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The Headmaster Alpha’s Mate Chapter 17

Chloe sat down on the large white couch along the side wall of Zander’s office, as he walked around his black desk and logged on to his computer. With a smile, he handed Chloe a laptop, and black unlimited credit card.

“Okay little Luna, we will need everything from the paint done on the walls, all furniture, artwork, bedding, new bathroom” Zander smiled

“hold on, bathroom, I loved that bathroom, did you do anything with them in there?” Chloe asked her fingers crossed he hadn’t.

“No, honestly they never stayed past the finish post so to speak, they left instantly. However, one of the omegas, who I slept with around 30 years ago is a pack member” Zander added, with a sigh.

“Okay, well it was thirty years ago, has she ever tried it on since?” Chloe asked

“Once after, didn’t succeed, then never again, Caroline met her mate about 20 years ago” Zander reassured Chloe.

“Caroline who brought up my laundry?” Chloe asked, trying to remain calm, after all she had a mate now and was zero threat.

“Did she? Sorry Chloe, but yes, she is happily mated with pups, but I can find a new pack for them if it bothers you” Zander offered.

“No, I will suck it up” Chloe shrugged, attempting not to give in to the jealousy again, this time however there was no pain in her chest which helped.

“Okay, well if no hanky panky happened in your bathroom, can we keep it as it is please?” Chloe asked

“Sure, I will tell them to leave it” Zander smiled, and his eyes glazed over, before he looked at her again.

“Sorted” he said with a nod of his head.

“You know that is kind of creepy, can you read minds or something?” Chloe asked, hoping he had not read her mind when she had dirty thoughts about him.

“No, it is just a way for a pack to keep connected, works well when in wolf form, like a telephone line so to speak” Zander chuckled.

“Oh” Chloe smiled, more than a little relieved, then opened the laptop.

“So do you want to vet what I am buying and doing?” Chloe asked

“Nope, anything you want, I will love” Zander smiled.

Chloe spent a couple of hours, choosing a soft lilac colour for the walls, painted white wooden furniture, including another super king sized bed. White sheets and covers, with a lilac fleece through for the bottom of the bed and for the cold winter’s nights. Oil paintings of Hyacinths for the walls, along with a painting of a big black wolf. She worked happily, Zander noticed her concentration never wavered, and he wondered if it was because she was enjoying herself, or if she was able to manage her ADHD better when he was with her.

Finishing off reading his email from the council who approved the challenge to Alpha Aitchison, then starting on a plan for how he would integrate the packs when he won, he sighed at the amount of extra work he would have to do.

Maybe it is time for Josh and Jerry to have their own pack Caesar suggested

Zander inwardly nodded agreeing with his Wolf, although Josh would need help, he was more than capable of being an alpha over a small pack especially now he had found his mate.

Glancing over at his beautiful Mate, he saw a small frown on her face, her button nose scrunched up making him smile, she looked so adorable when she was concentrating.

“How is it going over there?” he asked her

“Good, but I cannot decide on a mattress, who knew there was so much choice?” Chloe stated whilst looking at all the different variation of mattresses, the technical information distracting her slightly. She was fine at picking out things that she visually liked but knowing what to choose for something like a mattress was confusing for her.

Standing up from his chair, Zander walked over to the couch, and sat next to her, then lifting her up effortlessly he placed her on his lap.

“Okay, so which would you have gone with?” he asked

“That one, purely because the stitching is pretty” Chloe sighed

“Well, this one here is the best, it is the most comfortable and will last the longest” Zander pointed to a mattress.

“Okay, we will go for that one” Chloe shrugged, and hit the buy now button, and entered the credit card details.

“Everything will be arriving in the next few days” Chloe smiled up at him

“Oh, and I have spent a small fortune, sorry” She grinned not sorry at all, it was partly punishment for her pain this morning.

“No you are not, and nor should you be” Zander chuckled, taking the lap top from her, then doing a quick calculation of the cost, it was not as bad as he thought, and a drop in the ocean in compared to the billions he had to his name.

“It is nearly lunch time, and you skipped breakfast, would you like to eat in the dining hall or with me here?” Zander asked

“Would you mind just here please, I am really not in the best frame of mind to see people just yet” Chloe asked shyly, plus, she liked having her mate all to herself.

“Do not mind at all, after lunch I have a little marking to do, then I was thinking we can go up to my apartment, spend the afternoon in my private lounge, and before you ask, nobody goes in there, ever, I even clean it myself” Zander grinned.

