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The Headmaster Alpha’s Mate Chapter 76

Amanda Bines, paced the floor of her accommodation in the council palace, her face contorted with annoyance, rage simmered in her eyes as she turned on her heel and growled at Alpha Ken and Luna Anne. These idiots had messed with her plans, all because they could not control themselves, or the stupid boy who had attacked the Crescant Moon packs little warrior girl, just because he was a sore loser. Now she was going to have to think fast, because it would not take long before Faith and Luke would return to their pack, and inform that royal b***h that Amanda was consorting with witches and, once that little fact became known, she would undoubtedly lose the support of some of the smaller packs or those who normally would stay neutral would now probably side with the Chloe.

Amanda had been scheming for too long, controlling Oswald behind the scenes, ensuring another election was not called, in order to work up to her current position, to allow it all to come to naught now. If she lost the use of her witch friend, then, the scales would fall from the eyes of those who had been under their influence, and it would become all too apparent that Amander was little more than an Omega wolf, looking to elevate her position, at the expense of other low-ranking wolves.

She had a plan, one that would work in her favour, whichever way it turned out. She had wanted to create a Luna fight in the games, one to the death. She was going to use her witch to manipulate the princess, and Luna Anne to agree to the fight. If Anne killed Chloe, then the princess problem would disappear, and Zander would be so distraught about losing his mate, he would be unable to fight. If Anne lost, then Amanda would comfort her mate, Alpha Ken, and she would have the witch create a fake second chance bond between them, giving her a mate who was easily controlled, but also would strengthen her position of power. But now the bozo’s, who stood in front of her, screaming for vengeance because they had put a cheating little wanker into the games, and it had spoiled her plan and she was wondering if she could get away with killing them both herself, and find another Alpha and Luna to manipulate.

“Enough!” Amanda screamed out, she was sick of hearing about how they wanted vengeance for the cheating arsehole.

“If Peter decreed that you be banned from the games, then there is nothing I can do about it, you need to suck it up. Your little boy warrior has spoiled everything, our plans to take down the royal b***h are now thwarted, all because he could not handle being beaten by a girl, and now the whole of the packs have seen with their eyes the b***h’s purple wolf.” Amanda fumed, then picked up a glass on the table and threw it against the wall.

“IDIOTS!” she bellowed, anger pulsing through her veins like lava, and soon she would erupt like mount Vesuvius because of their incompetence.

“We cannot allow the packs to get behind having a royal pack in charge again, Amanda. This princess is worse than her father and mother. She even has Omega’s calling her by her first name! Not even requiring that they put Luna in front of it! She makes a mockery out of our ranking system, she supports the rights of omegas, and wants to make it illegal that Alpha’s have the right to strengthen their packs by ensuring their wolves do not accept low-ranking mates, or human mates.” Ken growled out in frustration, Amanda Bines was his eyes and ears on the council, yet here she was, shouting at him, as if she were in charge, and calling him, the Alpha of Ullswater pack, an i***t.

“Don’t you think I know that! There is no other option than for you to return to your packlands. We will have this fight another day, but now I need to get to the games, and try to rally support, spreading the rumour that The Crescent Moon Pack Ambassadors killed Oswald, under the authority of Alpha Zander Colton and his Princess f*****g mate!”

Faith and Luke lay low on the ground, hiding in the dense shrubbery on the outskirts of the Council palace. They had masked their scent by rolling in different animal droppings, and had camouflaged each other with branches and twigs, so they could blend in with the undergrowth.

Luke held out the large sound recorder, which was covered in fake mesh leaf used by the human armies, when they wanted to hide equipment. Faith was thankful they had friends in the world of technology, who had gifted them the equipment they needed to record Amanda’s secret meetings, even those held in a soundproof room. They had been following her for days, gathering as much evidence as they could, of her treachery to the council and the werewolf community, along with proof that she had in fact killed Oswald, not them. The evidence may not sway some of the packs hell bent on keeping their omega’s as slaves, but it would ensure Faith and Luke were not instantly condemned to death.

Faith hunkered down lower on the ground as the council palace door opened, and Amanda stormed out, Ken and Anne following her.

“Just go back to Ullswater, and await my instructions, you have f****d up everything.” Amanda bellowed at them.

