noodles, and closed his eyes slightly.

Of course he had noticed the woman’s upset. She seemed to conceal something,which made him feel strange, but he couldn’t figure it out right now. Therefore, he had to stop doubting and observed her later.

Evelyn did not know the suspicions in his heart, but the exposure made her very guilty, and now she was afraid to stay with Lucas.

Therefore, she quickly finished eating, found an excuse that she had to finished the last step of the garment, and went upstairs in advance.

After returning to the room, she subconsciously patted her chest and warned herself: “It’ s so dangerous tonight, I almost exposed myself, and I must be cautious next time!”

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