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The Headmaster Alpha’s Mate Chapter 11

Chloe walked back to her friends in the yard in stunned silence, shocked that she had vocalized the inner most thought that had instantly come into her mind, it was like her ability to filter had left her completely. Her body was still covered in goosebumps from where her headmaster had stood so close to her, and her mind playing over the encounter again and again. She could not believe he had placed a strand of her hair so lovingly behind her ear, she was sure he had kissed her head that morning, and she could not help but wonder if the attraction and pull she felt towards him was not just one sided. As she approached Nicola, she shook her head in embarrassment and dismay.

“Hey how did it go?” Nicola asked, concerned for her friend

“Okay, apart from me making a total tit of myself” Chloe sighed out, her face heating from the memory.

“What happened?” Nicola asked

“I will tell you in the dorm” Chloe whispered, not wanting anyone to overhear her humiliating experience.

Josh approached them his smile wide as he looked at Nicola, he was followed by his best friend and future beta Gavin, along with Liam his future Gamma, and Kris his future Delta.

“Hi, do you guys want to hang out round the training ground after school, before I take Nicki for our picnic?” Josh asked with a smile.

Josh knew what he was doing, and his brother could thank him later. Zander personally trained all the junior high ranking wolves of the pack, and tonight it was hand to hand combat training in human form, a chance for Chloe to see her mate in nothing but a pair of shorts as he wrestled with the guys, and an opportunity for Zander to show his prowess in the field of combat.  He also hoped Nicki and Chloe could pick up some tips on self defence, they would need to start training the moment they found out about the pack, and who they were destined to be. Although Josh knew if Zander and Chloe had pups he would no longer be first in line to take over the pack, he had once had the conversation with his brother, and if that happened, because the pack was becoming too big, and with the school to run on top of that, Zander had a plan to obtain some of the neutral land between the crescent moon pack and Silverback pack, to form a detachment pack, for those who felt they would not fulfil their potential in such a large pack. The detachment would be ran by Josh as the Alpha, to make the numbers more manageable, and would give every wolf an equal and fair opportunity to flourish. This would in affect make Zander an Ultima wolf, higher than his current Alpha Status, but not a king. Kings were born or mated to the Royal blood line only, but and Ultima wolf was still mighty and powerful, and had oversight over more than their own pack. That was why Zander had travelled to the north of England to gain backing from the alphas there, along with others in Scotland, so that when he presented the idea to the council he already had backing in place, making the whole transition easier to push through.

“Yeah, that would be cool” Nicki smiled up at Josh lovingly.

Smiling down at his mate, he placed his arm around her shoulders, it was pointless trying to hide from everyone the fact that Nicki was his mate, the rumour mill had already guessed as much the moment he distanced himself from Ursula, and Nicki a human had arrived at the School, and given the best dorm that was available.

“Yeah, I would like to see how you train” Chloe agreed, she had been interested in learning self defence and wondered if she could pick up some tips.

“But first, Nicki and I will head to our dorm and get changed” Chole added, wanting to talk to her best friend about what had happened in the headmaster’s office.

“Deal” Josh smiled.

“Yeah, you can watch your boyfriend get his a*s handed to him by me” Gav grinned

“Oh please, you wish” Josh rolled his eyes.

“Please, I will beat the lot of you” Liam stated playfully pushing Gav.

Chloe shook her head with a smile

“Boy’s, I don’t care how tough you all think you are, you will all fall to the floor with a swift knee in the nut sack” Chloe laughed

“Oh, hear that boys? the girl laid down a challenge” Kris teased.

Chloe laughed and shrugged her shoulders at him.

“Tell me I am not wrong though” she teased

“She has a point, especially with what I am packing” Gavin laughed

“Oh please, if you lot are going to have a ‘my d**k is bigger than you d**k’’ contest we are out” Chloe rolled her eyes.

“OOO Gav feel the burn” Liam laughed

The bell rang to indicate break time was over, and Josh walked alongside Nicola his arm still protectively around her shoulder, as Chloe followed behind with a small smile on her lips. Kris and Liam stood either side of her, both vying for her attention, as hot as they were, and under any other circumstanced Chloe would be dizzy with happiness at having two extremely good looking boys flirting with her, but she was not in her normal frame of mind. She found it more annoying than enjoyable, and her mind filled with the image of her headmaster, and his words about arranging to spank her backside, making her heartbeat speed up, and her arousal begin to pool out of her.

With their werewolf smell, Kris and Liam noticed Chloe’s scent, and both of them wondered if it was because of them, they knew she wasn’t their mate, they were 18 and yet to find the one fated to them, but hell they were still men, and they would happily entertain the beautiful, cool, and sexy human anytime she wanted.

When the days teaching was done, Chloe and Nicki headed up to their dorm to change before joining Josh and his friends on the training field at the side of the school, as soon as they closed the door to their room behind them Nicki looked at Chloe with a smile.

“So, spill, what happened with the headmaster?” Nicki asked the question that had bugged her all afternoon.

“s**t, it was humiliating” Chloe blushed as she remembered

“What was he really angry with you?” Nicki asked eyes wide

“No, he made sense about how I should have delt with it better, it wasn’t that, it was when he said about disciplining me, I must have remembered our conversation, and well, before I could stop myself I said, what are you going to bend me over your knee and spank me” Chloe blushed, then hid her face in her hands.

