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The Headmaster Alpha’s Mate Chapter 10

Chloe sat in the English literature class, they were told to read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. As the letters danced before her eyes, Chloe pushed the book to one side, unable to concentrate or make sense out of the old fashioned English text, frustration began to claw at her. She had to concentrate so hard on trying to un muddle the words, and make them readable, that she had no enjoyment in the book. People had told her how when they read a book they saw a picture in their eyes playing out almost like a film, Chloe had never had that experience, not once, and she hated having this disability even more, as Nicky was evidently loving the story.

Mr Kyle the English teacher approached her desk.

‘Great, he is going to give me s**t for not reading’ Chloe thought to herself.

Bending down in front of her desk, he offered Chloe a soft smile.

“Are you struggling?” he asked his voice barely above a whisper. Chloe looked away from him, not wanting to answer because of her frustration.

“Did they ever give you coloured film to help the words stay in place at your other school?” he asked.

“Yes, a green film, it made no difference whatsoever, it is like it is all jumbled up, then the letters decide to dance the f*****g can can on the page” Chloe huffed

“I will let the swearing go, just this once, because I know you are frustrated, however, did they try with a yellow film? that tends to help better when the letters move about” he smiled then placed a small yellow piece of plastic over the text.

“I can read on computers better than books” Chloe sighed out, wishing she could read everything via ebooks.

“I know, but try with the yellow film, if it doesn’t work, we will try something else for you” Mr Kyle encouraged her.

Chloe nodded, then looked down at the book, sure enough the letters seemed still, and less jumbled, it wasn’t perfect, but a lot better than before.

“it is a little better” Chloe admitted

“Good, now just take your time, you will get this Chloe, and remember Dyslexia doesn’t make you dumb, after all, Einstein was Dyslexic.” Mr Kyle smiled then returned to the front of the class.

Nicola looked over to Chloe and offered a smile of encouragement, before returning to her work.

After managing to read, and understand two whole pages, the bell rang for lunch, as Chloe grabbed her books and placed them in her bag, she walked over to Mr Kyle’s desk to return the yellow film.

“It seemed to help” he stated with a small upturn of his lips

“It did, managed two pages, and understood most of it” Chloe nodded

“Then keep the film, use it in all your lessons” Mr Kyle grinned pleased that he was able to help the young girl.

“Thank you, Sir” For once in her life, Chloe genuinely thanked her teacher.

Chloe headed over to the waiting Nicola by the door, and they headed down the corridor towards the dining hall.

“I wonder if Ursula is going to give us more s**t because she got into trouble” Nicola pondered out loud.

“Bring it on, I will never start a fight, but I sure as hell will not back down from one” Chloe shrugged.

Nicola giggled at her, as Ethan jumped around them like an excited puppy.

“Hey, you seem happy” Chloe smiled at the younger boy.

“I am, It is the full moon party in five day’s time, and I cannot wait” He gushed excitedly

“You normally hate them” Nicola pointed out.

“Not this time, I have accessed my wo…full potential, so after the full moon, they will re house me” Ethan’s grin was wide.

“Cool, but we are going to miss you being around here” Chloe smiled at him, other than Nicola and Josh, Ethan was the only other person to bother with her, and with his happy go lucky personality he was a ray of sunshine in her life.

“I will still be about, and it won’t be long before you are both rehoused, I am sure” Ethan grinned.

“It will be a while for me, I just got here, and already in the s**t” Chloe giggled.

As they walked into the dining hall, Chloe scanned the room, to see where uptight Ursula was sitting, however finding no trace of her, she wondered if she still had that joy to come.

“Nicki, come sit with me, look I have organised a table in the centre of the room, where any person from any house can sit, as long as everyone is respectful to each other” Josh grinned over at his mate.

Nicola looked to Chloe who nodded, and they went with Ethan to the centre table, where Josh sat with Gav his best friend, and a girl who Chloe had not yet been introduced to.

“Hi, I am Delphine, I am from the Blood Moon house, nice to meet you both, and might I say, that was bad a*s what you did yesterday, I am so glad someone put that stuck up b***h in her place…in fact a lot of us are” Delphine smiled at Chloe.

“Oh, that reminds me, Mrs Black said to tell you when you are finished lunch to make your way to the office, the headmaster wants to see you” Josh smiled

At the mention of the headmaster, Chloe once again was filled with a nervous excitement, and a strange warmth filled her. Chloe swallowed, she needed to get her teenage hormones in check, because she had questions for him, and she was going to stand her ground until he gave her answers.

Finished with her food, Chloe took a deep breath and headed out the dining hall, the closer she came to the office block the more her stomach flipped in excitement and anticipation, the feeling of joy and happiness enveloped her as she approached Mrs Black.

