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The Headmaster Alpha’s Mate Chapter 14

Seeing Chloe begin to become upset and confused, Zander pulled her closer to him, allowing the mate bond to sooth and calm her.

“Chloe, you have had a shock today, everything you though you knew has been turned on its head, I think you need to sleep, rest, let your brain digest everything.” Zander whispered softly.

Chloe looked into the amber eyes of her mate, and shook her head, she was not some fragile little girl, and she wanted answers, she needed more than anything to know who she was.

“Zander, what time is it in Japan?” Chloe asked

“It is nine hours ahead, so 05:23 tomorrow morning” Zander answered, feeling the determination through the bond.

“But Chloe, you need to rest, we should deal with this tomorrow” Zander sighed, worried about how she was going to implode if she had any more surprises tonight.

“Look Headmaster, Alpha, Wolf, Mate, whatever you are, I get you are used to being in charge, but this is about me, my life, so guess what, do me a favour and get me a laptop, I need to see and speak with my parents.” Chloe growled out, she needed the truth, of what they knew or didn’t know.

Stroking her back to keep her as calm as possible, Zander mind linked Lacy Black.

Lacy, I could do with a little help with my mate, also a laptop, something has come to light, and against my better judgement she wants to confront it now.

I will be right with you Zander, but if you want my advice, let her deal with whatever she wants to in her own way, she has had a hell of a shock. Lacy responded.

“Chloe, Lacy, or Mrs Black, as you know her, is bringing you a laptop” Zander told her hoping it would calm her down.

“What how?” Chloe furrowed her brows at him

“I mind linked her” Zander whispered softly

“You what now?… you know what, doesn’t matter, I just need to speak to my mam and dad” Chloe sighed tears forming in her eyes.

Zander held her to his chest.

“Sniff my neck Chloe it will help keep you calm” Zander told her

Looking up at him, something inside her felt reassured at the thought of inhaling his sent from his neck, giving in to the feeling she placed her head in the crook of his neck and inhaled, allowing the sandalwood and musk to invade her senses, as she did a peace wrapped around her like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s eve.

“Better?” Zander asked, as Chloe nodded.

“Okay, well here is the deal, I do not want to leave you alone when you do this, my wolf will go crazy from worry, and to be honest, so will I, so I will stay with you, I can sit on the couch just over there if you like?” Zander sighed out

“No, you can stay right here, with me” Chloe whispered out

“Are you sure, it may be a shock to your parents” Zander warned

“Not if they know what I am” Chloe sighed

A knock at the door disturbed them, and Lacy walked into the bedroom.

“Hey Chloe, I know you have a lot to digest, would you like me to stay with you?” Lacy asked kindly

“No but thank you” Chloe offered a small mile.

“As you wish Luna” Lacy bowed her head and left.

Another question invaded Chloe, what was a Luna, but she placed it to one side in her mind, she knew she had a lot to discover, but nothing mattered now other than contacting her parents.

Taking out her phone, Chloe rang her parent’s number, and waited for them to answer. Her mother’s sleepy voice answered the phone.

“I need a teams meeting with you and dad right now!” Chloe snapped.

“Chloe, what is going on, what did you do now?” her mother asked with a sigh

“Team’s now, I will contact via a laptop” Chloe said then hung up the call.

Opening up the laptop, Zander entered his personal log in, then sent a team’s meeting link to her parent’s email, then passed it over to Chloe.

Going to move off the bed, Zander felt his mate’s hand on his thigh, his body instantly reacting with sparks that went straight to his groin. Closing his eye’s he tried to get his body under control, this was not the time to have this reaction to her. Chloe’s eyes scanned the evident bulge in Zanders jogging bottoms and gave him a small smile.

“Glad I am not the only one” She chuckled slightly, when the face of her parents appeared on the screen, both still in bed, and looking extremely sleepy.

“Mam, Dad, we need to talk” Chloe began.

“Erm, yes we do who is that half naked man in bed beside you?” Chloe’s mother shouted

“Oh, sorry, I forgot you didn’t meet him, this is my headmaster” Chloe sighed out in frustration.

