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The Headmaster Alpha’s Mate Chapter 16

“Chloe, please, it was before you, I told her it was never going to happen after I found you.” Zander pleaded.

“No! You had me sleep in a bed where you have had s*x with other women! I haven’t even kissed anyone, not even you! I am going back to school, I will eat breakfast there.” Chloe retorted, then grabbed her things and stormed towards the door, the pain in her chest making her feel nauseous.

“Chloe, wait, I will have someone take you” Zander shouted out to her.

“Don’t bother, I will find my own way” Chloe shook her head, pain radiating through her chest and stomach, her head pounding as she tried to contain the tears, as she walked out the door.

“Lacey, I f****d up, Chloe is going back to School, please make sure she gets there safe” Zander mind linked his beta’s wife.

“I will, but maybe her best friend will be better to go with her, can I ask what happened?” Lacey tentertivly asked.

“I told her about Louise, and that I had slept with others before I met her” Zander hung his head.

“Okay, it is good you were honest, but Zander, you have to remember she is just 18, this stuff matters to girls that age, she had a lot happen yesterday, give her time to calm down, I have linked Alpha Josh, he is sending Nicki to find Chloe now, he will take them both to School.” Lacey answered

“Thank you”

Zander sat on the edge of the bed, feeling like a complete failure of a mate, of course she would be upset, he knew if the tables were turned, he would be just as angry if not worse. He needed to fix this, but all his years of experience in teaching teenagers, never had one been his mate, and never had seeing anyone leave his room hurt so much. Fear that she would reject him began to consume him, as his body began to tremble at the thought of losing her.

Nicki and Josh found Chloe outside the pack house, walking towards the small path that led to the road.

“Chloe, get in, we are heading to school as well” Josh shouted.

“Oh, so he mind tricked you, or whatever it is, then?” Chloe spat

“No, Lacey did, look just get in the car, please Chloe” Josh pleaded

“Chloe, come on, Josh will drop us off, and we can have a chat in the dorm” Nicki softly pleaded with her stubborn friend.

With a large hurt sigh, Chloe got into the back of the range rover, as Josh sped off Nicki turned to her friend concerned for her.

“What happened?” Nicki asked, Chloe had been perfectly fine when she had left her to go see Josh.

“It hurts so bad” Chloe whimpered the burn in her chest still remaining.

“What does Chloe?” Josh softly asked, his brothers mate looked like she was in physical pain.

“Your brother” Chloe spat out, tears falling down her cheeks

“Did he hurt you?” Nicki asked, werewolf or not if Zander had physically hurt her friend there would be hell to pay.

“Yes, but not in the way you think” Chloe sighed realising by the look of horror Nicki presumed he had hit her or something.

“How did he hurt you, Chloe? It is important” Josh asked whilst trying to keep his concentration on the road ahead.

“Did you know he had f****d other women, and in his bed” Chloe sobbed out.

“Oh s**t, yes I did, but trust me they were nothing, a bit like having a wank when you are horny. Nothing like how he feels about you Chloe.” Josh side eyeing Nicki, they had the awkward ex talk last night, and although Nicki was a little upset about his confession she understood.

“Chloe, was it that woman from last night?” Nicki asked

“Yes” Chloe let out a small sob

“Chloe, listen, he killed the woman, and well, at least you do not have to see her at school every day!” Nicki glanced at Josh then gave him a small frown.

“What do you mean?” Chloe asked.

“I had s*x with Ursula, before I met Nicki” Josh admitted softly

“But she is only 17, I thought you lot had to wait until 18” Chloe said, confused

“If your mate is human, by law 18 makes a human girl in this country a legal adult, therefore it was decided that if you have a human mate, you wait until she is an adult, so she can make an informed decision. Between werewolf’s, although you do not know who your mate is until you are 18 you can have s****l relations from the age of 16 as long as you do not mark them.” Josh explained as best he could.

“Did you get burning pain in your chest when you found out, like really painful?” Chloe asked Nicki

“No, I was upset, but no physical pain” Nicki frowned then looked at Josh not understanding.

“Chloe, I am not taking you to School, we are going to see the Doctor, what you are experiencing is not normal” Josh said his face etched with concern.

“Zander, I am taking Chloe to see Andrew, she has physical pain in her chest, a burn. It sounds like the pain of infidelity, but how the f**k that is happening? Did you cheat on her last night?” Josh mind linked his brother angrily, before spinning the car round and heading back to the pack.

Zander was busy telling the omegas to take out every last bit of his furniture, to burn all the bedding when Josh mind linked him.

