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The Ryland Boys Chapter 33

“I’m just saying if he has a heart attack on the freeway and like the car slows and then stops, he’s going to get in a horrible wreck.” Lindsay said eyeing us.

Just one night without her.

That’s all I’m asking for.

She rubbed her baby belly and scowled at me, “It’s stupid and once we’re married we’re removing it.” She said shaking her head.

Jax sighed and Mason scoffed “Imagine he’s driving on the freeway right? Then he has a heart attack, he’ll crash and die. This at least gives him a chance.” He said watching Lindsay scowl.

I took a bite of the tofu tacos cautiously.

“Alright but let’s just hope he doesn’t have another heart attack.” Alison said watching them all while I continued eyeing the taco carefully.

“It’s tofu. I thought you where smart.” Lindsay said, to which I responded with “I like my meat real.” I said putting the taco back down.

She scoffed and Lucas spit the taco back on the plate “It’s not real meat?” He asked.

Laughing lightly, I eyed him and then the taco “I just meant that it’s ground beef. I like steaks.” I said watching him nod and go back to eating the taco.

Alison smirked and I gave a grossed look to the tacos. “Lindsay, you ever played two truths and a lie?” I asked pushing my plate from me and staring at her.

She c****d an eyebrow “Yeah. You wanna play first?” She asked.

I smirked “Sure.” I eyed Lucas and then my gross plate “I have four tattoos. I once hunted a shark and ate it. I’ve won four pageants.” I said waiting and watching her eye me.

Mason smirked “You want to shark dive I don’t think you’ve eaten on yet…but there’s no way you have four tattoos. Trust me I’ve checked you out enough times.” He eyed me and I c****d an eyebrow.

Alison leaked in, “Okay I’m going with the tattoos. I’ve seen her too and she doesn’t have a single one.” She said laughing.

Mason nodded with Alison “No ink.” He said.

I smirked and looked to Benson who eyed me “I’ll go with the shark. No way you’ve eaten shark.” He said shaking his head.

Carter laughed “I already know you won a bunch of pageants. Uh, no tattoos.” He said smirking.

Lucas eyed me and smirked staying quiet.

The thing is, I have four tattoos.

A small star on my ankle, so tiny.

The letter K real small on the side of my left breast for my grandmother. (She passed when I was eighteen)

Then the very small heart on my hip which Nichole and Amanda both have too.

Lastly, was my small x tattoo I got on my inner thigh. Practically by my v****a. It was a dare and it was that or I shave my head.

(X marks the spot)

Lindsay eyed me “The tattoos.” She said scoffing.

I looked to Jax and he placed his taco down giving a small smirk.

He’s seen them all, that night we spent too much time engulfed in one another not to notice every mark. I noticed all his scars, even the holes of his n****e piercing (he claims it was a dare and refuses to tell anyone about it) His tattoo of his sister’s name on his left rib, the scar over his chest from his heart surgery, the small dimples on his lower back.

“You’ve won more than four pageants.” He said before staring at his taco as if that was it. He knew.

He did though.

I stared at Lucas and he smiled wide “She has tattoos!” He shouted smiling and giving me an evil grin.

Alison eyed him “No way.” She said scowling at me.

Laughing I nodded “All so small though. He’s only seen two.” I said giving a look to Alison and she laughed.

I watched Benson clear his throat and I laughed “She has a star on her ankle and a heart on her hip!” Lucas said with wide eyes.

Lucas then stopped and stared at me “Wait…So you didn’t eat a shark?” He asked.

I smiled and Jax stared at Lucas “She already told you this story, remember she got her scar from it.” He said and Lucas moved his eyes to my wrist at the small scar holding it up to the table.

Lindsay stared from me to Jax and then she eyed him carefully.

“So how many pageants did you win?” Alison asked c*g an eyebrow.

I let out a short laugh “Six. I won a few in elementary school when my mom needed a bit of cash.” I said shrugging.

