The image of Nicole Kidman from the Oscars went viral for the wrong reason – Here’s what she really saw

The actress was not shocked by the punch on Chris Rock, but by something much better

This photo was one of the most beautiful memes of the Oscars. Her shocked expression Nicole Kidman, the movement of her hands, all reflect a surprise that we connected, of course, with the moment Will Smith hit Chris Rock. The truth is that the shock was caused by something else, however, and the photographer confirmed it. Myung Chun


“Nicole Kidman’s photo came out in the part of the ceremony that was not shown on TV. She seemed so excited to see Jessica Chastain on the other side of the room. “Then Kidman raised her hands and greeted her,” she explained.

The actress, then, was just glad to see her friend. He was not shocked by the angry Will Smith. It was one of the best moments of the night and we never saw it – now, we can only imagine it.

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