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The Ryland Boys Chapter 26

It’s been three weeks since the moment, and with Jax and I agreeing that we should never mention this again, well technically it was me telling him that he needs to never mention this, I’ve been keeping my distance.

Amanda and Mason are officially a thing, and Lucy found out about Nichole’s frequent visits, which she was infuriated about.

Nichole moved on to bigger and badder guys after it became too dramatic. Typical Nichole.

Alison and Phillip have been having secret s*x for hours and she apparently dropped Masons friend, which is good thankfully. Except that she’s still cheating, nonetheless.

Lindsay comes over every day and I’ve seen her face more times than I could want to. She’s already got a bit of a bump and it’s just proof that she really is pregnant.

Of course I don’t really mind, I’ve got my mind highly preoccupied.

Running my lips over his, I smiled as he pulled me closer to him. My hands running into his hair and trying to get a better taste of his kisses.

“Norah, I really have to practice. The fights in exactly five days.” James said laughing as he trailed small kisses over my lips.

I smiled and watched him carefully, “Okay, I’ll let you practice but after you finish can we go get Breddys Burgers?” I asked leaning into his chest.

He smirked “You are the unhealthiest water I’ve ever met.” His words breathed over my smile before he took my lips again for a last kiss.

I c****d an eyebrow “So that’s a yes?” I asked hopeful.

James gave a single nod “That’s a yes, now babe do me a favor, go sit over there and be my motivation.” He said pointing to the comfy chair he bright in his gym for me.

Smiling I headed to the chair and pulled out one of my books, my sides aching in these stupid cramps. I’m sure my damn periods coming by now because these are just back aching stupid cramps. It’s almost four days late but sometimes it does that.

Picking the bottle of water up, I opened it and drank the whole bottle putting it down and staring at James smiling. “Cramps hurting again?” He asked while punching the bag.

I nodded “They’re so painful this month.” I said sighing and standing. Walking around the gym, I looked to James “Keep practicing, I’m hungry and I want you to finish.” I said laughing.

He smirked and nodded, I did a couple small walks around the gym before sitting back in the chair. After an hour, James finished and I was starving.

We headed to Breddys and we went through the drive thru, I got my burger and fries and we drove me to the house.

“I’ll see you tomorrow babe. I’m picking you up for a special dinner tomorrow night. Alright?” He said smirking and giving me a kiss.

I smiled and got out taking my bag of food and going inside.

James and I were good, he was making me happy and although I sometimes picture Jax when we make out, I still really care for James. He’s become a huge part of my life, and I really love him being around. Plus him and Mason are really hitting it off. We go on double dates a lot, it’s nice to be able to just have a comfortable circle.

Life was good, in fact it felt pretty great.

Going to the kitchen, I sat on the bench and pulled out my fries and burger. The smell was so much stronger than I remember, “God damn that smells so greasy.” I commented sighing.

The door opened and I looked over at Jax as he walked in, his eyes moving from me quick to the fridge.

Taking a bite of my burger, I forced it down but gagged a bit. God damn, I’ve eaten these burgers all my life. Why the hell cant I stomach this?!

Forcing another bite, I ate it and tried some fries but they made me cringe too.

“Can you give me a water?” I asked Jax while feeling very sick.

He stared at me with furrowed eyebrows before taking a bottle out and opening it up handing it to me. “You alright?” He asked me.

I drank some water and placed my hand to my mouth jumping off the stool and grabbing the trash bin pulling the lid off and vomiting inside.

Well that’s just f*****g great.

“Norah?” Jax walked over holding out a water to me, my cramps began hurting again and I looked to Jax for a few minutes before throwing up into the bin again.

God damn, it’s been three weeks since we had s*x. No protection. I couldn’t be…there is no way God hates me that much.

Going to the sink I rinsed my mouth and leaned into it rinsing my face and then drying it off “Jax…” I said calmly.

He walked over to me staring worried, “Can you drive me to the drug store down the street? I’d drive myself but” I held up my shaking hands and he nodded.

Going with him down the hall, he grabbed his jacket off the coat rack and pulled it on me, stupid gentlemen boy.

Taking a steady breath, I headed out the door with him.

The drive there was very quiet and besides the music playing through the the radio you’d imagine we muted the world.