“Why is he half naked, and on a bed with you? Chloe what is going on?” Her father asked, clearly annoyed at seeing his daughter with a half naked man.

“That is a very good question, what is going on?” Chloe spat out, anger filling her, who were these people, were they even her real parents?

“You are not making sense Chloe” her mother sighed.

“Okay, well, this is my headmaster, Mr Zander Colton, who as it turns out is my MATE” Chloe shouted the last word.

Diane and Bill Hancock visually paled and gulped.

“Mate, what do you mean by mate Chloe?” Diane softly asked

“Judging by your faces, you know exactly what I mean” Chloe replied, anger radiating through her.

“Oh GOD NO!” Diane placed her hand to her mouth.

“Yes, mother, so explain, why you didn’t tell me I am a f*****g werewolf?” Chloe shouted, giving in to her rage.

“Chloe, your dad and I are not werewolf’s honey” Diane whispered softly.

“But you knew I was, are you even my parents?” Chloe spat at the screen.

“Yes, we are your parents, and we love you so much. But no, we are not your biological parents” Diane sobbed out.

“Mr and Mrs Handcock, Chloe really needs a full explanation, and to be frank with you so do I” Zander interrupted.

“I never wanted this day to come, we have failed” Diane sobbed.

“What do you mean Mam, I need some answers?” Chloe shook her head, getting bored of going round in circles.

“Chloe, have you shifted yet?” Bill Hancock asked

“No” Chloe answered

“Thank God” Bill visually relaxed.

“You cannot shift, if you do, you will be in grave danger” Diane pleaded with her daughter.

“Okay, enough, who the f**k am I?” Chloe shouted.

Zander traced the different phases of the moon on her back to calm her down.  Chloe lent into his chest, tilting her head to his neck and took a deep breath to calm herself.

“Your father and I were unable to conceive children, years ago your Aunt Ida well she worked in Berwick upon Tweed, as a waitress. One day she met a man, your uncle Kurt, he was her mate, even though she was human. His Alpha wanted him to reject her, and he refused, and so was cast out of the pack. They went to the Royal family, who accepted them both into their service, where they lived happily. The king and queen were really kind to Ida, she really loved them. There was talk about a war coming, with Alpha’s who did not like some of the rules the King had put in place, to make slavery, and the forced rejection of fated mates irrespective if the mate was human illegal. Times were stressful, and the queen found out she was pregnant again. The King and Queen kept it a secret, from everyone, until the pregnancy was viable. I believe they had four boys, but the Queen had lost three babies after her last child was born. During an ultrasound, they found out that the child was a girl. Fearful that a princess would be hunted or forced to mate with one of the aggressive Alpha’s, they decided to keep the pregnancy a secret, until after the war was over.” Diane began the story.

“Your, mothers sister, your Aunt Ida, helped the queen cover up her pregnancy, werewolves are only pregnant for five months, and the day after the baby was born, War was declared. Ida, kept the baby with her, passing her off as her own, whilst her mate went to fight with the Kings warriors, however Kurt was killed, and the heartbreak of losing her mate, it nearly killed Ida as well. It was clear that the King and Queen may lose the war, two of their children had already been lost in battle, they were a lot older than the baby. The Queen begged Ida to keep the child hidden, to keep her daughter safe. As a human, Ida could not survive her mate’s death, and she knew she would die of a broken heart, so she bundled up the baby and brought her to us. That baby was you Chloe, you were six months old nearly seven months when we got you, and your parents died shortly after you arrived. Ida died three weeks after the Royal family lost the last battle and were all slaughtered.”  Bill continued, as Diane sobbed.

“So, I am a f*****g princess? My real parents dead” Chloe asked shocked to her core tears streaming down her face.

“Yes, Ida told us that your wolf would remain forever dormant as long as you never found your fated mate, but you would suffer side effects of not having your wolf, those are your ADHD, and the Dyslexia. Your name is Chloe, but we changed your birthday, to the day you arrived with us, then moved home so nobody would know you were not naturally ours” Diane explained.

“So how old is Chloe really?” Zander asked

“She turned 18 June 28th” Bill sighed out.

“She cannot shift!” Bill shouted out, fearful for his daughter.