Chloe blushed as the thought of just the two of them in a private lounge did things to her body, that should be illegal.

Zander chuckled smelling her arousal, his mate had never been kissed, well that was going to change this afternoon, he just hoped he could control his other urges.

“Okay, so what do you want to eat, there is haggis and tatties” Zander smiled

“Nope” Chloe shook her head and scrunched up her face making Zander laugh.

“There is steak and cheese baguettes” he offered

Chloe smiled and nodded.

“Can I have a salad with it please?” she asked

Zanders eyes glassed over, and he nodded.

“It will be here soon” he smiled

“I still find that freaky” Chloe giggled.

Zander placed the laptop down on the coffee table, then pulled Chloe closer to him.

“You must have a million questions” he sighed out

“Just a few million, but for now, I need to digest what I have found out, I will ask you though when I can take more in” Chloe smiled.

A knock at the door disturbed them, as Caroline walked in with a large tray of the food along with cola and water. Zander felt Chloe stiffen slightly, he quickly began to draw the phases of the moon on her back which helped relax her slightly.

“There we go Alpha, Luna” Caroline smiled and bowed her head in reverence.

“Thank you, you can leave” Zander stated shorter than he would normally be with an omega, but highly aware his mate was feeling uncomfortable.

“Yes Caroline, Thank you” Chloe offered a smile, she knew in her gut this woman was not going to be a problem, and that helped calm her down.

After Caroline left the food on the table in front of Zander and Chloe, she left, happy her Alpha had found his mate.

“That was very mature of you Chloe” Zander smiled proudly at her

“I have my moments, not many, but some” Chloe giggled.

“You ordered the Haggis” Chloe looked at Zanders plate

“Yes, and you my beautiful little mate are going to try some” Zander chuckled, holding out a folk full as Chloe fused her lips together like a toddle refusing green vegetables.

“Open wide, little Luna” Zander laughed

“Just one small bite, come on open the tunnel for the choo choo train” Zander teased, whilst making train noises and bringing the spoon to her mouth.

Chloe burst out laughing at her strong Alpha headmaster, trying to feed her like a baby and Zander took full advantage, placing the folk into her mouth with a chuckle of his own.

As the Haggis entered her mouth, her tastebuds sprung into life, the herbs and spices making it the most delicious thing she had ever eaten. Her eyes wide, she smiled at Zander

“Swap?” she asked, grinning up at him

Zander laughed, his eyes glazed over, and soon Caroline arrived with a fresh portion of Haggis.

“Told you, it is amazing” Zander laughed.

“What about the sandwich, we cannot waste it, there are people without food in this world, and it is not right to throw this out” Chloe frowned slightly.

“You are quite right, however, your mate is a big bad wolf, and will eat the haggis and the sandwich” Zander chuckled.

“Well, you may well be the big bad wolf, but mine is purple which is cool. Did I tell you in my dream she told me her name was Sheba?” Chloe asked

“No, but that is really good, you should try and speak with her” Zander smiled

“Is that not like speaking to yourself?” Chloe asked

“No, but I get what you mean, her voice will be different to yours” He informed her.

“I will do that then, but not now” Chloe smiled.

Finished their food, Zander lifted Chloe into his arms, and carried her out of the office.

“I thought you had marking to do” Chloe laughed

“It can wait, this cannot” Zander grinned down as Chloe blushed slightly.

“I can walk you know” Chloe threw her head back laughing.

“I know, but I like to carry you” Zander shrugged with a smile.

They climbed the stairs to the top floor and walked down the corridor. Zander opened the door to a large living room, it had a dark blue couch in the centre, a TV with various games machines in the corner, grey blinds covered the window, and a grey bookcase filled with all types of books, covered the whole of the back wall.

Taking a seat with Chloe still in his arms, Zander smiled at his mate.

“Little Luna, there will never be anyone but you” he whispered

Chloe gasped at the intensity of his stare, then his face came millimetres from hers.

“We have had our first argument, now I think it is time for another first” he whispered out in a husky voice.

Chloe felt like time froze as his lips found hers, the kiss was soft and gentle at first and a million sparks ran through her body, and she gasped at the heady bliss she was feeling. Taking full advantage Zander poked his tongue into her mouth, as he relished in the taste of her. Everything before this kiss had been a poor imitation, as sparks ran through his body straight to his groin, as his beautiful mate’s tongue danced with his, she let out a moan of delight, as he growled into her mouth, his control hanging by a thread.

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