As he parked the car I got out and he came out following me inside with a confused look.

I walked to the pregnancy tests and eyed them carefully, pulling three boxes I took it to the front and placed them down.

The cashier stared at Jax who eyed them but didn’t say anything. Thankfully.

“That’ll be eight dollars and seventy four cents.” She said c*****g a judgy eyebrow.

I looked to Jax “I’ll pay you back.” I said watching him give the girl a ten “Don’t worry about it. I think you and James might have bigger problems to worry about.” He said placing the change in the tip jar.

Oh s**t, he doesn’t know….

Nodding I took the tests and looked to the girl “Is there a restroom?” I asked watching her nod and gesture down the first aisle.

I headed to the girls restroom and shut the door.

It took me two minutes to pee on all three and not psych my own pee back up into me. I was scared shitless.

I mean I’ve wanted a kid, absolutely, more than anything but I just, not this way….

Staring at my reflection I took notice on my clear skin, that glow, the fuller lips. Oh my god.

Shutting my eyes I ran a hand over my stomach staring down at it.

After another minute, I picked up the first test, a knock on the door came and I sniffled wiping my tears “Yeah I’ll be out soon.” I said sighing and then looking up at the ceiling.

Just look down Norah, just look down at it.

Slowly lowering my eyes to the test, I felt my stomach turn but blow up with butterflies at the same time.


Grabbing the other two, I let out a loud “Oh f**k.” As I saw the other two positives.

It’s official.

Tossing them, I pulled the door open and stared at Jax’s worried look, his eyes running over my face before he rubbed the back of his neck “We should get you to bed.” He said running a hand over his face.

I grabbed a couple chocolate bars and a box of animal crackers which Jax bought for me.

Getting in the car, I stayed silent as I ate my stupid almond chocolate bar. The perfect world I had, was now starting to crack and tear at the seams.

We pulled up to the house and Jax opened my door helping me out and then walking me to my room. He stared at me carefully “You want a bath? Maybe a book? Or tv?” He asked trying to be a good friend.

I smiled and shook my head “I think I just need to sit with my thoughts for a bit. I’m…I’m not sure how I feel yet.” I admitted.

Jax looked down at my bare feet and then stared at the fluffy socks on the vanity. He picked them off the vanity and walked to me kneeling down and pulling them onto me.

He would’ve been the most perfect father to my kid.

But he can’t be the father of this one, that would just destroy the perfect family he has with Lindsay.

I couldn’t ever let him know that it’s his, because I know if he ever found out, he’d be torn. How can you be a loyal and dedicated father and husband to two woman and their children?

You can’t.

Not honestly at least.

Jax stood and stared at me rubbing his chin “I’ll let you be. Just, don’t tell him so late or before the fight. It’ll distract him Norah.” He said sighing and then smiling at me.

I watched him walk to the door and pull it open, he disappeared behind it and I picked up my phone dialing her number.

“Hun it’s literally eleven at night, on a damn Sunday.” Amanda whined.

Smiling, I laughed a bit and bit into the chocolate “I’m pregnant.” I said softly.

The other line got quiet before she laughed “Ha ha, funny one. Why’d you really call?” She asked laughing.

I bit into the chocolate “I’m pregnant, Amanda.” I repeated feeling a smile run over my face.

She began rambling but coherently asked “How? You haven’t had s*x…have you? I mean I didn’t think you and James were that serious!” She sounded so confused.

That’s how I like the people around me, confused and shocked.

“Not him.” I said clearing my throat and eyeing the chocolate.

Amanda stayed quiet for a long moment “Is it Jax’s?” She asked low, whispering.

It was my turn to stay quiet, I sighed and said a small and quick “Yeah.”

“Okay….Um. So what happens? Are we telling him?” She asked thoughtfully.

I leaned back into the bed frame and stared at the vanity, “No, I’m not. It’s James’s until further notice.” I said low.

Amanda sighed “Norah, this is-you can’t hide this from him.” She said annoyed.

Listening to the soft sound of Highly Suspect playing in the room beside mine, “I’ll tell him after the fight.” I said low.

She yawned “Good, Listen. Tomorrow I’ll come by and we’ll talk about this more okay? Until then, just uh…stay low profiled.” She said before we exchanged byes and I hung up.

I am royalty screwed.

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