“Why did you not tell me?” Chloe sobbed as Zander wrapped his arms around her holding her tight.

“Because you are in danger, if those Alpha’s find out you are a princess, and effectively the Queen of Wolves, they will not think twice about slaughtering you, or even taking you to strengthen their own blood line” Diane cried out.

Chloe shook her head, trying to make sense of the information she had been given, her mind in a whirlwind, she looked up to Zander, desperate for answers.

“Chloe, we will sort this, you were fated to me for a reason, I can and will protect you” Zander soothed.

“But your parents are right, for now, you cannot shift, nobody can know of your heritage” Zander sighed.

“I don’t know how to bloody shift anyway” Chloe shrugged, shifting was the least of her worries right now.

“No, you need to reject her, if she mates and is marked, then her wolf will become prominent” Bill shouted.

Zander let out a loud growl and pulled Chloe closer to him.

“I will never reject my mate, I have waited 87 years for her, she is MINE” he bellowed

“Woah, hold on, you are eighty f*****g seven!” Chloe scrunched up her face.

Zander let out a small chuckle.

“So… seeing me turn into a big black wolf, doesn’t phase you, finding out you are a royal wolf, well that seems to be okay, but you scrunch your face up when you find out I am 87” Zander smiled at her.

“Yeah, because that is like OAP age!” Chloe replied shocked to her core.

“Chloe, Wolves, well, we age very, very, slowly, once we hit 18 our aging almost halts, my father was over 300 years old when he was killed in the great war, protecting the King and Queen, it was the equivalent of 50 years old in human terms.” Zander tried to explain.

“So, I am going to live till I am three hundred?” Chloe asked

“Probably till around 550 years, as a royal wolf maybe even 600 years” Zander smiled.

“Cool” Chloe shrugged, happy with the answer.

“Chloe, do not get distracted by age, listen to us, you cannot shift, you cannot mate and mark her Mr Colton” Bill pleaded.

“Mr Handcock, she is my fated mate, and Luna of my pack, there is a reason for that. I agree we have to keep her identity a secret, however, it was clear tonight she is a wolf. But we will tell everyone her wolf is dormant, so even if she does make the shift, we will keep it a secret.” Zander offered his reassurance to Chloe’s terrified parents.

“No, you don’t understand, when she mates, she will get her natural royal hair, like all of the female royals, her hair will turn purple, like the queen!” Diane protested.

“Cool” Chloe grinned at the thought of naturally purple hair.

“If you had not noticed, you daughter’s hair is already purple, it seems her subconscious wanted her natural colour after all.” Zander stated

“Yeah, we can tell people I died it fully purple, there is no reason for them not to believe that of me, after all, I am a little weird” Chloe grinned.

“Chloe this is dangerous” Diane sobbed.

“You say that, yet you sent me here, did it not occur to you what was happening? After all the clue is in the f*****g school’s name!” Chloe growled out

“It did, but we spoke with other parents, Mr and Mrs Davis, there was nothing in what they told us that even suggested it was a werewolf school, so we thought it was coincidence” Diane defended their decision to send Chloe to the Crescent Moon Academy.

“Yeah well, guess what Nicki, their daughter is the fated human mate of Zanders brother, so they are in for a shock as well!” Chloe sighed in frustration of how stupid her parents had been.

“Mrs Handcock, Mr Handcock, firstly thank you for saving our princess, but with all due respect, she is my mate, and I will protect her, she is my everything, and there has to be a purpose we have met. I will take good care of her, she is mine now, your job is done.” Zander all but growled out.

“Mam, Dad, I love you, I kind of understand, but I will be fine, try not to worry, I know I am safe with Zander” Chloe snuggled into him, enjoying the peace, and sparks that he gave her.

“I assure you, we will keep to the birthdate you gave her, as that would make it impossible for the Queen to have given birth, it would be whilst she was fighting in the war, I will not mate with her until then” Zander said, as Chloe found her stomach dip at that, and she pouted at his promise.

“Please, think about this, do not do this, please reject her” Bill begged.

Zander let out a roar, then in his full Alpha tone, making the walls of the room shake under its power, he shouted


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