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The Headmaster Alpha’s Mate Chapter 73

Delphine pursed her lips and blew out a long breath, placing her sound-canceling headphones over her ears. She closed her eyes to block out the distractions all around her. Slowly she lifted her arms into the air and began to stretch out her muscles, before bending over and grabbing her ankles. In one fluid motion she reached out to her front, controlling her breathing. A hand gently pressed on her shoulders, and with an exhale of breath she came back to her standing position, removing the headphones and placing them beside her towel and water. Grabbing a quick drink, Delphine moved to the front of The Cresecent Moon Fighters tent, as she waited to enter the fighting arena, she bounced on the balls of her feet, moving her head from side to side. The first round was the simplest, a one on one fight in human form. The winner was the one who did not tap out, or was not left unconscious by the end. Then the real tests would start, as she would fight multiple opponents, in human form, but those who would attack could be in their human or wolf form.

Delphine was confident, but still cautious. It would be stupidity to think any werewolf who entered the games was an easy win, no matter who you faced. That has been the downfall of many a strong competitor, who had believed their own hype only to forget that even getting into the ring with an omega could end in serious injury if you were not careful. After all, there were all werewolves, and even the weakest was dangerous in this supernatural world.

The MC whipped up the crowd into a frenzy as he introduced the contestants. The arcana had been split into four fighting areas for the initial rounds of the competition. Upon hearing her name, she walked out into her allotted area, and stood in the middle waiting for her opponent from the Berwick pack to make his entrance. Killion Morrison entered his eyes, never leaving the girl who would face him. She was tall, slim and athletic, but a girl would be no match for his skills. He was one of the best up and coming warriors of the Berwick Pack, a pack that was not weakened by allowing human mates, where ranking wolves actively rejected any omega mate to keep the bloodline strong. This was going to be an easy victory for him, and a small chuckle reverberated in his chest.

Zander and Chloe took their seats on the crescent moon stand, as the crowds cheered wildly. The pack members began to chant excitedly “Crescent, Crescent”, stamping their feet and cheering as Delphine entered the ring. The Silverback pack sat on the opposite side of the arcana, and soon joined in the chants for Crescent moon, as they did not have any contestants involved until the Alpha fight tomorrow, when Josh would enter the ring, along with Zander.

Chloe watched on filled with nervous excitement. She knew how important this was for Delphine, and although it was supposed to be a fun time, she was also acutely aware that his was also a show of strength, allowing each pack to showcase their talents, in the hope of inspiring fear into the other packs who may wish to attack them, or attempt some sort of take over.

Zander reached out, taking Chloe’s hand in his. The sparks from his touch helped to soother her nervousness, as she watched the areana below, hoping her friend would win the fight, but also hoping she would not be seriously injured during the course of the games.

Delphine listened to the referee, as he gave the instructions.

“Gouging and biting are allowed, kicks to the groin are also allowed. Remember to break on my command, the match is over when either of the opponents’ taps out or is rendered unconscious….. FIGHT.”

Delphine hunched down slightly, her eyes never leaving Killion. She had heard of this wolf, but never fought against him. He was part of the elite junior warriors from the Berwick pack, a good opponent, but she did not fear him. She had visited an underground fight club, knowing some of the men and women she would face frequented the place, and hiding in the shadows she had studied their moves, making mental notes. Killion tired easily, and once his energy was low, his fighting became sloppy, and so all she had to do was bide her time, and keep him moving around the arcana, and dodge his hits, then he would become an easy takedown.

Killion and Delphine circled each other, neither one making the first move. The crowds became restless as they each stuck to the plan of making the other strike first. Delphine kept watch on his stance, taking in what his body language was showing her, then as they circled once more she saw his biceps twitch, and she knew he was about to make his move.

Killion launched himself towards her, and Delphine easily dodged out of his way, as he grabbed hold of nothing but air. A low growl escaped his lips, as he turned and attempted to grab hold of her once more. Delphine side stepped, and watched as he fell to the floor with force, his face laid in the dirt. Jumping on top of him, she took hold of the hair on his scalp, and dragged him into a standing position, pushing him away from her and, with a smile, she beckoned him to try again.,

Humiliitated, Killion lost the ability to think tactically and rushed forward once more, in a desperate bid to show his prowess, only to land face first in the mud once more, his body becoming achy from hitting the ground at full force, and the b***h infront of him had not even landed a punch.

Zander nodded in approval as he watched Delphine in the ring. Patience was one of the key things a fighter needed. All too often, contestants would rush ahead, and not control the pace of the fight. It was equally true when in battle, the key was to conserve your energy, see the bigger picture, and whilst others rushed ahead, filled with adrenaline and nervousness, those who thought, planned and patiently waited for the other to spend their energy would often win without hardly fighting at all. It was abundantly clear to him that Killion was already hurting, and the ground beneath him was the one doing the damage.

Seeing Killion gasping for breath after the fifth time of him plummeting to the floor after yet another failed grab, Delphine decided it was time to finish this dance and dove on top of him. Her fists pounded into his kidneys, then taking hold of his hair once more, she lifted his head, wrapping her legs around his body and squeezed before taking him into a choke hold.

Killion fought for breath, his vision turning dark, small spots of multicolored lights flashed in his vision as he became limp in the hold, darkness taking over, as he passed out onto the ground.