“Of course I didn’t!” Zander growled out in annoyance that his brother could even think he would do such a thing to his mate, or himself.

“Is she Okay? I will see you at the pack hospital, need to speak with Dr Keto anyway, we do not need her bloods analysing” Zander informed Josh.

“You i***t human, you have hurt our mate, now she might reject us” Caesar whimpered, his ears down and tail between his legs.

“Don’t say that, don’t ever say that, I will fix this” Zander growled out, then stormed out of his room leaving behind shocked omegas, as they began dismantling the room.

Zander paced backwards and forwards outside Andrew Keto’s office, his patience all but gone. Concern flowed through him like a tidal wave, his mate was not just emotionally distressed but in physical pain. It made no sense, if anything happened to her, he could not live with himself, or the pain.

Andrew walked out of his office and looked at Zander.

“Alpha, we need to talk, I finished the analysis on the Luna’s blood” he stated,

Zander followed Andrew into the room cursing himself for not stopping the blood work last night.

“Andrew, did you do it yourself or have someone else do it?” Zander asked, wondering how many people would realise the truth about his mate.

“I did it, don’t worry” the Doctor smiled knowingly

“I already know she is a werewolf with a dormant wolf, that became obvious last night.” Zander sighed, wondering what was taking Josh so long to get here.

“Zander, she has special ability genes off the chart, she will have at least three or four ability’s. Special ability Wolves’ normally have one. Only Royals have two, but Chloe she will have more.” Andrew informed him.

“That makes sense, this is confidential and does not leave this room, do you understand?” Zander growled at the doctor.

Andrew nodded his head, then looked at Zander waiting for and explanation.

“We found out Chloe is a royal wolf, a secret child of the king and queen who was given to humans to bring up in order to protect her, she is already eighteen. Until last night she had no clue, but a conversation with her human parents confirmed it.” Zander informed the doctor.

“Okay, well, let me see what is happening now with her, I believe she has arrived” Andrew nodded then left his office, followed by a distraught Zander.

Chloe walked down the hospital corridor, the pain in her chest began to ease off slightly, Nicki held her friend’s hand for support, as Josh followed.

Seeing Zander stood waiting, his face etched with concern, and pain, all Chloe wanted to do was run into his arms, but then she remembered he had caused her this pain. She knew she was being unreasonable, of course Zander would have had relationships with others, he was 87 years old, yet still she could not stop the jealousy eating at her, made worse by the physical burning in her chest. So, she resisted going to him, and walked right past him into the hospital room.

“Okay Chloe, I need you to tell me exactly what happened and when?” Dr Keto gently told her, as Nicki led her to the bed and sat her friend down.

Zander hovered in the doorway, not wanting to leave his mate, but not wanting to anger her further by walking into the room.

“Alpha, I think it best you wait outside, I need to do a full exam of your mate, and you may not like it” Dr Keto smiled.

Zander growled at the thought of another male touching his mate, even a doctor, when Josh placed his hand across his chest and pushed him out the door.

“Zander, wait out here, let him do his work” Josh shouted as he tried to resist.

“Say that when it is your mate he is touching” Zander growled possessively

“Nicki will stay with her, Zander you need to leave before you shift” Josh tried again to get his brother into the corridor.

As Josh pushed his angry brother into the hallway, he closed the reenforced door behind him, as Zander began to pace up and down the hallway.

After an hour of pacing, finally Dr Keto opened the door.

“You can come in now Alpha” he smiled

Zander barged passed everyone and ran to Chloe’s side, no longer caring if she wanted him there or not. Nicki got out of the seat next to Chloe, and walked across to Josh, as he held her to him.

“Let’s leave them to talk” Nicki whispered as Josh nodded and they stepped outside into the corridor.

Chloe looked at her mate, the pain had gone from her chest, the fury and anger had subsided, and although she was still a little hurt, it was not all consuming like it had been previously.

Zander ran his hand through his dark brown hair, and took a seat next to Chloe, he reached out for her hand, and breathed a sigh of relief that she allowed him to hold it, the sparks rushing up to his arm and through the whole of his body.

“So, what is happening to me?” Chloe asked the Doctor.

Andrew took a seat at the opposite side of her, then looked between his Alpha and Luna.

“Luna, what you experienced was the pain of infidelity. If a mate cheats on the other, they feel immense pain in their chest, almost like a heart attack. This normally only happens after mates are marked, through the increased bond. However, I believe this morning, when you found out about the Alpha’s past, that pain hit you, even though you are not marked. It is highly unusual, however, I believe from the Alpha you are a royal wolf, this in its self will increase the strength of the bond you share with your mate, even before marking.” Andrew began to explain.

