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The Headmaster Alpha’s Mate Chapter 72

The Crescent Moon packlands were a hive of activity, werewolves rushing from the different areas that were set up for the first day of the games. Chloe looked out of Cheryl’s bedroom window, a sense of pride washing over her, as she saw how well organised everything was. Although she could not really take the credit, it had been a joint effort with Lacey taking on the majority of the work herself. She still felt like they had all achieved something. In the distance, she saw the buses from the Silverback Pack start to arrive, and inhaled a deep breath.

“They are here.” she shouted over to Zander, then turned around to see him.

Instantly her breath was taken away, Zander stood in low-slung grey jogging pants, a white tightfitting t-shirt that showcased every bulging muscle, her eyes continued to trail up and down his body, as she thought how perfect her mate really was.

“See something you like, Princess?” Zander teased her.

” Maybe,” Chloe giggled in response.

Zander laughed, shaking his head, then reached over and took her hand.

“Well, I am going to find it difficult to concentrate with you in those yoga bottoms that make your backside look amazing, and that tight sports top that is doing exactly the same to your bust.” Zander grinned, allowing his own eyes to check out his beautiful mate.

“Let’s hope not, I really want you to kick a*s in the Alpha’s fighting contest.” Chloe sighed. That fight was for kudos and did not count towards the overall points, but with the situation that was brewing, they needed for Zander to not just win, but to annihilate the rest of the field.

“Don’t worry princess, I have got this, even before I mated and got royal strength I was odds on favourite to win. now with that extra boost, it is almost a done deal.” Zander grinned down at her, then placed a kiss on the top of her head.

“Right well, Delphine’s first match started in an hour, let’s go grab some breakfast and head out to support her.” Chloe stated, putting on her ‘game’ face, so that nobody could see her worries and fears.

Nicki and Lacey were sitting at one of the dining tables eating their bacon, sausage, egg beans and black pudding, as Chloe grabbed a bacon and mushroom sandwich and joined them.

“How was last night, Nicki?” Chloe asked, feeling a little guilty that the enemy packs were all staying on her land.

“Suprisingly quiet, I was just telling Lacey. The Ulswater lot were very subdued, and I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing. What about you guys?” Nicki asked.

” Yeah it was good, we managed to get everyone settled in, all seemed well. The Ronsey pack were delighted with being placed in the Alpha suit. They had not expected us to move out for them, which I think is a positive thing.”Chloe shrugged, however, she was learning not to count her chickens before they could hatch. Sometimes people will act one way to your face, but do something completely opposite behind your back.

Nicki paled slightly as she looked at the black pudding on her plate, then scrunched up her face and pushed it to one side, glaring at it as if it was the devil himself.

“Are you okay?” Chloe asked. She had never seen her friend refuse to eat black pudding before.

“Yeah, fine, just being really picky with my food the last day or so.” Nicki shrugged.

Lacey looked at the new Luna and gave her a smile.

“Really, have you been feeling sick at all?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.

“A little, I think I am coming down with something.” Nicky sighed, the last thing she needed was to have caught a bug when they had so much to do with sorting out the pack.

Lacey glanced over to Chloe, with a wry grin on her face.

“Maybe we should take you to see Andrew,” Lacey suggested.

“No, I am alright, it will pass in a moment.” Nicki sighed, taking a gulp of her water, and sitting back in her chair.

“Okay, well, if you change your mind let us know we will go with you.” Chloe added with a small frown, worried about her friend.

“I am fine, don’t worry. Anyway, we need to go and check the first aid stations, and make sure everything is set up at the hospital.” Nicki shrugged, then handed the plate with the offending black pudding to a passing omega with a grateful smile.

Chloe, Nicki and Lacey walked around each of the first aid points. Each pack had their own area of the ground’s allocated to them to get ready and prepare for the competition. They also had their own first aid station, which included their own healers, and a doctor, who could deal with the less serious injuries. Large tents for changing and preparing, and each of them had their colours hoisted up on a flag pole in front of their allotted area. Overall, the atmosphere was one of excitement, until you reached the area where Ullswater, Bewrick, Jorvick, Tynedale and Skye were setting up. Chloe felt like she could cut the tension with a knife when she went to greet them. It was very obvious they did not want her to visit, but she smiled even wider, and stayed a little longer to ‘Chat’ with them, knowing it was driving them crazy. As she walked away from the Ullswater pack’s area, a girl dragging large containers of water, and looking like her legs would give way under her, Chloe grabbed the water from her and instantly helped. The girl shook, as she looked up at Chloe, her eyes filling with tears. Chloe looked at the girl, she was clearly underfed and emaciated, her hair was unwashed and lay limply stuck to her face, her heart almost broke for the girl’s plight.

“Hey, when was the last time you ate anything?” Chloe asked.

“Three days ago, your highness,” the girl whispered, as if telling a state secret, and if she was caught the punishment was death.

Chloe quickly linked to Sandra in the kitchen,

“Some of the omega’s are literally starving from the other packs. Could you organize snacks to be delivered throughout the day just for them, as I think they are not allowed to enter the dining facilities by their Alpha’s orders.”