Alison smiled softly “How fascinating…you hunted and ate your own shark.” She said quietly.

Mason scoffed “Let me guess…Snake skin boot boyfriend?” He asked.

I smirked and nodded.

Everyone looked to Jax, “Your turn.” Carter said. “You’re the only one who got it right.”

Jax took a bite of his taco and thought of them before saying it “Mexican food is my favorite. I know how to play blackjack. I’ve got a piercing.” He said taking a drink and staring at everyone.

“Shit.” Everyone said laughing.

Alison and Benson both nodded “He loves mexican food. That’s a given truth.” She said pondering the other two.

“See, you could’ve learned and I wouldn’t know. As for piercing oh god.” Alison said shaking her head.

Lindsay smirked “I say piercing.” She eyed him over.

I watched him carefully and then looked to Carter “It’s the piercing.” He said laughing.

Benson eyed his son “Well I hope like hell its the piercing.” He said shaking his head.

Mason grinned “I say blackjack. You couldn’t learn that if you tried.” He said smirking.

I leaned in and they all stared at me “I’m with mason, blackjack.” I said watching him eye me cautiously before staring at us and nodding.

“You have a piercing? Ew! Where? No, do I even want to know?” Alison asked cringing.

Laughing I watched him c**k an eyebrow and stare at Lindsay who eyed him “Liar.” She said.

He leaned forward “Lost a bet to that jackass right there.” He said pointing to Mason who was grinning like an evil toddler.

I laughed and watched Lindsay eye me and look to Mason. “You go, I went.” I said watching him nod.

Mason sighed “I have two thousand dollars under my mattress. I stole the poster from James’s room. I have a tattoo on my a*s.” He said watching Alison give him a look.

Biting my lip, I eyed him oddly “I’m not sure if I want the second one to be true or not.” I said picking up a tomato and popping it into my mouth.

“That’s true.” Carter said laughing “Should have seen him running out the house holding his hood over his head.” He said laughing harder.

Oh wonderful.

I crossed my arms over my chest.

Alison eyed him “You don’t have that much under your mattress you have like five dollars.” She said laughing.

Benson cringed “So one of my sons has a piercing I know nothing about, the other has a tattoo on his a*s and my daughter got two hidden tattoos.” He said it so nonchalantly I don’t think he caught onto it.

Alison and the guys all stared at him for a while before Alison broke the silence “Alright we all know Masons got a tattoo on his a*s now.” She said watching Lucas laugh.

Carter gestured for Alison to go and she eyed Benson then her boys “I met Queen at a concert and they brought me up on stage to dance. I used to pole dance. I’m forty eight.” She said smirking.

“Oh god.” Carter said shaking his head.

Benson smirked “That’s one way to get back at them.” He said laughing.

I eyed Alison, “You’re not forty eight.” I said watching her smirk.

“It’s the age, she’s actually forty four.” Lindsay said eyeing Alison.

I watched her nod, “Yup, I was seventeen when I had Carter.” She said eyeing him.

He gave her a smile and a ‘You had me not the other way’ look.

Lindsay was next. “I’ve been a vegetarian for two years, I’m terrified of grasshoppers and I am amazing at video games.” She said smiling bashfully.

Alison eyed Lindsay “You hate TVs, I say the video games.” She said.

Mason agreed.

Jax eyed Lindsay “You can’t play video games.” He said smirking slightly.

Carter yawned, “This shouldn’t be so easy. Video games.” He said.

Lucas and Benson nodded leaving me last. “You’re not a vegetarian.” I said watching her stare at me for a while.

Her eyes threatening me to shut up.

I smiled softly and the table laughed like it was a joke.

The funny thing is, I’m right.

I watched her eye them all “I’m very bad at video games.” She said laughing.

“It’s two truths and a lie, not two lies and a truth.” I said watching her eye me and I smirked.

Alison stared at me for a while and I stared at Carter, “You go.” I said.