“Hello Chloe, you can go straight in, it is the office just passed mine” Mrs Black smiled

Chloe nodded, unable to fathom why she felt so happy about getting into trouble with her new headmaster. As she knocked on his door and waited for his response, once more her body decided to become ultra aroused and, and she inwardly shook her head at her hormonal response to the man.

“Come In” Zander’s voice echoed through the air, his own excitement rushing through his body like a tidal wave.

As Chloe entered his office, he felt like he had been sucker punched as all his breath left his body. She was stunningly beautiful, her long black purple and lilac hair hanging to her waist, her skirt turned up a little too much for regulations, sitting at the top of her thigh, showcasing her shapely long legs, her ample bust straining against the buttons on her school blouse, her n*****s visible hard underneath. It took every last ounce of his self-control not to rush over to her, hold her in his arms and kiss the life out of her.

“First things first, your skirt is too short, adjust that before you head back to class” Zander stated, not wanting any other wolf looking and lusting after what was his.

“Secondly, just to let you know, Ursula is no longer head girl, I do not tolerate bullying, she has also lost her place in Full Moon, a person who seeks to lead by violence is not a true leader”  Zander continued, desperately trying to treat her like another student, and not his mate.

Chloe looked on, mesmerised by his amber glowing eyes, her body felt like it was on high alert as she battled the urge to run into his arms, and snuggle up to him.

“Good I am glad” she breathed out, her heart beating fast in her chest, the scent of him surrounding her driving her hormones crazy.

“Now, I understand you were defending your friend, but you cannot react like that Chloe, tipping the tray of food over her head was not the best response to what was happening” Zander scolded her slightly.

Feeling soothed rather than scolded by his words, Chloe had to take a breath she needed answers, but being in his vicinity was distracting her.

“I understand, but she was humiliating Nicola, she physically assaulted her by pushing her to the ground, she fell over her skirt rode up humiliating her. I know what you are saying, but I could not stand back and watch a fellow student being bullied just because she is a member of Eclipse house, or because the boy Ursula fancies prefers Nicola. Sir, I would never start a fight, but you should know, no matter what you do, I will never back down from one either.” Chloe answered

“Believe it or not, I commend that about you, but rules are rules Chloe, and I will not hesitate to discipline you properly if you do something like this again” Zander answered

“Okay, but before you dismiss me, I think you need to answer some of my questions, like what the hell are you doing here? How did my father get a job in your company? How is a man no more than 24 a headmaster at a school, and why did you growl at me in the shopping centre?” Chloe asked folding her arms across her chest, to show she meant business.

A small smile teetered on Zanders lips, as he watched his determined mate.

“Firstly, I am older than I look, secondly, I work here in case you didn’t notice, thirdly, if I said it was coincidence would you believe me?” he asked

“Not on your life” Chloe shrugged determined not to be fobbed off.

“Okay, well, I saw potential in you that day, at the supermarket, I did some research, and found out your father was exactly what we needed in our company, so had our team offer him the position. I wanted you here Chloe, where I can get the best out of you, you are more than what you have been made to believe, and you will achieve greatness” Zander answered as honestly as possible.

“So why the growl?” Chloe asked.

“That is a question for another time” Zander answered softly, he would answer her honestly once she was eighteen and he was able to date her, and gently inform her of what he was, and who she is to him.

“No, you can tell me now” Chloe stated determined to get her answers.

“Chloe do not push me, I will discipline you” Zander growled out, his length twitching at her determination.

Chloe rolled her eyes, it seemed by the way he said discipline he liked the idea.

“What, you going to go back fifty years, and take me over your knee and spank me” Chloe said, then placed her hand over her mouth, she did not mean to say that out loud.

At Chloe’s words, Zander’s last thread of control left him, as Caesar took over and he stalked around his desk towards her. Chloe gasped, her body lighting up at his close proximity, as he took a strand of her hair and placed it gently behind her ear, his eyes wide, and almost black. Chloe felt her panties become wet, as Zander sniffed the air around her before leaning into her and whispered.

“That could be arranged”

Chloe had to cross her legs as suddenly all she could think about was him bending her over his knee, and how much she would enjoy it.

Mate is perfect, she likes the idea of us punishing her, I want mate Caesar growled excitedly inside Zander.

“Chloe, you really need to leave now” Zander all but whispered, desperate to kiss her sweet red lips, he knew any more and Caesar would gain more control, and age limits did not mater to his love sick horny wolf.

Chloe gulped, then silently nodded. Then as Zander took a step back, she took a breath and walked out of his office.

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