“Will do Chloe, I will make sure they get at least one decent meal per day whilst they are here.” Sandra responded,

Chloe turned to Alpha Ken.

“Alpha, I have arranged a special welcome for the helpers. Our Omegas will be circulating throughout the day to provide your Omegas and helpers with food and drinks.” she informed him.

“There is no need, we have that covered.” Alpha Ken spat.

“I absolutely insist.” Chloe smiled, her royal power infused in her tone giving him no option but to obey.

As they reached the Crescent moon area, Ethan sat with his yellow high visibility jacket on with Healer written on the back.Andrew would be busy at the hospital, should there be any serious injuries, so he was accompanied by Gordon, who was a newly qualified doctor working under Andrew for the pack.

“Hi, how is it going?” Chloe asked with a genuine smile.

“Yeah good, Delphine is raring to go. She is second up in the Female under 20’s category.” Ethan grinned, he was feeling a lot happier now his parents had been in touch with him.

As they stood chatting a hush descended around the field, and Zander appeared by Chloe’s side, Josh took hold of Nicki and Robin held Lacey close.

From the east side of the pack forest, six figures arrived. They walked in unison and with confidence.

That is the council, their representatives have arrived.” Zander informed her via mind link.

“Which one is Amanda Bines?” Chloe asked.

“She is not here, and they have arrived ahead of the official party. They are not due to arrive until tomorrow, when the adult games begin.” Lacey informed her.

Zander and Chloe linked hands and walked towards the approaching council members, closely followed by Josh, Nicki, Robin and Lacey.

“James, Janet, Ted, John, Peter and Hilda, what a pleasant surprise, we were not expecting you till tomorrow.” Zander’s confident voice rang out.

“We traveled ahead of the others. Might we go talk with you and your mate urgently?” James asked.

“We have less than fifteen minutes before the first fight,” Zander informed James. He wanted to support his pack members and students who were stepping into the ring first.

“It will only take us ten minutes,” Ted stated, his eyes looking directly into Chloe’s, but rather than disturb her, she felt a peace begin to surround her.

“Okay, we should all go to my office.” Zander nodded.

“Alpha, just you and your mate please, like, this is just a normal welcome.” Hilda asked, her voice almost pleading, and Zander nodded in response.

As they entered the office, Chloe tried to work out just how old these council members were. James had black hair, was around 34 years in human terms, so he was defiantly older than Zander, probably well over 150 years old, she thought. Ten looked like a spritley 70-year-old, grandfather type figure, he had a big smile, and Chloe thought his name suited him as he was like a cuddly human or werewolf version of a teddy bear, John looked a few years older than Ted, and was a head taller, but did not seem quite so mobile, Hilda looked to be in her mid fifty’s her hair perfectly styled and with a dark pink lipstick. Peter was again tall and lean, and seemed older than Hilda but not as old as Ted and John. Zanda walked around the back of his desk, and pulled Chloe onto his Lap.

“What can we do for you?” he asked, cutting straight to the chase.

James took a step forward, then smiled at Zander and Chloe before bowing his head.

“Your majesties, we have come to pledge our allegiance to the crown, and to offer our support and alliance with you both,” James said with reverance.

“Queen Chloe, I served under your parents, and it is my absolute honor to serve under you and your mate.” Ted smiled before bowing.

Each of the council members individually gave their offer of allegiance and pledged to serve both Zander and Chloe as King and Queen of the werewolves in the UK and Ireland.

Chloe stood aghast, surly things could not be this easy, but she could not feel any reason not to trust them in her gut.

“We also come with a warning. Oswald was killed a few days ago. Amanda Bines is attempting to spread a rumour that it was by the hand of your ambassadors. The council is split on the matter. Those of us who know the woman is out for her own gain and have not trusted her for a long time are standing here with you now. She has put herself forward to take over as head of the council. However, before she can do that, there will be a new election called. I fear she will use her time here to rally support for her own cause, and bring your legitimacy under question. We are all here to tell you that we will do what we can at government level to halt her progress.” John informed them.

“Thank you for your support, we would like to avoid a war if possible. All I care about is that all werewolves can live in peace, and have the freedom to mate with whoever is given to them, irrespective of rank or species.” Chloe stated, it was true she did not care to sit on a large golden throne, or have people worship at her feet.

“Just like your mother.” Hilda smiled warmly at Chloe and gave a nod of appraisal to her.

“We believe Amanda has consorted with Witches.” Peter added, his head bowed low as if this were a problem.

Chloe sighed, Hannah had already told her that she would never be affected by Witches or their curses, and she chose to believe her. After all, she had never said anything that was untrue.

“Do not give that power in your life, do not accept that they have a way to hurt, control or curse you, then it will never affect you. I do not fear them, and neither should anyone else.” Chloe declared with a soft smile, hoping they would all take on her words and not let evil intent harm them by being fearful of it.

“It is time for the opening game, and one of our pack members has been training almost all of her life for this moment, should we all head to the fighting area, and let the games begin.” Zander declared, and they all left the office to go see Delphine’s first fight.

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