He sighed “I recently bought a new shaving razor. I’ve got two favorite hats. I heard Jax and Norah hang in the next room over.” He said smirking at the table.

I couldn’t believe he said it and I actually had to look to him twice and mason laughed “Norah easily.” He said crossing his arms over his chest.

Staring at Carter I laughed “You can’t use people on the table. That just gave it away.” I said c*g an eyebrow at him.

He smirked and gestured to Lindsay who was eyeing Jax “But it got her feathers all flustered and I find that worth losing.” He said.

Lindsay eyed him and tossed an ice cube at his head “Jack a*s!” She called scowling at him and looking to Benson “go.” She told him.

More like ordered.

Benson eyed Jax and I for a while before shrugging “I don’t like people. I love bourbon and I hate the summer.” He said.

Alison smirked “You love the summer.” She said laughing.

He smiled at her and Lucas jumped in “I like meat. I like football and I don’t like Norah.” He said giving me a small fake scowl.

Laughing I shrugged, “You don’t like football?” I asked guessing.

As we each went around he snickered, “I love Norah!” He said proudly.

I smiled down at him, “I love you too Lucas.” I said brushing his hair back.

“I love you too Lucas.” Lindsay said across the table.

He stared at her and gave a nod and a polite smile.

“What? I don’t get an ‘I love you’ too?” She asked laughing but staring at me I’m annoyance.

I smiled softly and Lucas stared at her and laughed a bit “I like you.” He said shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

Lindsay dropped her laugh and nodded “Alright.” She eyed him “In fifteen minutes, we’re all playing Marco Polo, If I win, you have to tell me you love me.” She said eyeing him.

His face lit up and he nodded getting out of his seat and hurrying out the room calling for me to hurry and help him get his new swim trunks.

I stood but Lindsay stood too, “I’ll do it. Sit.” She demanded pointing to my seat like she would a damn dog.

Taking a seat, I watched her walk out and as her foot steps sounded up the stairs, I looked to Alison “If she barks another demand at either of you again, I’m going to call her out on it.” I said sighing.

Looking up at Jax, he gave a small smirk and I focused elsewhere. “Did you say ‘bark’ because she’s a b***h?” Carter asked as he tossed an arm over Lucas’s empty chair.

I smirked “I think it just sort of came out but no, not intentionally.” I watched Alison pick st the taco with her fork.

“Honestly, what is this?” She asked glaring at it. Mason scoffed “Its a taco of lies.” He shook his head.

Benson stared at Jax and then me, “Where is this piercing?” He asked moving his eyes to Mason.

Mason smirked “Well they take the d**k and then they-” Jax began mumbling laughing and shaking his head.

“It’s a n****e piercing.” I said calming Benson and Alison’s worried looks.

Alison eyed Jax’s n****e “Do you wear it? I’ve never seen it.” She said eyeing his shirt closer.

Laughing, I watched him lift his shirt to show the piercing, no jewelry in it though. “I took it out a few days after I got it. It just won’t close.” He laughed.

Benson stared at me and cringed “I don’t want to know how you knew, do I?” He asked giving me a weird look.

“Probably not.” I said looking away blushing and laughing.

Moving my attention to the screaming upstairs, I pushed out of my seat and ran up the stairs with someone following behind close.

Pushing the room door open, I stared at Lindsay standing on the dresser crying. Following Lucas’s stare at the big black spider on the floor, I laughed and looked over at Lindsay “It’s a black widow.” I said holding my hand out to it.

“Woah, Norah, don’t!” Jax said worried.

I shook my head and stayed very still, it crawled onto my hand and sat between my middle and forefinger.

“Let’s take this lady outside.” I said watching as Lindsay stared in horror.

Lucas followed me and we headed down the stairs and to the front of the house. I placed my hand up against a tree and waited before the spider slowly crawled off and up the tree.

“Never do that.” I said to Lucas who nodded furrowing his eyebrows “I wouldn’t. It’s scary.” He said shuttering.