Delphine did not break the hold, until the ref finally gave the order to break, then seeing the sprawled out body of Killion, he lifted Delphine’s hand into the air, and she was declared the winner as thunderous applause and cheers echoed around the areana.

The Berwick Alpha growled in disgust, and stood up from his seat, storming out of the stands, as the healers ran to Killion lifting his limp body and taking it to their tent in order to revive him.

Delphine walked back into the tent,as Terrance approached her, placing a warm towel over her shoulder.

“Good job, well thought out Delphine. You have got this girl.” he said whilst massaging her shoulders.

Delphined nodded in response, her eyes fixed onto the arcana, never losing focus on the task that was before her.

Chloe clapped and cheered as Delphine re-entered the arena.

“She is going to face two wolves in human form this round. They are the best of the losers from the last round.” Zander informed her.

“Two?” Chloe asked, as Zander gave a smile.

“Yes, if the pair win they will fight each other to progress to round three. If Delphine wins, she automatically progresses to facing a wolf round.” Zander informed her.

It was no surprise that Killion did not make the cut to redeem himself. He had succumbed without hardly any fighting. However, the two men that stood in front of Delphine had narrowly lost their bouts, and were seasoned fighters.

Delphine knew she had to change tactics. She had seen both these men fight before, and they would not be as easily manipulated as Killion had been. Secretly Delphine was glad, she was itching for a fight that would test her ability and strength rather than just her tactical awareness. However, to beat two opponents she was going to need both to be victorious and move onto the next round.

Chloe sat forward in her seat, her head resting on her hands, as her feet nervously bounced beneath her. Zander began to trace the phases of the moon onto her back, to help calm her nervousness, as she watched Delphine take on the two men. This fight was more bloody than the last, and Delphine had taken a couple of hits to her face and stomach. Chloe jumped to her feet, as Delphine took down one of her opponents’, then let out a gasp of despair as she saw the other grab at Delphine, in a bid to tear her off the man pinned to the ground.

Delphine felt her teeth clamping down onto her shoulder, as strong arms grabbed her by the waist. Suddenly she was airborne, as she was thrown away from the oponant she had almost knocked out. Twisting in the air, she landed hunched down, her knuckles on the floor, and her leg stretched out to the side. As the man who had thrown her bent to help the other, to get up from the ground, Delphine saw the opportunity and hurtled towards them at speed, using all their strength, running into them like a bowling ball. Grabbing the face of the man who had thrown her, she gouged at his eyes, partially blinding him, as she glanced to the side. She saw the other approaching fast. Delphine took a quick breath then jumped up, while still holding and gouging the eyes of the first man. She swung her body around, her legs connecting with the face of the other opponent, bringing him to the ground. He was out cold and now she had only one left to deal with. As the touch refs dragged the unconscious body towards the healers.

Both Zander and Chloe simultaneously jumped to their feet, shouting and cheering for Delphine.

“COME ON!” Chloe bellowed across the arcana,

The roads all began to shout for Delphine, even those from packs who were fighting in the other arena. This was evidently the match to watch.

A sickening crunch echoed around the area, as Delphine stomped on the leg of her opponent. It hung limply, and he was unable to put any weight on it, but still he did not tap out and continued to punch out blindly, so she took a step back. Then, without mercy, she jumped up and round kicked him in the face and his body slumped to the ground like a sack of potatoes. The Ref walked over to him, and instantly lifted Delphine’s hand into the air and declared her to be the winner.

Zander and Chloe let out a roar of approval, both clapping wildly at Delphine, as she returned to the tent. Healers surrounded the slumped, battered and broken body of her opponent, but soon they both stood and walked to the centre of the arena and took a bow.

“What happens now?” Chloe asked, wondering how much more Delphine would have to endure to get her medal.

“She will fight another round, her opponent will be able to shift and she has to defeat him in human form, then in the final both opponents can shift at will to win the fight.” Zander informed her.

“So why is it Delphine is the one chosen not to shift?” Chloe asked, feeling it was slightly unfair.

“Because she requested that she fight in human form until the finals, each wolf is given the option.” Zander informed her, proud that Delphine had chosen the harder route, but that was how they trained. The ability to fight off a wolf in human form was a huge strength that a lot of packs did not see value in. But Zander did , because a wolf was less of a thinker,more feral, where as in human form, you could outthink a wolf, even if it had superior strength.”

Ethan sat beside Delphine, and placed his hand on her, absorbing her injuries, as Terrance once again praised her, and gave her some pointers for the next round.

“Who am I up against?” Delphine asked.

“A guy named Issac is from the Wearside pack, and he is relatively unknown. It is an urban pack, so be careful of a sneak attack. After all, urban packs live in the shadows.” Terrance informed her.

“Are they alliances with us or Ullswater?” Delphine asked.

“Us, but that does not stop you from giving them a lesson out there.” Terrance chuckled.

Fully healed, Delphine thanked Ethan, then walked to the entrance of the tent, for the semi-final, the boundaries of the arena had been moved back, making it one giant space. As she stepped out onto the field, a smell hit her nostrils, hops and barley, and her body began to shiver with delight, her eyes widened as her opponent walked towards her in wolf form. She was unable to take her eyes off him, until the Ref shouted “Fight”. The Wolf bounded over and rolled over onto its back, instantly submitting as the crowed hissed and booed, and he shifted back into human form. Issac grabbed hold of Delphine as each of them locked eyes.

“MINE!” They shouted in unison.

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