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The Headmaster Alpha’s Mate Chapter 9

Zander walked out of the full moon dorm, his muscles bulging out of his shirt, as he battled with controlling Caesar within him, everything within him wanted to shift. His eye glowed the amber of his wolf, as he paced down the corridor. Lacy walked with him, knowing he was having the internal battle she kept her comments to herself, about how to deal with Chloe.

“Lacy, have Dr Keto come to check on Chloe” Zander ordered

“What about you, do you want to be in the room whist he looks her over?” Lacey asked

“No, Caesar will not like another male touching his mate, even if it is the pack doctor” Zander sighed out.

“I will go in with her, and let you know what he is doing, to keep your mind at rest, once she is cleared should I send her to your office or back to lessons.” Lacey asked

“I still need to deal with the incident yesterday, I cannot let her fully away with tipping the tray over a fellow pupils head, even if I am a little proud of her for doing so” Zander supressed a small smile, his Mate was kick a*s, and despite being human she had courage, and was not afraid to stick up for her friends, but she did need to learn how to control her reactions.

“Okay well I will send her to you then” Lacey nodded

“No, send her to class, after I talk to Dr Keto I will speak with her, something is not quite right, she is 17 and human, but she reacts to me like an 18 year old wolf who feels every last part of the mate bond.” Zander sighed.

“Do you want Dr Keto to run some bloods on her?” Lacy asked

“Yes, I will head to my office, you can send Josh and his mate back to class, sit with Chloe till Dr Keto arrives.” Zander ordered, as they walked into the administration part of the school.

Passing Lacy’s office Caesar began to pace around inside Zander, whimpering to be near Chloe.

“Go see mate, she wants answers, she knows something, she feels it”

“No Caesar, not yet, we need answers to our own questions, before we can answer hers” Zander said before blocking his wolf.

Chloe sat on the couch when suddenly her stomach started to do back flips once more, once again she felt excitement bubbling inside her, and was strangely overcome with happiness.

“What’s happening, you have gone all red, and have that weird smile on your face again?” Nicki asked.

“I don’t know, feel really weird again, like happy, and my stomach is doing back flips, and a little light headed again” Chloe sighed out wondering if she was coming down with something.

Josh looked at Chloe, he could hear his brother’s footsteps in the corridor, and his heightened sense of smell recognised his scent approaching, something did not add up, because Chloe was sensing Zander, but the feelings she was having of him being near was causing her to have a physical reaction, more than just the arousal he had smelt coming from her in the dining hall.

“hey brother, Chloe just had another reaction to you walking down the hallway” Josh linked with Zander

“I know, Caesar told me, it is like he can feel something inside her, but insists she has no wolf, Andrew Keto is coming to check her over, I asked him to do some bloods, see if he can shed some light on this”

Chloe looked at Nicola and Josh, as she trying to shake off the strange feelings she was experiencing, when Lacey opened the door.

“Okay Josh and Nicola, you can return to class, I will look after Chloe” Lacy dismissed them.

“Thank you Mrs Black” Nicola answered politely, then looked back to Chloe.

“See you soon” she said as Chloe gave her a small smile.

Once Josh and Nicola left the office, Lacy sat on the edge of her desk facing Chloe.

“The headmaster has requested the village doctor to come check you over, but for now, just relax on my couch whilst I get on with some work”

“Thank you” Chole nodded, then sat back into the plush soft cushions and waited. Watching Mrs Black work was not holding her interest, and once again her stomach did a mighty flip, followed by the excited feeling, only to have it replaced with disappointment. Chloe wondered if she had somehow become mentally unstable, and she let out a sigh.

“Are you okay Chloe?” Mrs Black asked, noticing her cheeks flush again,

“Not sure, it is weird, like my stomach does somersaults, then I get really happy or disappointed, then feel light headed. Chloe admitted, she was getting concerned as to what was happening to her.

“You have had a lot of change Chloe, in a short space of time, plus a long journey here, but we will tell the doctor when he arrives.” Mrs Black smiled reassuringly.

Chloe sat back and wondered if it was just all the upheaval in her life causing the symptoms, if it was that, then she was more than a little disappointed in herself, she believed she was a mentally strong person, not subject to passing out because life got a little weird. A knock at the door disturbed Chloe’s thoughts, as a man who was around 6 foot 1 filled the doorway. His blond hair cut short, and like everyone else around the place he had muscles upon muscles, he looked no older than 30. Chloe wondered if it was a prerequisite that all men had to be build like a brick outhouse, and hot in order to live at the village.

“Chloe, I am Dr Andrew Keto, I have come to give you a check over, now can you tell me what happened please?”