Walking Lucas back up stairs, I looked to Lindsay on the bed breathing nervously while Jax tried to calm her down.

“What the hell was that?!” Lindsay asked looking at me like she gave a f**k if it bit me or not.

I grabbed Lucas’s new swim trunks and shook them once pulling the tag out and handing them to him. “Black widows don’t want to bite you. They’re like bees. They’ll only do it if you put pressure on them or they fear for their life.” I said watching her eye me in horror still.

Jax laughed a bit and I smiled at Lindsay “They’re very good at keeping pests away.” I watched her shutter a few times before breathing shallow deep breaths.

Crossing my arms over my chest I c****d an eyebrow “Wouldn’t have pegged you for an arachnophobic.” I said turning and heading out to change into my bikini.

I pulled on the dark green one and headed out the door shutting it behind me and going to the pool where Alison and Lucas already where.

Mason ran past me and canon balled into the pool while Lucas called him a stupid a*s.

Carter headed with me to the pool happy about finally getting his cast off.

He walked to the pool and carefully got in dunking his head under and wiping the water off his face smiling at Lucas who did the same.

Stepping into the pool, I dipped into it head first and swam down to the bottom smiling at Lucas who was by Carter waving down at me.

Waving back, I smiled and swam to Masons legs, he hadn’t noticed me yet.

I pointed to Mason and Lucas nodded laughing.

Pulling Masons leg, I heard him scream and I laughed coming up for air and smiling at his freaked out face “Jesus Norah you’re like a damn shark!” He said laughing.

Lucas was having a fit of laughter and I smiled at him watching Lindsay walk into the pool wearing her hot pink bikini. “Swimming is amazing for the baby. Next time you get pregnant again, you should do it.” She said to me.

God she truly is the anti-christ.

I nodded “I’ll think about that.” I said before looking to Mason and shaking my head for him to shut up.

He bit his lip to shut himself up and nodded to me, “We playing this damn game or what?” He asked.

Night swims are the best.

I watched Jax walk over and step into the pool, the water droplets falling down his waist as he moved.


I stared at Lindsay who was watching Lucas explaining something to him.

We began the game with Lindsay as the shark.

It was clear she was trying to get me, clearer than day.

“Should I just go let her get me so she stops bumping her belly into walls?” I asked Mason in a whispered tone.

He shrugged and laughed.

Swimming to the part she was going to, I stood in front of her reach and she grabbed my arm “Marco!” She called out.

“Pollo.” I said watching Mason and smirking.

She shoved me into the pool and I laughed as she scowled taking the blindfold off “Ha! You’re it.” She said aggressively.

“Oh no, I never would’ve expected you to get me.” I said sarcastically.

She rolled her eyes and I swam to the stairs holding the blind fold and staring at them all before putting the blind fold on and counting to fifteen before diving under and keeping my hands in front of me. Moving up to the top, I smiled “Marco.” I said softly.

“Pollo.” They called back.

Most came from the left, and by the way the waters waving me over to the right, I’m guessing they’re moving to the right.

I dove under and popped up feet from myself feeling someone right in front of me, “Marco” I said smiling and laughing.

“Uh, Pollo.” Jax said laughing back.

Poking his chest, I took the blind fold off and looked around seeing he was the middle man to cross behind me. Lucas stood behind him laughing.

I handed him the blindfold and swam back from him watching Lindsay eye me carefully.

Jax swam to the other end and I watched him put the blind fold on and count to fifteen.

Swimming to Carter, I watched him eye me “You’re a Target. I know he’s going to go for you.” He said eyeing me and going to move away.

I nodded “Yeah but if he goes for me, Lindsay might start suspecting something serious.” I said watching him nod and whisper back “Okay got you.”

Jax swam forward “Marco.” He said.

“Pollo.” We all replied.

He smirked and swam toward Carter and I.

I dove under and swam past him carefully to Lindsay.