As the Alpha and Luna entered their vehicle and drove away, Amanda let out a sigh, as she was joined by Michael, Terri, Patrick, Keith and David from the council, and with a shake of her head towards them, they entered the other bus, to make their way to the games.

Gathering their equipment into the large holdall that had been altered so that it would fit on the back of a wolf, Luke shifted first, and Faith placed the wolf’s back pack onto him, before shifting herself, and the pair of them ran as quickly as they could towards their home pack, both eager to see their Son again, and to start up their new positions of Beta to the royal pack.

Chloe and Zander walked towards the stream in the Silverback Pack. They had arrived before dawn, so that they could meet with Hannah, and be back at the games before breakfast was served, so that nobody, other than Josh, Nicki, Robin and Lacey would know they were missing.

They held hands as they walked across the slippy stepping stones, across the tree branches to the little shack where Hannah preferred to live. No matter how much they had offered her better accommodation, she refused to leave, or let people help maintain the small wooden cottage. As they approached the door, Hannah’s voice greeted them before they could even knock.

“Zanda, Chloe, come in, I have been up early awaiting your arrival.” She shouted.

Chloe looked at Zander with a smirk, they could never just decide to visit, she always knew ahead of time when they would arrive.

The wooden door creaked as it opened, and Hannah sat on her rocking chair, her knitting needles clicking, going ten to the dozen, only this time she was not knitting the longest scarf since Tom Baker had played Dr Who, but small pink booties, sat in a basket beside her.

“I have been knitting for Alpha Josh and Nicki, their little girl will be a beauty, that is for sure.” Hannah smiled.

“So the pup is a girl?” Chloe asked.

“Actually, the pup is a baby, their first born will be human, but will have a wolf mate. However, their second, third and forth will be pups.” Hannah nodded knowingly.

“Do we tell them this?” Chloe asked.

“No, let them find out in the traditional way, but I am getting ahead with my knitting. I am not long for this world, and when I am gone and you hold the heir in your tummy, there is a box under my bed full of things I have knitted for him.” Hannah smiled.

“Hannah, I am sure you will outlive us all.” Chloe smiled. She did not like the thought of Hannah not being around.

“Oh Chloe, do not worry, death is the only sure part of life. Everyone dies, and my time is soon, and I am okay with that. We will see each other again before the end, when I will pray that my prophetic gift is passed to you in a double portion.” Hannah smiled.

Chloe nodded sadly, Hannah was like a grandparent to her now, and the thought of losing her brought a lump to her throat.

“Now, let me answer the question you have come to ask.” Hannah smiled, then before Chloe and Zander could ask her what they wanted to know, she began to speak again.

“The healing tears are the most powerful of the healing gifts. However, it does have one drawback; only tears formed from love and loss will work to heal the person or people they fall on. You cannot randomly make yourself cry and heal a wound. If you do not truly love a person, it will not work, nor bring them back to life. Also, if it is the person’s time to rest eternally, they will not work either. So do not waste your precious tears on me. My time is my time, Chloe, and I know you will try to bring me back, but I will be resting in peace, and I intend to remain at peace.” Hannah smiled at Chloe.

“Also, do not fear the events of today. Although war is coming, as much as Alpha Ken tried to force it yesterday, the time is not yet. Sides are still to be decided upon. However, it will give you a chance to know your enemy. Chloe u your gift of discernment to understand why Amanda does these things, helping you to calculate her next move. Also, your prophetic dreams will increase now, so take note of them. Sometimes they are an indicator of what is to come, other times it is a warning to you of what will happen unless you change course.” Hannah smiled, then she turned to Zander.

“Zander, you are not a bystander to your mate, you work together. Remember that. Your power of wisdom will soon triple in size, and a new gift has been bestowed on you, but I do not know what it is, so do not ask, but it will reveal itself when you need it.” Hannah smiled at the King.

“Now, you must go, and Zander, good luck in the Alpha fight, not that you will need it.” Hannah grinned at him, as Zander chuckled.

Chloe thanked Hannah, as she shooed her out of the door, and she walked with Zander back to the S.U.V.

“Well, let us get back, we have Arsehole Amanda to deal with, she is due in three hours.” Chloe sighed, and Zander nodded his head with a wry smile.

“Arsehole Amanda, yeah, I like it. She definitely suits it!”

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