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The Ryland Boys Chapter 38

I laughed as I tried on the costume.

Alison was laughing harder and I eyed her with a look of disbelief “This is what you got me? This?” I asked watching her smirk.

Tonight is a costume dinner with fifty of the most rich and elite people.

And I was going as….

“Princess Leah in the slave costume. This should be banned.” I said laughing as I eyed it.

Alison smiled “I think it’ll be cute, Lucas really wants to be Yoda for some reason and with Mason as Han Solo and Carter as Chewbacca, you have to be her.” She said.

“What’s Lindsay going to be?” I asked eyeing it in disbelief again.

She smirked “She wanted to be Padame.” She said laughing.


“And Jax?” I asked.

She smirked “Darth Vader.”


“This should be just fabulous. What are you going as?” I asked.

She smirked “I am going to be a storm trooper.”

Of course.

“I can’t be the storm trooper?” I asked.

She scoffed “I’m way too old to wear something like that. If you got it, flaunt it.” She said.

That’s not what she said before she knew me.

Sighing I eyed my reflection and then laughed “Alright then.” I watched Alison walk out my room shutting the door and shouting for everyone to be ready in fifteen minutes.

I did my makeup light with a small wing of liner and neutral lips to sort of match her look. Braiding my hair the same, I put the little metal clip on and stared at my reflection. “Let’s do this.” I sighed and pulled on a pair of light pink heels pulling on the black coat and walking out the door shutting it behind me.

I got down the stairs and looked to the storm trooper standing beside Chewbacca. “Awe you guys look great.” I said smirking.

Chewbacca stepped back and the mask came off to show Carters grin “Damn Norah, you’re going to go all deep Star Wars s****l fantasy girl on us?” He asked.

I mock laughed and watched Lindsay hurry down smiling at Lucas the small Yoda.

Benson walked down out of costume.

Storm trooper gave my shoulder a small smack “He never dresses up.” She said.

Ah, right. It’s Alison.

I smirked and we walked to the truck with all of us getting in, the new door had been placed in and seemed new and cleaner than the rest of the car.

Getting in the far back, I sat and scowled at Chewbacca for pushing my a*s.

Everyone hurried in and Darth Vader took the seat in front with Lucas and Lindsay since Han Solo was grinning ear to ear when he realized who I was.

We got there in twenty minutes even though it felt like a f*****g hour with these two.

Slowly we got out and I watched Darth Vader pick up Yoda and walk him to the front with Alison who was looking for her Yoda.

I smirked and stepped out following them all as they headed into the building. “May I take your coat?” The woman asked smiling at me.

Mason smiled widely “Oh you absolutely may.” He took it off and handed it to her.

I eyed him and he tossed an arm over my shoulder “How Ironic? Your the Leah to my Han Solo. Really.” He said grinning.

Yoda turned and went running at me with his green light saber.

I backed up and the red light saber came out blocking the green one.

Smirking as Darth Vader stood ready to defeat Yoda, I watched the two get in a small war before Yoda killed Darth Vader.

Jax took his mask off and looked over st me stopping and staring before putting the mask back on and staring some more.

Smart choice.

“You wore that?” Lindsay asked laughing.

I nodded “You know it.” I said sighing.

She scoffed and looked around the room.

We took a seat at our assigned table as people talked and complimented our family oriented matching costume theme.

I sat beside Mason and eyed the drinks on the table.

“I’m going to get some drinks. You want something?” Alison asked the others before gesturing for me to go with her.

Standing, I headed with her to the drinks grabbing myself a martini and taking two beers. “Damn, She honestly just gets hotter each time we see her.”

I turned to the guy who asked me to dance that last auction thing.

Smiling, I wracked my brain for his name but got nothing, “I’m actually just here to remind everyone why they really watch Star Wars.” I said smirking.

He nodded “Well you turned a lot of Star Trek fans over when you walked in.” He said gesturing to a table of Star Trek men smirking at me.

Oh He was serious.

I laughed and Alison took the beers from me “Go sit and mingle.” She said going to the table and smiling at people complimenting her costume.

Staring at the guy I laughed “I think she just told you to make friends.” He smirked.

I nodded “She did. I’m slightly offended.” I laughed and he guided me to the table of Star Trek men and the Freddy Krueger.

“Guys this is Norah.” He said but I smiled and shook my head, “It’s Leah.” I said laughing and shaking each of their hands.

The middle guy smiled up st me “You look very hot. Mitchel told us he knew you and we didn’t believe him.” He said laughing.

Mitchel. That’s his name.

“I’m a hard person to get to know. I tend to avoid people.” I said honestly.

The first guy smirked “Same.” He said.

An arm hung over my shoulder “Great meeting you guys.” Mason said before walking me back to the table.

I c****d an eyebrow “Jealous?” I asked.

He shook his head “Not me, a very jealous Sith Lord sent me.” He said low.


I smirked and sat down at the table “You make any friends?” Alison asked smiling at me.

Taking a drink, I nodded “Yeah they’re a bit boring though.” I said laughing and staring at the circus act unfolding before us.

Lindsay “got sick” when she saw Cory walk in and said she had to go home.

Jax offered to drive her but she said she’d Uber.

I bit back my assumptions of where she was actually going and when I realized Cory was gone too, I knew it was possibly true.

“Oh that’s interesting.” I said eyeing the grill in the middle of the table.

A plate of raw meat was placed on the table and I eyed it “Were cooking it?” I asked eyeing Mason confused.