Nicola burst out laughing at her friend.

“Oh my word! I am sorry, for laughing, but that is funny, you have to admit” Nicki giggled

“Yeah, if it were anyone else but me” Chloe giggled in response

“What did he say?” Nicki asked

“He kind of came over to me, placed some of my hair behind my ear then whispered ‘that could be arranged’” Chloe whispered.

“You are kidding me?” Nicki said open mouthed with shock.

“Nope” Chole replied popping the ‘p’

“What did you do?” Nicki asked shocked

“Stood looking at him whilst imagining it, and got myself flustered, until he whispered you should leave now Chloe, it is so humiliating, it was like he knew I was fantasising about it” Chloe groaned

“Hey, but he is Hot, not as hot as Josh, but still, I bet a lot of the girls here have had fantasies about him, so don’t stress it” Nicki smiled reassuringly.

At the thought of other girls fantasising about the Headmaster, Chloe instantly felt anger in her stomach rising up, she really did need to calm herself down, her little crush was becoming a problem she could not contain.

“Come on, let’s get changed and head out to the field, it is still hot, I am going to were shorts, and a T-shirt” Nicki smiled,

“Yeah, I will put my denim shorts on as well, and my purple vest top” Chloe smiled.

“You love purple” Nicki laughed

“I do, always have, it kind of gives me comfort, as crazy as that might sound”  Chloe admitted

“Well, I think that is cool” Nicki smiled.

The girls walked out onto the training ground and sat down on the side of the field cross legged. Josh gave Nicki a big smile as he stretched out his muscles ready for training. Liam and Kris both waved at Chloe, each of them thinking they stood a chance with her after smelling her arousal earlier.

Chloe gasped, as Zander walked onto the field, his hard tanned muscled glistening in the afternoon sun, the ink on his bicep was of a crescent moon, and on the left hand side of his chest was the image of a wolf, her heartbeat became so loud she thought everyone would be able to hear it even from across the field, as she sat staring at him.

As Zander walked out onto the field, he smelt the captivating scent of hyacinths and lilies from his mate who sat on the field. His heart leapt in his chest, as Caesar’s ears pricked, and tail wagged inside him.

“Mate is here, she can see what a strong Alpha we are”

“Josh, did you organise them being here” Zander asked his brother

“Yeah, you can thank me later” Josh grinned at Zander

“This is not a good idea Josh, you know how rough we get” Zander whispered.

“It will be fine, they need to start to understand” Josh shrugged, his mate was so close to her birthday now, he wanted her fully prepared, because if she accepted what he was, and that she was his mate, he wanted to mate and mark her as soon as possible after her birthday.

Chloe and Nicki watched on as Zander and Josh fought with each other.

“Geeze, I thought this was just training” Nicki said, as Zander wrestled Josh to the ground with a thud.

Something inside Chloe became really happy when she saw him beat Josh every time, her stomach felt like something was running around in circles inside it.

Liam and Kris walked across the field towards Chloe and Nicki, both sat down either side of Chloe, giving her a grin.

“You came to see the hot boys work out” Liam asked with a wink

“Well, if I did I was disappointed” Chloe said with a shrug making Kris laugh as he tried to put his arm around her shoulder.

Zander saw what the boys were doing, and Caesar began to take control, rage consumed him, as a low menacing growl echoed across the field, making everyone halt and bare their necks.

Chloe gasped at the sound, and once more she became aroused, her body flushed, goosebumps erupted all over her skin, and pride rose up from her stomach coming directly from the feeling of something running around inside it.

“TWEEDLE DUM AND TWEEDLE t**t, GET YOUR ARSE’S OVER HERE, LET ME SHOW YOU HOW TO HANDLE TWO ATTACKERS” Zander bellowed out, losing his control over Caesar.

Instantly Liam and Kris stood up, both recognising the alpha tone of Zander’s wolf, and gulped.

Walking out onto the field, they got into an attack position, and launched for Zander.

Chloe gasped, as she saw both boys fly halfway across the length of the field, each of them landing with a thunderous thud, as they lay flat on their backs, hardly moving, she watched on in horror, as Zander rushed towards them, the growl still coming from his chest, as Josh ran over to him to try and stop the attack he knew was coming from Caesar towards his friends who had flirted with his mate.

Instantly Chloe jumped to her feet, and ran towards her headmaster, acting purely on instinct, she touched his arm, as sparks washed over her body, Caesar instantly stopped his attack and looked down at his brave strong and beautiful mate, her presence calming him down.

Placing a hand on his hard muscled, chest, Chloe looked into Zanders eyes and whispered softly.


Zander looked between his mate and the boys who were waiting to be pummelled into the ground, and slowly the rage he felt disappeared, and he offered Chloe a soft smile and nodded.

“I am okay Chloe, go back and sit with Nicki, this is just training, it gets rough, don’t worry” Zander whispered softly, trying to make up a valid reason for what his human mate had just witnessed.

Resisting the urge to wrap her arms around him and snuggle into his chest, Chloe nodded and made her way back to Nicki, when she was out of ear shot, Zander turned to the boys and with a low growl whispered out.

“Do not touch or flirt with what is mine ever again!”

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