The lingerie brand Triumps is launching “Comfort my way”, a new campaign that is good for women’s morale!

If many women tend to push a “phew” of relief by unhooking their bra once at home, the Triumph brand intends to reverse this trend by launching “Comfort my Way”. A new positive companion that invites women to prioritize comfort above all else and therefore opt for a type of lingerie in which they feel comfortable, even once back home!

In lace, smoothing, sporty or adjustable… Comfort is specific to each person in the same way as the morphology and size of each woman is different. “Comfort My Way” is therefore based on the fact that every woman must find her own level of comfort so that she has the optimal confidence to enjoy all aspects of her life, every day.

“Women and their lifestyle needs are at the very heart of everything we do. As a brand in constant dialogue with our customers, we understand that comfort is no longer reserved for moments spent at home. It’s a mindset that makes women feel good about all areas of their lives, whether it’s how they dress, what they do, or the way they live their lives – it’s something that’s unique to everyone and really needs to be celebrated.”

said Isabelle Bernier, Head of Marketing Europe, about this project.

Cut, fabric, print… As rich as it is varied, the “Comfort my Way” collection meets several criteria to satisfy as many women as possible. The icing on the cake, Triumph customers will also be able to get involved in the project by having the possibility of booking a tailor-made bra fitting experience in a dedicated store.

To discover the collection, it’s here.

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Lisa Ziane

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