He smirked and nodded “You’ll love it. It’s fun.” He got a plate of calamari and I eyed the squids as he placed it on the grill. Ew.

“It’s tentacles are curling inward.” I said watching it with fascination.

Lucas nodded in agreement “It’s gross. Very chewy.” Alison said cringing.


“I once watched a video of a girl trying to eat a live octopus and it ended up trying to eat her. Very cool video.” I said watching them stare in interest.

Jax had the steaks and chicken so I moved over sitting beside him and taking the little tongs, “Just place it on the grill.” He said while I picked up the meat and set it on the grill smirking.

Leaning forward I went to pull it off the grill but it stuck and Jax ran his hand over my wrist and moving it down to my hand helping me pull it off and flip it.

Staring down at him I smirked and he smiled softly while I looked back at the meat.

Cook! Cook!

I think I’ve had at least six martinis. I even lost my heels somewhere in the crowd going from tables saying hi to people with Alison.

“Can I have the first one?” I asked Jax watching him nod and smile softly.

He grabbed a plate placing it in front of me and filling it with the vegetables and rice moving the thin steak to my plate.

I smiled and went to cut it but my drunkness made that a bit difficult.

Staring at the plate I looked over at Darth Vader and he took it slicing the meat up and laying he plate in front of me giving me a sweet smile.

“You’re not evil.” I said softly before poking the steak with my fork bringing it to my lips and eating it.


“Oh that’s good.” I said looking to Jax who nodded and grilled his own before putting it on his plate.

Finishing the plate, I laughed when Mitch came over drunk and singing Margaritaville off the top of his lungs handing me a


I took a drink and he smiled at me.

Jax gave him a look and he headed off but not before saying something in my ear about how if I have to pee the bathrooms in the back through the single door and down the hall.

As he walked away, I took a few more bites and a couple more drinks of my margarita.

The table began turning and I held my hands flat on it. “The worlds moving.” I said widening my eyes worried.

Alison was heavy drunk and Carted passed out. Mason was flirting with some tinker bell and I looked to Jax “I need to go home.” I said standing.

He stood and I shook my head “No to the bathroom.” I said going the direction Mitch told me to go.

Pushing open the door, it opened behind me and I stared at Mitch who eyed me “You don’t look so good Norah. How about you come with me, I’ll take you home.” He said going to pick me up.

“I don’t think so.” Jax’s voice came out and I watched him punch Mitch before picking me up bridal style and walking us back to the table.

Alison was laughing and then making sick faces “I need to go home.” She said standing and toppling onto Benson.

Laughing I nodded “Me too.” I ran the back of my hand over my face to stop the spinning.

“Alright, I got Norah and Lucas.” Jax said moving me to one arm.

He held me against his body with one arm and I wanted to say how strong he is as he picked Lucas up keeping him on the other shoulder.

We headed out the place and I laid my head on Jax’s shoulder humming the song Margaritaville.

“You okay?”

I opened my eyes and eyed Jax confused, “I think.” I said rubbing my forehead and watching him sigh.

“They put a drug in your drink. The date rape drug.” He said sighing and watching me carefully.

Smiling at him I felt my eyes get heavy, he was so good to me. Always protecting me from danger and making me laugh.

“I love you.” I said watching him stop in his tracks and stare at me for a couple minutes.

He pulled the blanket up over my arms clearing his throat, “Goodnight Norah.” He said before going to leave the room.

I dreamt of sweet smiles and a silly little boy running around playing with Lucas.

Then a car hit the little boy and killed him.

Jumping out of bed, I placed a hand over my chest and steadied my breathing.

Getting out of bed, I eyed my costume and stripped out of it pulling on a camisole and pajama pants rinsing my face a few times.

Taking slow breaths, I eyed the time on my clock, two in the morning.

Running my hand over my stomach, I let out a small sigh as the panic grew in me.

What if I’ll never be able to have s*x with anyone else? What if Jax was the only one? What if I never meet a man or what if James ruined my chances of ever having a pregnancy again when he punched my stomach?

Biting my lip, I walked around my room a few times before going out my door and knocking lightly on Jax’s door.

I waited a couple seconds and then it opened to show a half asleep Jax.

“What if I can’t ever have a kid again? What if I’m broken now?” I stared at him and watched him run his eyes and then furrow his brows.

He placed a hand to my forehead and then my cheek, “You will Norah, I know you will.” He said walking me back to my room.

I shook my head “No, I won’t if I’m a lonely cat lady harboring seven strays and singing them to sleep each night to fill the void of not being able to sing my baby to sleep.” I said softy staring up at him and realizing I’m still drunk.

Jax ran a hand over my cheek and watched me carefully, “Before you marry Lindsay, please give me another one.” I said boldly watching him sigh and rub his face.

He guided me to my bed and as I laid down, he pulled the blanket back over me. “You’ll meet an amazing man. I’ll hate him but he’ll give you everything you deserve. He’ll spoil you with kisses, treat you to new experiences around the world and protect you from all your worries. Then he’ll be the smartest man in the world, and he’ll marry you. You’ll have three perfect kids and they’ll look up to Lucas.” He said the words so soft, calming my mind and I let my eyes shut while I yawned and nodded.

“You deserve a happy ending too.” I said opening my eyes and gave him a worried look.

Jax rubbed his jaw “I will. Once I see that you do, I’ll be good.” He said making my stupid heart go thudump thudump.

He walked out the room shutting off the lights and then closing the door behind him.

Sleep pulled me to a fantasy much like what he described.


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