She pushed me further from her, and I laughed but that caused Jax to turn his head to us. Oh crap.

“You gave us away idiot.” She said swimming away.

I swam the other way to Lucas and Jax went to the corner “Marco.”

I bit back a laugh “Pollo.” I said deepening my voice to sound like the guys’.

Mason laughed and Jax went for him but he swam to me laughing harder.

“No, go away.” I said laughing and causing us both to laugh and give ourselves away.

“Marco.” Jax said as he cornered us in a spot.

“Pollo?” Mason said laughing.

I laughed harder and Jax poked Mason and took the blindfold off staring at us both, “Laughing gives you away.” He said handing the blindfold to him.

He mock laughed “Yeah yeah, I know.” He shook his head.

Mason put the blindfold on counting to fifteen while I pulled myself to the concrete sitting with my legs hanging in the pool.

I looked to Jax who was staring at me his eyes running down my torso, down to my legs and then the water before moving those eyes to Mason.

Slipping back into the water after my legs rested, I watched Mason sing out “Marco, oh marcooooo.” He said laughing.


“Polloooooo!” Lucas sang back.

I laughed quietly and called “Pollo.” Watching Mason come for me.

Diving under, I went to the floor and stared up at him as he swam to my spot and then laughed.

He went to Jax’s spot next and Jax swam under staring down at me, I smiled and he gave me a smile back.

Lindsay was swimming away from Lucas and I watched Mason chase Lucas who was following Lindsay.

Pushing off the ground, I reached the top taking a very quiet breath “Where the hell is she?” He asked laughing.

I tapped Masons shoulder “Pollo.” I said smiling before I dove back down and swam in front of him keeping my lips under the water as he turned and went to grab me.

I c****d an eyebrow “Marco!” He shouted.

“Pollo.” I said behind him again.

Diving down, I swam to the opposite side of the pool, “Marco!” He called.

“Pollo.” I said smirking.

He took the blindfold off and swam at me with his eyes open, “Thats cheating!” I said laughing as he lifted me up and tossed me.

“You little magician.” He said laughing.

Lucas got out the pool screaming “I gotta pee!”

He slipped and hit his elbow on the floor crying for a few moments.

Going to get out, Lindsay pushed me aside and headed out the water grabbing a towel and scooping him up.

Alison followed sighing and I eyed Mason who was getting out. “I’m hungry again.” He said drying his legs and going inside to the kitchen.

I stared at Carter and Jax before swimming around a bit. Carter moved to the steps laying his head back on the cement and closing his eyes.

He’s sleeping? I laughed.

Looking to Jax, he hung in a corner with both arms on the concrete holding him up as he eyed me.

The sound of Carters snore came and I laughed “So elegant.” I said softly.

Jax kept his eyes on me and I c****d an eyebrow running my hands over my hair as he gave me that laid back lazy sexy stare.

I dived under and swam back up inches from him. He stared down at my lips and to my eyes, “The weddings in two weeks. I want you to come to my bachelor party.” He said smirking.

Staring at his lips, I smirked “For what? One last one night stand as an unmarried man?” I asked before sinking down and leaving just my eyes above the water.

He stared at me with sadness and shook his head, “I enjoy your presence and I don’t know how long you’ll be around. You might meet that perfect guy and forget all about us.” He said giving me a small smile.

I lifted my head above the water and laughed, “Thats impossible. Trust me. You guys are the only family I really have now.” I said giving him a small smile.

Jax reaches down running his hand over my stomach “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there with you. I know how badly you want a child, how much you’d give up for one.” He said softly.

Staring down at his hand, I nodded and felt the tears slip one at a time, “Yeah, I was really happy.” I said giving him a stare before Carter snores so loud it woke him up and made me jump.

Laughing, I looked from Jax to Carter who stood up rolling his neck and complaining before going inside.

“Goodnight Jax.” I said swimming to the steps and getting out.

Going to my room, I had a deep cry. One that put me softly to sleep.

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