“Do mates usually cheat?” Chloe asked, fearful of experiencing that pain again.

“No, it is highly unusual, but with some mates it does happen, normally if they have a chosen mate. 97% of mates will never even look at another person of the opposite s*x once they find their mate. The bond is very powerful. It is in all intense and purposes all consuming love at first sight.” Andrew explained.

“Also, some wolves had special abilities” Andrew continued

“Like Ethan, he healed my leg” Chole asked

“Yes, normal special ability wolves have one gift, Ethan is a healer, but there are seven gifts in total. Healing is one, Wisdom is another, where the wolf can give true and just judgment, they usually are the decision makers. Understanding, where the wolf can see beyond what is visible, and have a deep understanding of what is happening to a person or situation. Prophecy, this gift gives the wolf the ability to predict the outcome of things or warn of things to come. Courage, well that speaks for itself. Discernment, where the wolf will know if something is right or wrong, for example, they will be able to tell when someone is to be trusted or not. Lastly empathy, a Wolf can feel the emotional distress of another, and have a unique understanding of it”

Chloe listened intently, wondering where the doctor was going with this.

“Your blood work, showed you had multiple special ability genes, I predict you will have more than two gifts. I believe you have empathy as one, and because of that and your royal blood, your bond is stronger than any other normal mate bond, irrespective of being marked. You felt the physical pain of betrayal, even though your mates’ actions were before he met you.” Dr Keto surmised.

“Chloe I am so sorry, I know it is no excuse, but I had all but given up hope of ever finding you. Last night I never even gave it a thought about the bed. But even as we speak, I have a team pulling the room apart, you can choose all the decorations and furniture, and if that is not enough, I will happily change rooms.” Zander pleaded with her.

Chloe nodded, then smiled up at him.

“I am still a bit pissed about it, but the all-consuming jealousy and rage as well as the pain has gone now, I am sorry I overreacted.” Chloe sighed

“You didn’t, this was my fault, not yours. Plus, the feelings were not just yours, but those of your wolf as well, kind of like a double hit.” Zander took a strand of her long hair and placed it behind her ear.

“How many times, and how many partners?” Chloe asked

“Around 15 times in total, only ever once each” Zander hung his head

“in 87 years, I suppose it could have been a lot worse” Chloe smiled

“I forgive you” Chloe whispered, as Zander let out a sigh of pure relief.

“Doctor, you said about these gifts, I have always had a feeling in my gut about people, if they are real or not, it has always been right as well.” Chloe said.

“Discernment, I would suggest that is a gift, and one you have always had access to, probably your wolf’s way of protecting you from people who seek to harm you.” Andrew smiled.

“Cool” Chloe shrugged.

“We will know more when you shift” the doctor smiled.

“That is the problem, once she shifts it will become evident that she is a royal wolf, we need to keep that a secret for as long as possible, until she learns how to defend herself, therefore we are not mating and marking until her official birthday in six months, even though her real birthday was in June” Zander explained.

“That is wise, but I must warn you, she may well shift before that, now she has found you, her wolf will become more active”

Zander nodded, he had thought of that himself, especially this morning when she informed him, she had connected with her wolf in her dreams.

“Okay, well, thank you Doctor, and as discussed, not a word of this to anyone” Zander ordered.

“I understand, Alpha, Luna” Doctor Keto nodded then left the room.

“What now?” Chloe asked.

“Well, you get a day off school, you need to process everything, and I need to spend the day with you. I thought I was going to lose you Chloe, I have never felt fear like it” Zander sighed, wrapping his arm around her and pulling her to his chest whilst taking a deep breath of her scent to calm himself and Caesar down.

Chloe giggled slightly, as he sniffed her neck, then looked round at him.

“Thank you for changing your room” She whispered

“Well, we can spend the day in my office here at the pack house, I have lots to do, and you can decide what furniture you want in our room” Zander grinned.

“Our room?” Chloe questioned

“Yes, when you move into the pack house, or when you visit, it will be our room” Zander grinned.

“So, I get to do shopping?” Chloe asked eyes twinkling, she loved to shop

“Yes, anything you want Chloe” Zander chuckled.

“Get ready for the best, and weirdest room you have ever seen” Chloe giggled and clapped happily.

Zander burst out laughing, and scooped her up into his arms, placing a kiss on her forehead, before taking her hand and leading her to the pack house and his office to spend the day with her.

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