Chloe looked at the doctor, she was unsure of what to say, because she sounded like an i***t, and she definitely did not want to admit that she had smelt the headmaster, then wanted to f**k his brains out, gets happy and sad, then when he touches her sparks literally shoots up her body, and then she passed out…. No, she could not tell him that!

“I got into an altercation with a fellow student, then when the headmaster broke it up, I passed out” Chloe told him, the far safer version than the truth.

“Okay, well let me check your vitals, can I ask, did you have any change in smell prior to this?” the Doctor asked.

“Kind of, I was overwhelmed by the smell of Sandalwood and Musk” Chloe admitted her cheeks growing hot at the admission.

“Okay, and anything else happening?” the doctor asked

“Just my tummy keeps flipping about, and I get really emotional sometimes, like extremely happy or a few moments ago disappointed, it is really weird. Then I become light headed again” Chloe answered, not sure if it had anything to do with what was going on.

“Humm, I see, well your heartbeat is a little elevated, but everything else seems normal, however I will take some blood and do a check just to be sure you don’t have any infection, but I think rest will sort out this problem, now are you afraid of needles?” the doctor asked

“Nope” Chloe shrugged,

“Although normally the doctors and nurses have a problem drawing blood, firstly it takes them ages to get through my ‘thick skin’ and when they do, my body doesn’t like to part with the blood” Chloe shrugged.

Dr Keto glanced over to Lacy, before smiling at Chloe.

“Okay, well let me see what I can do” he stated, taking out a needle and syringe out of his back.

Firstly he tried a needle for drawing blood from a human, but just as Chloe had said, her skin was thicker and it was putting up a resistance, so he placed it back into his back and took out the thicker needle used for drawing werewolf blood, and he hit the vein immediately. After drawing a couple of viles of blood to analyse back at the hospital, then Dr Keto smiled at Chloe.

“How are you feeling now?” he asked

“Okay” Chloe smiled

“Right well, I am happy for you to continue your day, if you feel light headed again, just inform your teachers.” Dr Keto said

“What no free pass for the day?” Chloe asked with a mischievous smile

“No, sorry” Dr Keto laughed out, he liked the girl, she had something about her, which drew him in.

“What about PE, should I really be exercising after passing out” Chloe tried again, her fingers crossed in her lap.

“Just light exercise, but I am sure you will be fine Chloe” Dr Keto answered

“Nice try Chloe, now if you are feeling okay, head back to class please” Mrs Black said with a chuckle.

“Hey, you cannot blame a girl for trying” Chloe shrugged, then stood up, and walked out of the office.

Zander paced his office floor waiting for the doctor to be finished with his mate, the urge to just barge into the room, was hard to resist, but hearing the door open and recognising the light footsteps of Chloe he knew that he was finished with her.

“Come to my office please”  Zander ordered the Doctor

Taking a seat behind his desk so that he did not look like the mess he was feeling, Zander waited for Lacy and Dr Keto to come into his office.

“Alpha” Dr Keto bowed in submission

“Andrew, take a seat, Lacy you as well, so what is your verdict” Zander asked

“The girl, feels a mate bond, her skin is that of a werewolf, but if she has a wolf she doesn’t know about it. Are you sure she is human and only 17?” Dr Keto asked

“Yes, her parents are human, and she is 18 in six months, the middle of January” Zander stated the facts as he knew them.

“I have drawn blood, but there is something about her Zander, it would be good to get blood samples from her parents, maybe there is a wolf gene somewhere down their blood line, that is now starting to manifest itself, am I right in my presumption that you are her mate?” Dr Keto asked

“Yes, but that is confidential, until she is of age, and has accepted me as a werewolf” Zander sighed out

“Of course my Alpha, I will run the tests on our future Luna’s blood, can we get blood from both her parents?” Dr Keto asked

“Yes, I will put the call in to Japan, have the doctor there take bloods as part of a check up, they can run the test’s you want there as well, and email them across, if you can let Lacy know the tests you want done, please” Zander nodded.

“Recessive werewolf gene test, along with any other supernatural anomalies in their blood”

Zander nodded, the stood to shake the doctors hand, as he dismissed him, once he had left the office, Lacy turned to him.

“When do you want to see her about the incident yesterday?”

“Have her come to me after lunch” Zander smiled, excitement at being in close proximity to her washing over him like a tidal wave, making Caesar sigh and wag his tail inside of him.

“Caesar you need to calm down, you cannot claim her, it is illegal, and she is not ready” Zander warned him.

“I know, but mate, she wants us, but I promise, I will try to be good”

Zander let out a breath, that was the best he was going to get from his lovesick, horny wolf, he only hoped that he could control both his own urges along with Caesars when she was alone with him in his office.

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